Jun 27th, 2012

You may have noticed that things look a little bit different around these here parts. We’ve completely redesigned  both Phandroid and Android Forums and hope you enjoy them. You’ll notice a much more modern, sleek look with a new logo and cleaner UI.

Check out the navigation. We created what we call a “power nav” that allows you to dive deeper into the site with a single click. There are so many interesting areas of Phandroid discussing different topics, but it was difficult for users to find some of our best stuff without a more sophisticated navigation. We hope this will be easier and more helpful for newcomers and loyal readers alike.

We’ve not stopping here. There are a BUNCH of new features in the works, including two new site sections that unfortunately slipped past our launch deadline. Stay tuned for them. And please… share your thoughts in the comments so we can continue to improve and tweak what we’ve got.

Hopefully you’re enjoying all our Google IO 2012 Coverage on the new site!