Now Available: Motorola Atrix HD for AT&T


If you want a great deal on a new Android device, you might look no further than the Motorola Atrix HD. Available as of the weekend over on AT&T’s website and in stores, the phone features a 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 4.5-inch HD display, and 8MP camera. It runs Android 4.0, which may no longer be the latest version of the operating system, but it provides a clear path for an upgrade to Jelly Bean. The original Motorola Atrix was AT&T’s first 4G LTE device, and the Atrix HD continues the trend. Considering what you get for half the price of a phone like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Atrix HD is well worth your consideration.

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  1. More like the Motorola Razor…..lol

    1. More like the Droid X.

    2. there’s no such thing as a “Razor” from Motorola. Similarly there’s no “Razer”
      Why do some people have such a hard time typing “Razr”?

  2. Umm allow me to make a correction, first 2 atrixes were only hspa+,….. This is the first lte model

  3. Please fix the article. The original Atrix did NOT have LTE, nor did the Atrix 2.

    The original Atrix WAS AT&T’s first dual-core phone though.

    1. And it was, as I recall, THE first phone with 1 GB ram.

  4. Is it just me or is that phone ugly

    1. its just you.

  5. If you click it on att’s site, it doesnt do anything. Weird…

  6. I do have to say I put it through it’s paces already and it’s a cool device, the screen is great and the size is nice and for anyone out there who hasn’t held on of these, the weird hump on the back for the camera is extremely nice when holding the phone.
    Also please don’t compare this to past atrix’s different game different ballpark, different players… totally new phone and very nice.
    (mind you I hate motorola…. but they made a cool phone so yeah)

    also the htc vivid and sgs2skyrocket were the first lte phones on att’s network, this is the first LTE motorola on ATT.

  7. The og atrix didn’t have lte. It did have the first dual core chip (tegra 2).

  8. First gen Atrix gets no love from ATT. Hope the 3rd gen does, but I won’t be buying.

  9. $49 on Bestbuy. You will not see HTC one x or Samsung galaxy s iii at that price!

  10. I think by 4G they’re referring to HSPA+ which ATT claims to be 4G. Coming off of that, you could say that the original Atrix was the first “4G” phone for ATT. I like how it’s similar to stock ICS on the Galaxy Nexus in that it doesn’t have any physical or capacitive buttons on the screen. That ATT logo without the text is an interesting change, though.

    1. The HTC inspire was the first hspa+ device from at&t. I work for them I know this for a fact.

    2. Um, this is what the article says:
      “The original Motorola Atrix was AT&T’s first 4G LTE device”

  11. Hello Fugly phone with Kevlar in the wrong places……The kevlar needs to be on the corners, where it can absorb the impact. WHO drops their phones directly on the center? 99.9% of drops end up damaging the corners. DUMB ass engineers @ Motorola

    1. LoL ;)

  12. Wow atrix 1 was lte haha yea rite. It wasn’t even the first 4g device AT&T offered

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