Mysterious Motorola slider spotted, heading for Sprint, not Verizon


Still in love with a hardware keyboard, and looking for something new on Sprint? You might be in luck, as this little guy (and it does seem little by today’s standards) was spotted in the Android Central forums.

Not much can be said about the device, other than the buttonless approach from Motorola (thank you, Moto, somebody’s got to follow Google’s Android 4.0 guidelines). Android Central is guessing a qHD screen, possibly LTE. However, I have to reiterate again: nothing other than the 5-row keyboard, running ICS, being a Motorola device and heading for Sprint (there’s a Sprint Music app) can be determined with certainty.

[via Android Central]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. photon q ;)

  2. Finally! A QWERTY slider with onscreen buttons!

    1. I can share that excitement with you man.
      As far as being a Sprint consumer and seeing this… I’m left slightly disappointed, as it won’t be as powerful as the Evo LTE… Which means I still have to face the fact that my next phone will indeed be a slate phone. I’ll get used to it with a nice onscreen keyboard, still isn’t a very welcome change though. This is the moment I say I want an Evo One Shift LTE. Long name, but all the stuff I want in one package.

      1. I dunno, I think by the time this comes out it could have the S4 in it, which would make it just as powerful as the EVo, or anything else on Sprint really.

        1. http://www.techradar.com/news/computing-components/processors/qualcomm-snapdragon-s4-chip-shortage-extending-to-2013-1084987

          That’s the only problem I have with that idea, the S4 is in very short supply, so I have a feeling we may find some other sort of chip in this new QWERTY by Moto.

          1. That’s only going to increase the wait time for devices that are supposed to run S4 chips. They’ll certainly sell less because they can build less, but it doesn’t automatically mean they’ll swap chips

            Only HTC’s done that so far and that’s only for one region, so if this was such a problem for upcoming handsets surely LG, Samsung, and maybe even Sony and Moto themselves would’ve said something about alternative chips by now.

            I mean it could happen, but I don’t think it’ll be very likely. I know one thing though if it does happen, that probably means you won’t be able to get that S4 powered EvoLTE either, or an S3, or the latest LG or Sony, or anything really.

          2. There is a difference though. If you were Qualcomm, would you sign a deal with another company for another phone that requires your chip which you are in shortage of? No, you have to keep the small amount of chips you do have to support the lineup of other phones you supply chips for. That means the SGSIII, the One series in the states and other phones. See the difference?

          3. Yeah but that difference doesn’t exist. If the phone business is like any other manufacturing sector chances are Qualcomm already signed a contract with Moto to supply chips for this phone months, maybe even a year ago or something like that.
            The shortage might effect the production of it after the initial run, or result in a bidding war of some kind, but it won’t effect whether or not this phone hits the market with an S4, initially unless Motorola just decides they don’t wanna deal with the hassle of demand they can’t meet and opt to not sell the phone altogether, but it’s not like they don’t have enough chips to build the phone right now if they wanted and sell a few thousand of them, or at least they should.

  3. same phone different name.

  4. A shame they aren`t getting a new color compared to the Droid 4. But it makes me regret the phone less.

  5. So 2005. Yuck

  6. Not a big Moto fan, but that’s a nice looking phone

  7. Bring a device like this to T-Mobile please!

  8. Finally, thank god.. I hope it meets or exceed my expectations.. It looks shaped like a Photon but I like the Droid 4 shape but this is fine.. its big and has a Qwerty Keyboard. I will definitely get this but i must hear about its specs first before I would get it.

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