Sprint posts net loss in Q2 earnings report, reveals plans for Motorola Photon Q and new LTE markets


Sprint’s earnings call for the second quarter of 2012 was chock full of juicy tidbits to digest this morning. Let’s get the boring money stuff out of the way first. Sprint posted a net loss of $1.4 billion for the quarter, an increase from $847 million in losses for the same quarter last year. While the money flow isn’t in the positive direction, all news wasn’t bad. Wireless service revenues were up 8 percent year-over-year at $7.3 billion and the carrier added 442,000 postpaid subscribers.

As part of the call, Sprint discussed its recently launched LTE network and revealed that Baltimore, which was included in the initial list of launch cities but did not see 4G coverage debut on July 15th along with the rest, will join the lineup in August. Folks in Gainesville, GA; Manhattan/Junction City, KS; and Sherman-Denison, TX can also expect to see the Now Network’s new network by Labor Day.

Speaking of LTE, CEO Dan Hesse mentioned the unannounced Motorola Photon Q as the company’s next major 4G release, saying it will launch “very soon” and also act as a GSM-enabled world phone. Sprint is banking on new devices and an expanded LTE footprint to reverse their declining fortunes in future quarters.

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  1. good thing they banked so hard to get that iphone contract. I guess this is what happens when you make deals with the devil. I do hope they stick around longer else I can see my Verizon bill skyrocketing even higher than it currently is.

    1. I’m hoping that they do stick around as well. I’ve been a Sprint customer for almost 7 years now and haven’t had one issue with them since I signed up way back when. It would be a shame to see them go down the drains (assuming things go south). All signs point to big things for Sprint in the foreseeable future though.

    2. They are selling enough iPhones. The loss is due to the very very expensive LTE rollout – of course they call it investment, not a loss.

      1. things werent looking good way before the LTE rollout

  2. They would benefit to actually roll out LTE in the networks they’ve already “launched”. Dallas, Texas was listed as a launch city, yet we still do not have LTE in Dallas proper. Only some of the smaller surrounding cities.

    As a Galaxy Nexus owner the one-two punch of this and the fact I have no idea if/when I’ll ever receive the official Jelly Bean update OTA is quite disheartening. Sprint is screwing over their most loyal customers.

    1. Yeah, I don’t think I would call a couple of live towers a roll out. My wife saw a 4G signal flicker in and out once, but I haven’t seen any 4G, and I drive all over this city streaming music.

  3. They should have gotten the Galaxy Note. They probably lost money because of people jumping ship for that phone

  4. Sprint will continue to have quarterly losses if they don’t improve on there 3g or LTE networks. I’m sure a big part of there losses are from customers who jumped ship because they never got 4g an were paying for it. Sprint can’t say that 10 dollar fee was for improvement on the network because I haven’t seen ANY improvements out here in Mississippi.

    1. Well said…I’ve been paying for something that i never got. I’m jumped ship to Verizon and haven’t looked back since . Sprint should get everything they deserve.

    2. Their quarterly losses is not because they are lossing customer. Did you read it at all? they gain over 400k new post-paid custome, and their wireless division increase 8%

  5. GSM enable world phone? Would this be the coveted dual CDMA GSM phone I’ve been dreaming of for years?

      1. Awwww.

        I don’t get it. They say world phones are already dual CDMA/GSM. But how come no one advertises it like that? I wuld love to be able to switch from AT&T to TMobile to Sprint to Verizon to MetroPCS or whoever. And if one of the CDMA carriers decides to lock me out of their network it will be their loss.

        Not only that but by the time I will ever be so much as strongly nudged to back back on a CDMA carrier I will probably get a new phone by then. Or that phone’s lifetime will be up. It’s all win.

  6. Uh what about Philadelphia?

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