[Discussion] Is Sprint LTE live now in your area? And what speeds are you seeing?


I posted yesterday that in some of Sprint’s 4G LTE initial launch regions, users were already able to enjoy the faster network speed. Now that the network should be officially active, what are the speeds that you’re seeing? Reports had come in yesterday of 10 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up (though some mentioned in comments of as much as 30 Mbps down).

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  1. im here for the white evo. any info?

  2. I haven’t seen any 4g signal on my galaxy s3. I’m in the southwest houston area…anyone having any luck?

    1. From what I read it looked like it was flickering on and off yesterday they have hit a snag and may have to delay houston a little

    2. Nope, I live near Pearland. Nothing here

    3. Check the coverage map..


      1. thats predicted coverage, doesn’t mean its live

      2. That map has been B.S. for years regarding WiMax, what would be any different about LTE?

  3. I get in in KC but not every area. About 15-20Mbps, latency is very good <60ms. I had to update prl/profile to get it to work.

    1. Where in KC becasue I’ve updated it and I have only seen a flicker of it and it was nowhere near those speeds. I was only seeing 5Mbps

  4. I’m in Eastern Metro Atlanta and the rural parts of my county have LTE but not the heavier populated parts, Sprint people if you are listening that is just plain stupid.

    1. No, it makes perfect sense to test out the new network on less populated areas. Once the kinks are worked out, they’ll move closer to city centers. On the s4gru site, someone also suggested that working on towers outside of cities helps the techs climbing up them to get into a groove before dealing with oddly placed towers in cities.

  5. cool

  6. I’m a good bit East of Atlanta. I’m not getting LTE at home, but the 3G speeds are the highest I’ve ever had at home. Getting 1.13Mbps down/.4Mbps up. Used to be about .2down/.3 up.

  7. If you dont get LTE try going to settings >system update and then update prl and profile. LTE may then appear.

  8. Just got my new white evo lte today and Im getting about the same speeds on my old evo. But im not in a lte city yet.

  9. I live in north atlanta and I have a g nex. Last night, I was averaging 11 down and 6 up. Today, I am averaging 10 down and 10 up.

  10. Nothing in Atlanta proper on a GNex still. Just the 2g that spring calls “3g” getting less than a meg each way.

  11. I read that sprint is capping the data to 15mbps downloads at all time. Can anyone tell me if that is ture.

    1. Apparently not true. Some are showing over 30Mbps..

      Although if they do I don’t mind. I’d rather have unlimited than more speed than needed.

      1. Thanks, gonna switch to sprint.

  12. Just wait till the 4G network gets crowded. Then your speeds will be closer to 3G

    1. Maybe, but Sprint has more sites than ATT/VZW that are closer together, which also gives better latency. And they have less than half of users of ATT, and the pre-pay users won’t be on LTE. So Sprint probably has a better chance of maintaining higher LTE speeds than ATT/VZW.

      But what app needs more than a few Mbps anyway? As a heavy user (7-9GB/month) I’d rather have 3-4Mbps unlimited with better latency than 100Mbps that has a 5GB limit.

      1. That is true. The only reason I am staying with Verizon 4G is because i got to keep my Unlimited DATA. Otherwise i would have gotten a G-Nex @ Sprint.

        1. How are VZW speeds lately?

          1. I’d say an average of 9Mbps. High’s in 30’s (near airports) and as low as 1Mbps sometimes.

          2. Will be interesting to see what happens to all carriers when LTE iPhone comes out.

          3. Well, with those new data caps (AT&T coming soon) i think people will start using WIFI as much as possible, both with android and iOS

          4. Saturation

          5. Ive been averaging about 25mpbs download and 10 up with my s3. Im in mn on the way outskirts of the twin cities.

          6. I’m in Louisville, KY and I get ~24 down and 8 up just about everywhere.

      2. Prepaid AT&T MVNO don’t get LTE either, and the current iPhone doesn’t have an LTE chip.

      3. Indeed, grasshopper. Indeed.

    2. You mean just like verizon speeds after thier network got saturated? Wow thanks captain obvious. Only thing is the speeds will still be between 10-15 mbps……So its definately not close to 3G speeds but nice try at trolling.
      NEWSFLASH……anything over 3mbps is overkill when it comes to a smart phone. Unless you spend all your time downloading torrents….and if you aren’t on sprint then i know thats not the case cause all other carriers will throttle you and charge you crazy $$$$ if you do that all the time.

