Galaxy Nexus sale priced at $149 online at Verizon


A far cry from its original price of $299 on contract, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus can now be had for half. As part of Verizon’s “Summer Sale,” the Galaxy Nexus is seeing its price further reduced from $199 to $149 after an automatic $50 online discount. While arguably better phones have come along since the GNex’s debut on Verizon’s 4G LTE network last December (and the Samsung Galaxy S III is on the horizon), if you are looking for a pure Ice Cream Sandwich experience it still ranks as a top choice.

In other news, DroidLife is reporting that some Best Buy stores have stopped taking stock of the Galaxy Nexus and may soon phase it out of their product lineup.

[Verizon via Droidlife]

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  1. Good deal. At this price, and how well CM9 supports it, I can’t imagine even considering another phone on Verizon until the iPhone 5 and Nexus 4 hit in Q4.

    1. Does CM9 improve the usability of the phone as a PHONE? I have never used it but one thing I cant stand about vanilla android is its crappy dialer and bad contact access.

  2. Also the HTC rezound is 79.99 now. It’s a great phone.

  3. Galaxy Nexus released in November 2011 on Verizon

    1. No it was December

      1. yep. it was December

        1. November was unlocked version. My bad. Verizon held theirs up an extra month

  4. yep. released December 2011

  5. Or get the S3 50$ more and it has a bigger screen but nearly the same size

  6. But the gs3 doesn’t come out till next month an you have to upgrade by the 27th to keep the unlimited if your on it so this is a pretty good deal on a top of the line phone

  7. I don’t see any reason to upgrade from a galaxy nexus….I upgraded from a charge and I am COMPLETELY satisfied with the speed ….getting a sIII is not necessary…

  8. I paid 149.99 less on amazon

  9. So happy with my Galaxy Nexus (Sprint ) can’t wait to see what Jelly Bean looks like

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