Support documents surface for T-Mobile’s Samsung Galaxy Note


For what seems like the longest time the questions has not been will T-Mobile release the Samsung Galaxy Note, but when. The latest development in the matter won’t doesn’t provide an answer, but suggests that a release may not be too far off. On T-Mobile’s support site documents have appeared pertaining to the Note, however they are not accessible without a password at this time. This seems to indicate that T-Mobile is preparing their site’s backend for the launch of the Galaxy Note, a step in a process that should culminate with the release of the phone. To our disappointment, not accounted for were specific release details telling us when we might get our hands on the phone.

[T-Mobile via T-MoNews]

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  1. why are they even bothering to announce Galaxy Note??? Samsung is going to launch a new one in a couple of months… the wait time is so damm frustating!!!

    1. Agreed. These companies drag their feet so long the next device is announced before they release the prior one. They aren’t designing something from the ground up, It’s already been released months ago. I’ve been using the AT&T Note on T-Mobile for months. Why the heck can’t they just throw their bloatware on it and let it go.

  2. I’m not surprised that T-Mobile wants the Note, but with the Note 2 coming out in just a few weeks, WHY would ANYONE want to buy the out-dated version? Is it going to be 30% of its original $250 subsidized price? Reduced usage charges? WHY?

    1. The Note 2 is coming out in just a few weeks? Where is this information coming from?

      1. They’re supposedly announcing it in August. That’s probably what they’re referring to.

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