Twitter for Android updated with expandable tweets, push notifications


Twitter for Android just got a nice little update that takes advantage of Twitters ever expanding experiment with expandable tweets and more. In version 3.3, any tweet linking to a site that is currently partnered up with Twitter (including the likes of The Atlantic, Vimeo, and Kickstarter) can be expanded to reveal a preview or content such as videos originating at the link. It’s a great addition considering the limited screen real estate a mobile device provides, allowing you to make sure you really want to navigate away from the Twitter app by scoping out content at a glance.

To go along with expandable tweets, Twitter has also introduced push notifications for any user stream you choose. Simply head to a user profile and turn them on, and soon you will receive live updates pushed to your device. The feature more or less replaces the old process of having tweets sent via SMS. Also enhanced is search autocomplete, which should make it easier than ever to track down persons of interest.

The new version of Twitter can be found in the Google Play Store now. Head on over to the link below to grab it.

Google Play Link: Twitter

[via Twitter]

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  1. I asked this elsewhere as well: Does if have a tablet layout yet?

  2. Call me when contact integration is fixed (ICS / JB)

    1. I’ll worry bout that once I actually get ICS! Lol

  3. Sweet!

    1. Did you order one?

      1. Huh

        1. Damnit. I opened this and an N7 article yesterday and ended up thinking that was what you were refering too.

          I realised and went back to delete it, but it was nowehre to be seen, until now.

          1. Doh!!! I was wondering! This time the ‘Huh’ was completely genuine!

          2. And I missed it? Go ban some spammers, I’m off to play the grand piano!

          3. Word

            Beethoven’s 4th please

          4. Dadada dada dadadadada!

          5. I can almost here it :)

  4. Push notifications? That’s groundbreaking! I’m a buy one now!!

  5. I like the official Twitter app, cannot get the fuss over Twitter clients.this update looks good so far. Not to keen on push notification hence cannot see anything groundbreaking in the update

  6. welcome to the

  7. Worst update ever, all tweets first go to draft, then I have to resend them to post.

    Pakistan, Samsung Galaxy Y, LG GT540

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