Motorola Vanquish tipped as international Droid RAZR HD, LTE-enabled Asanti headed to AT&T


A handful of new Motorola handsets have been revealed for various markets around the globe, which should keep the new Google acquisition plenty busy for the summer season. One we are already fairly familiar with is the Motorola Vanquish, which has leaked previously as the Motorola Droid RAZR HD for Verizon. As the name and rumors surrounding it suggest, the LTE-capable phone will sport a 720p HD display when it hits the US (XT926), China (XT922, XT980), and other areas of the world in UMTS (XT923) and LTE (XT925) flavors.

Another LTE-enabled handset will making its way to AT&T in the US is being called the Motorola Asanti (XT898). PocketNow says the phone with a qHD display could be a rebranded variant of Verizon’s Droid 4 and will feature a QWERTY slider. Internationally the phone will launch with model numbers XT987 and XT 896.

Other names mentioned include the Motorola Dinara MB886, Motorola Primus XT621, and Motorola Yangtze, which will get model numbers XT881, XT885, XT886, XT889, aand MT887. The latter recently launched in China as the Motorola RAZR V. A followup to the Motorola Photon 4G on Sprint is also in the works, the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE.

[via PocketNow]

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  1. Will Motorola ever release a screen bigger than 4.3inches?

    1. They did… The Xoom and the XYboard’s… all are over 4.3 inches… ;)

  2. Umm 4.3in’s is just fine for a smartphone!!! Want bigger, get a tablet!

    1. No

    2. You say that, but go try a 4.5″ or 4.7″ phone and your view will change.

  3. Where’s the Atrix 3?

  4. Lol @ reply. Very true but I’m sure you can tell he wasn’t asking about tablets;-). I personally wouldnt mind if 4.3….maybe just maybe 4.5 inches would be a standard. Because I’ve used the GNex which is the largest phone I’ve used on a regular basis. Thought it was almost too big. Although I love everything about the Galaxy Note after using one, and while I only used it for 2 days, I LOVED IT, but it just felt awkwardly large. The was very little difference between holding that and yet my GTab 7.0 Plus(Yes the bad @$$ one powered by exyenos((confident I misspelled that lol)). I swapped sims one day when my buddy got his new Rezound and we ended up trading the next day. He felt special like the GNex was iPhone equivalent because it was a “Google phone”. I’ve put down my Razr Maxx, 64GB 4S, Bionic, and let go of the “great” GNex that gets updates. Oh well I’m running g 4.0.4 on my Rezound and LOVE it. It tops all androids I’ve used so far in two important categories….1.) The biggest, maybe most important part on a all touch phone. The screen, its 10x better than any other screen of its Gen of phones. Yes, this non-pentile Super LCD kills the Pentile Super Amoled GNexs’ screen. Might be diff if the GNex screen name had a plus on the end. 2.) Also very important. The camera, especially sense(pun intended for comic relief) the latest ICS leak, I can configure it for any conditions and almost always come out with great pix. I’ve got some so good people believe that they were taken from a DSLR or really good Point & Shoot. Again, another major deciding factor to trade my LTE GNex that was suppose to be my “dream phone” if it ever came to vzw. Well I guess its not, rather the Rezound I had zero interest in. I kept an iPhone handy BC it was reliable. I can honestly say that this is the first android that I have found, that is simply as reliable as my iphone for daily tasks. Plus the added bonus of LTE. The latest versions of sense are lighter and more customizable and I’m shocked that I’m finally completely satisfied.! I’ll always be looking for the next dream phone. Hopefully core i-7 quad core^2– 7.0Ghz.

  5. If that Dinara is coming to AT&T, hopefully they dropped the Gingerbread capacitive buttons for ICS on screen buttons and dropped that OMAP for an S4. If not, I don’t see that phone going anywhere.

  6. Unlock the bootloader or GTFO

  7. I’m done with MOTOROLA. They [*] up our ICS update to 3rd QT when they promise 2nd qt. so I could care less. I’m getting the SONY iON

  8. I’m done with MOTOROLA. I’m buying the SONY iON once it’s release

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