Google Play Store continues to get better, even more content and features


The Google Play Store is young when it comes to content, aside apps (which there are plenty of). Competitors have more music, more books and more movies. This is something Google is trying to change, and it is one of the main focuses here at Google IO. We are seeing a flurry of announcements and improvements to the Google Play Store, making it just a tad better.

Google announced a few improvements. Among the first are the fact that there are now 4 million books available, which Google claims to be more than any E-book provider. Also, video content has improved with Disney, Sony, Paramount, Universal, and more, becoming new partners to the Google Play Store. It will also come as good news that one can now purchase movies and shows, one was only able to rent them until now.

The Search Giant also had a few magazine partnerships to announce at its developer conference. These include Esquire, Wired and Family Circle. And one can also sign up for 14 day trials, ensuring that you will not regret any of your purchases.

Content is not the only thing improved at Google IO, though. We have also been introduced to “smart app updates.” This new feature allows you to download only the new parts of an app, as opposed to downloading the whole app every time an update comes. (Only available for Android 2.3+). It will save time and megabytes, which are precious for tiered data plan subscribers.

With all these improvements, new content, apps coming in constantly and 1 million Android activations per day, the Google Play Store is sure to keep growing strong. In fact, Google also announced that it has had over 20 billion app installs, and there are now over 600,000 apps and games available for Android.

We are getting more details straight from the top dogs at Google, so stay tuned! We will be having some of the most awesome announcements of the year.

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  1. Only a few features are for most countries… Still only apps there.

  2. new phandroid site is excellent…well done

  3. So new Play store update then? Cause i dont see a magazine or tv option in the app store yet

  4. THIS is only true for a few countries, not mine.

  5. Better than a 15 minute trial! Good move Google haha!

  6. I don’t have access to movies, books, Drive or music, let alone the new stuff. Hope Google starts offering more services internationally.

  7. sounds nice but I still dont like that they mixed the purchased apps with all other apps

  8. they need to have the app remember where you were whenever you hit the back button. its annoying AF to have to scroll back to where you were each and every time

  9. The new site is amazing! I love it. It’s a pleasure to use, a pleasure to look at. Thank you!

  10. When are they going to offer a better way of buying apps, I would like to see something similar to playstation store where you can buy credit and use it for paying for apps, services etc.

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