HTC acknowledges WiFi problem in HTC One X, and has already fixed it in production


A connectivity issue in the HTC One X surfaced not too long ago. The problem saw a diminished WiFi signal if the device was held a certain way — yes, a bit like Applegate, except with WiFi instead of cellular radios.

HTC’s already identified the problem, and they’ve even made changes to the production process to ensure future devices don’t have this issue.

After investigating isolated reports of WiFi connectivity issues in the HTC One X, we have identified a fix that strengthens the area of the phone around the WiFi antennae connection points. While many customers have not experienced any problems with signal strength, we have taken immediate steps to implement a solution in our production process to prevent this issue from happening in the future. HTC is committed to making sure every customer has a great experience and we apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused while we conducted a thorough investigation.

HTC maintains the issue doesn’t affect many consumers, but we’re not sure that can be counted as brushing the issue under the rug.

For those who do experience the defect, a call to HTC’s customer support line would probably do well in getting one of those new, shiny production units. It’s better than being forced to use an ugly bumper on your phone for the rest of its existence.

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  1. Good for htc for fixing it instead of patching it.

  2. Assume same holds true for EVO 4G LTE?

    And I am thinking location is top left of phone….

    1. I think the problem was unique to the One X and its build quality.. EVO should be good.

      1. HTC has clarified, saying it’s only the Tegra 3 models. Meaning the Sprint and At&t S4 based One X don’t have the issue.

  3. Well done to them for fixing the problem.
    I wish that Samsung would do the same with the wireless ‘n’ issue on the Galaxy Nexus.

  4. Ok so for those purchasing the phone at At&t, Sprint, Amazon, Costco or any other retailer, what production date on the box should customers be looking for?

    It would be nice if they told customers this information.

    1. Look at the past article about this, there’s a build number.

      And what’s the point? If your phone has the problem, ask for an exchange, if you haven’t noticed the issue then it doesn’t matter what number it is.

      1. As I stated, “FOR THOSE PURCHASING.” Meaning for anybody who is going into a store and buying one, what production date should they look out for. I wasn’t referring to those who already own the phone.

        Who the hell wants to buy a phone and go through all the trouble of shipping it back to HTC if you can simply look at the production date on the box while you’re at the store and ask for a newer box.

        I guess you were too busy trolling to understand what I meant.

        Anyway, HTC has since clarified the Wi-Fi issue, stating it only impacts the Tegra 3 models, not the S4 based One X sold in the states.

        1. Sorry, I totally missed that part. And no, I wasn’t trolling.

  5. Yo thats crazy

  6. Yep, same problem as with the Sensation 4G. But no fix there.

    1. lol there is no problem with it.

    2. agreed, us sensation owners get screwed with our death grip

  7. My EVO LTE has this problem, and the WiFi is slow. 3G seems to be my only option for now.

    1. It’s pretty bad if Sprint 3G is better than Wifi in any circumstances.

    2. According to HTC, only the Tegra 3 based One X has the Wi-Fi issue. Meaning the Sprint and At&t S4 based phones do not.

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