A new Motorola QWERTY slider appears, could be headed to Sprint


When it comes to Android-running QWERTY sliders, Motorola does it just about better than anyone. They were, after all, the company responsible for the Motorola Droid, the phone that launched the Android craze almost single-handidly all the while rocking a full keypad. The future of such devices has been in question as manufacturers shift their attention towards larger screen sizes and thinner device profiles, but it looks like Motorola isn’t done just yet. A new QWERTYfied handset has surfaced with ties to Sprint.

With a 5-row keyboard that smacks of the Motorola Droid 4 and what appears to be a similarly sized display (seen here flashing Ice Cream Sandwich’s software navigation keys), it’s hard to say if this will be the next top-shelf device from Moto or simply a retooled D4 for a different CDMA network. There have been rumors of a new QWERTY device from Motorola codenamed Asanti, but those tied the device to AT&T’s network. Perhaps both carriers will see a similar phone, which is said to be based around the Droid 4 design and has been pegged with multiple model numbers, leaving open the possibility.

The QWERTY will always hold a special place in our hearts, mine in particular after rocking the old school Droid well past my two-year contract. Whether or not the form factor has a future with Android is another question. What do you all think?

[via AndroidCentralForums]

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  1. I won’t buy a phone without a physical keyboard, and my Epic 4G is due for an upgrade. If this is a phone with decent specs, it could very well be my new phone.

    1. Too bad Motorola is known for bad keyboards.

  2. Still a place for them. I’ve owned three different Android qwerty’s, sometimes when you have a lot of typing, they just work better. This one looks cool, I like how the capacitive buttons rotate because the keyboard is open.

  3. I think this story was already posted this weekend on Phandroid.

    1. It was.

  4. I used to be one of the people who said I would never buy a phone without a qwerty built in. My opinion changed based on the cost/benefit analysis. You definitely pay a premium for the built-in keyboard.

    For one line of text, on-screen SwiftKey is acceptable. For anything longer I whip out a bluetooth keyboard. I doubt that any built-in micro-qwerty would let me take notes in meetings as effectively as I can with my Logitech Android Tablet Keyboard.

  5. I still like qwertys. I’m actually looking for a Droid 4 right now to exchange for my nexus. it would definitely be easier to type this comment with the keyboard. ……. and this story was indeed posted on the weekend but I didn’t read that one lol

  6. Looks stock! Unlikely, I know… but it LOOKS stock.

    1. that’s Motorola’s new UI. I ran myvrazr on the leak and aside from the icons and menu, it was close enough to stock. Actually preferred it to any pics launchers like apex

      1. FINALLY! Someone understands that ICS doesn’t need to be eff’d with!

  7. Although I used to think that those miniature keyboards were really adorable, I’ve never owned one (Eris, Thunderbolt & Galaxy Nexus). The only thing I liked about the OG Droid, in fact, was 2.0 (Eclair). Now, for whatever deep-seated psychological reasons, I have no use for qwerty phones or Motorola phones!

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