      1. It may be obvious to you and me, but lots of folks are not aware of bandwidth issues. Over time, apps become more and more complex, requiring wider bandwidth. In 2 years, 3Mbps will seem like dial-up 56k.

      2. Are you aware that there are other types of downloads besides torrents? Like HTTP transfers? If I want a new 200MB+ ROM for my phone I don’t want to have to wait forever for it.

  13. I was in KC,MO on Friday and got 8Mbs down and 1Mbs up..wonder what its at now that its officially live

  14. At least it is faster than wi-max.

  15. if its available every where why do the sprint site map show only 3g in my zip for pa

  16. As much as I love android I think the true tests of LTE networks will be when the LTE capable iPhone arrives. Even Verizon has stated only 5% of their data network traffic is over LTE. It will be interesting to see what kind of speeds LTE will provide for us when EVERYONE is using it.

    1. Not so sure, do you have a link on that 5% statement? Verizon’s best selling phone is the LTE enabled Droid Razr Maxx, outselling the iPhone.

      1. Verizon did indeed say this.. it was about 3 months ago.. so maybe they’re up to 6 or 7% now. I’m glad this came up since everybody says there is nobody on Sprints network and thats why the speeds are so good.. well, even Verizon has a VERY small percentage of their customers using LTE.

        1. Yes, but that is probably because of the limited data they have to use. It’ll be different with Sprint because of their unlimited offering. That is, if they do keep unlimited on their side.

    2. It’ll be like the day they opened up the internet to AOL users…

  17. I can`t make any comments in here, I live in the best city in the USA, West of Detroit, MI. And I know we`re out of any luck to see LTE signal in this City for at lease years to come.
    But I happy for all of you who has the opportunities to experience the 4G Lte. Just keep prying for us we might getting luck.

  18. I live downtown in Dallas, TX. No LTE here yet on my Galaxy Nexus. I’ll try and report back tomorrow though since that’s the official launch date.

  19. Hey on the s3, I just wanted to make sure you are supposed to go into settings>mobile networks and change it from CDMA to CDMA/lte. Also are you guys leaving the sprint network manager on that’s below that? I’m in Houston and after changing to CDMA/lte and restarting the phone, I picked up a 4g signal and was getting 12mb down but I can’t get signal anymore

  20. I’m in Overland Park, I see a 4g icon in my bar randomly, but after a few seconds it goes away (and whatever download/website i was browsing stops working to change back to 3G…. good job sprint!)

    I’ve had terrible 3g data since picking up the Evo LTE, which is a shame, because the original Evo was the best phone I’ve owned (at the time)

  21. hi guys . when i read your comments i wonder . because i live in iran and internet in iran is expensive and very very low speed . what you think ? in iran my speed dl is 60 kb and i must pay 2 dollar for 1 gig dl . so you must thnak for god becuase your internet is wonderful .

  22. I’m in metro Atlanta on the west side, I’ve picked up 4G at home and only got as high as 5.5mb down / 1mb up. It seems to have dropped in and out all day, I’ll see how it works when I get to work where I’m right in ATL. As long as I get consistently fast speeds at work that’s all I need

  23. Hey I’ve got the HTC EVO 4G LTE in Houston and the 4g LTE speeds are wonderful getting 12 mbps down and 11 up

    1. damn. im in deer park – galaxy nexus and I’m getting 6 down 2 up

    2. What part of Houston are u in? Most people are not getting LTE it seems.

  24. In the San Fernando Valley n of los Angeles I get 48mps down and 20 up on Verizon.

  25. I live in south Atlanta near the airport and haven’t had a taste of late in my g nex yet

  26. Remember too, that on a Sprint SGS3, you have to go into settings and enable the LTE or you”ll never see it anyway.

  27. a little random but why is the new phandroid app not showing text on many of the articles. is it because I’m running jelly bean?

    1. That shouldn’t be happening but we’ll take a look into it. Until then, head over to settings and clear the cache and try again. If it still doesn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling (I faced a similar issue once and that fixed it for me)

      1. Thanks for the tip. I did reinstall. We will see if j have any more issues. Thanks so much for the quick response. You all do a great job!

  28. Amarillo, TX doesn’t have it yet

  29. Nothing yet in S.W. Ft. Worth as of 10:00 Monday morning

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