Sprint’s LTE network found active earlier than expected


If you’ve been waiting eagerly for Sprint’s LTE network and happen to live in their initial launch regions (Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Atlanta and San Antonio) then we’ve got good news for you: reports are coming in that the 4G LTE network is discoverable AND active. The reported speeds are 10 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up. Not all pockets in the above mentioned cities are getting consistent network, which launches officially tomorrow.

[via The Verge]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. Can’t confirm here in Houston… Maybe tomorrow it’ll be up

      1. That’s damn good on a 5×5… I’m shocked people want to hate on that. Much better than the 5down 3up on 10×10 Verizon that I get.

        1. Dude I’m on Verizon and get a constant 39 down and 5 up, not sure where your getting 5 and 3 at.

          1. I’m pretty sure I said precisely where I’m getting those speeds. Get ready for disappointment. You’re either in NYC, which won’t last, or in a new market.

          2. I’m in Fowler Ohio look it up on G maps I’m in the country. But going to Youngstown or Warren which are cities I get almost 50 down and about 6 up and have for almost a year. But here’s the kicker Fowler doesn’t have LTE Sharon Pennsylvania has it and I pick up a signal from there to my home. And I only get LTE in the North wing of the house which is the bedrooms and living room. Now my house faces dead east which is Pennsylvania and I’m two towns from PA.

  2. FCC Testing?

  3. ‘The reported speeds are 10 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up’
    Good to see Sprint is still the nation’s slowest carrier, even with LTE!

    1. not much of different than VZN LTE from boston.

      1. Matches my Verizon experiences in Buffalo, Rochester and DC… 5 down, 3 up on average. They’re in their “5-12 download and 2-5 upload” promise I guess…

    2. Awesome! How much faster does Facebook load at 20 Mbps compared to 10? Enjoy overpaying for limited bandwidth with your blazing speeds!

      1. It loads just as slow as ever. Facebook is a terribly slow app.

    3. You got to love it

  4. 30 mbps is actually terrible for an LTE networks that just launched with no more than a few thousand people using it

    1. what percentage of customers do you think the other US networks have on their LTE networks?

      1. Sprint will probably have quite a few % less for many reasons. They also plan to put Virgin/Boost users on WiMAX so users will be distributed between LTE and WiMAX. LTE won’t get overloaded by prepay users.

        1. Poblem is that their wimax coverage sucks and that is why I wont be getting any 4g phones from their prepay services. Far to few cities have wimax so the majority of us are stuck using their crappy 3g network. According to boostmobile I am not even covered by 3g. so my speeds are horrible and so is my connection I have to walk around outside just to get a single bar so I can acutaly use my device for its intended use. I can use texts when I have no bars tho and thats mainly what I do becuase the service sucks for anything more then that.

    2. 30MB DL speeds are actually very good for a 5×5 carrier. (or are you just trolling?)

      1. Sprint actually has a better chance of maintaining speeds because they have more sites closer together. They also have half the customers of AT&T and Verizon. So Sprint will always have fewer users per sector, increasing the chances of maintaining higher speeds long term.

  5. Tons of people over at the XDA forums are reporting between 15 and 30 MB speeds.

    1. Which may be good now, but VZW reported 50-60mbps before their launch. This is not good…

  6. To anyone complaining about sprint only doing 10 mbps down that speed is faster than a lot of home connections, just what do you feel that you need 40 or 50 mbps down for, other than consuming your data faster what’s the point?

    1. Yeah, there really is no app that needs more than a few Mbps.

      1. an app i downloaded yesterday was around 1.7gb…

        1. well then you just wait!

  7. Houston is going in and out of 4g I guess it is still trying to power on :D

  8. Only six cities in the whole damn country t-mobile down up Mbps does more

    1. 6 markets, the markets are made up of more than 1 city. For example, the Kansas City Market includes Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan, Ogden, Junction City, Fort Riley, Wichita and so on…

      1. 6 markets, no initial launch regions (Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Atlanta and San Antonio)For example, Kansas City region (not all pockets as mentioned in the above includes Lawrence, Topeka, Manhattan, Ogden, Junction City, Fort Riley, Wichita and so on…as getting 10 Mbps down and 2 Mbps up, not all consistent networking, which launches officially tomorrow so we will see… Sprint’s drop calls and very poor service http://www.cellreception.com/coverage/tx/houston/page1.html “Houston we have a problem” T-Moblie

        1. And Kansas City Market is made up of those that I mentioned. Wheres the confusion. It’s already been reported that people were getting LTE signals in Wichita and Manhattan KS. I can also confirm that Galveston(which is part of the Houston Market) also has LTE active. So it’s more than 6 cities. I think you are confusing how Sprint uses the term Market.

          1. No prob Tom, my beef is THE CAREERS, all of them it all balls down to payday $$$$$$$$$$$
            “nice to chat “

  9. Just curious if Atlanta’s 4G is up and what speeds are being seen on it

    1. I got a 4g signal late last night at home, my signal at home usually sucks but I can hardly believe I get 4g out here the highest I gotten was 5.6down and 1up so far, I’ll try a little more when I get out of the house

  10. How is New York not one of the first cities to get this?

    1. New York state or New York, NY ?
      No matter NY stands in solitude

  11. I’m ready to switch service back to my gallaxy s2 that I was keeping for back up when I purchased my ltevo until LTE is up in Philly,I can’t even begain to enjoy this phone,its disgustingly slow

  12. tinyurl.com/7zjh3zc

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