AT&T adds 4G LTE in Florida and Massachusetts, expands in Baltimore-DC Metro Area


AT&T has flipped the switch on a handful of additional 4G LTE markets this morning. Folks living in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach, Florida can marvel at new high-speed data coverage along with those residing in Worcester, Massachusetts. In addition, coverage has expanded in the Boston area, reaching MetroWest, North Shore, and South Shore. For mid-atlantic residents, the Baltimore-DC Metro Area is also seeing expansions, with coverage extending to Montgomery, Prince George’s, Anne Arundel, and Howard (Ellicott City) counties in Maryland. The expansion also includes new coverage in DC’s Northern Virginia suburbs.


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  1. Worcester, Massachusetts, Best place in Massachusetts to see a concert.

  2. That’s weird. I live in Miami and have had LTE for a while.

  3. When is Philly getting LTE????

  4. The Baltimore expansion has been up for a couple weeks at least now. The map was updated then. However, there weren’t any changes noted today.

    Now if they would just go a little further east in Anne Arundel county and finish the job (it’s right up against the Bay), it would be great. :)

  5. Heck yeah I’m in Miami biatch!!!!!!

  6. Does anyone have any info on tmos progress on.edge to 3g conversion? Ie 1700mhz to 3G speeds?

  7. Yet not a single market in PA….SMH. Verizon has lte in my community and it seems so much better just to switch…

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