Doomsday Preppers: Sony Introduces 4,000mAh Hand-Cranked Portable Battery


Going on a family camping trip but want to keep texting the gf/bf? Maybe the world was just hit by a meteo scientists are calling “wormwood,” and there’s no longer in your area? In the past, we’ve shown you a few options for powering up your device when situations aren’t exactly ideal, but where the PowerPot required you to start a fire to generate power, Sony’s all new CP-A2LAKS USB charger requires nothing more than a set of working phalanges.

The 4,000 mAh hand-cranked USB charger works great in a pinch, requiring only 130 minutes of crankin’ to charge a device to full capacity (and get some totally ripped forearms in the process). If you body can’t handle 2 hours of vigorous activity, Sony also says that 5 minutes of cranking should provide about a 2 minutes of talk time and somewhere around 1 minute of online browsing (provided you aren’t connected to Verizon’s 4G).

If cranking your device to climax isn’t really your thing, it also doubles as a traditional portable battery that can be charged via a standard wall socket. This little fella will go on sale in June for around $100. Get one for the wife. Tell her it’s the new Zumba.

[XperiaBlog | Sony]

Chris Chavez
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  1. Hah, yeah I already work my forearm as much as it is. 130 minutes is overkill

  2. dumb

    1. I agree, I had one for my razr phone back in the day. It wasn’t worth all the cranking.

  3. Yeah, someone would so crank the handle with only two fingers. I’d be cranking the living hell out of that thing!

  4. There just preparing us for December 22! Apocalypse!

    1. And it’s 12/20/2012 genius. If you believe such things.

      1. Your both wrong, the end of the Mayan Calendar is December 21st 2012. So any don’t criticize someone when your wrong yourself.

        1. One thing’s almost certain. This will be the biggest last minute shopping Christmas season in history.

        2. Hilariously, all three of you are wrong, since as the Mayans didn’t account for leap years their doomsday already came and went.

          1. So True

      2. I absolutely love the irony. You’re trying to sound to sound superior by adding the word “genius” when you’re wrong about the date in question yourself. Thanks for making me bust out laughing at you though, that is appreciated.

  5. That’s a lot of charge . Good for you sony

  6. Was this written by a human?

      1. Apparently. Chris, please read the second sentence, does it make sense to you?

        1. He has a lisp.

  7. Well here’s a device nobody asked for.

    Must be a Sony

  8. I think I’d rather have a solar powered charger that could just sit there during the day and soak up the rays.

    1. That’s one of the best ideas i’ve heard yet. Give me solar power not 2 hour forearm power.

    2. I got one for about a hundred bucks a couple of months ago. Team Zero or some such name. It will charge 4 eneloop batteries in about two hours — about the same time for a medium big size cell phone.

      In my opinion, dynamos are only good for lower-consumption devices (radios). Otherwise the dynamos need to use leg power (like an exercise bike converted to charge your batteries…) Two hours hand-cranking for a phone is ridiculous.

    3. I grabbed one of the cheepo solar powered chargers off eBay for $15 and it has worked pretty good so far.

    4. But what if TERRORISTS BLOW UP THE SUN???

  9. This is one of those things you will see on Antiques Road Show 137 years from now and they will laugh at it.

  10. Sony, please!? 2hours? How many do they actually expect to sale?

  11. The Mayan calander does not END on December 21, 2012. It merely turns over for the start of another cycle. Which by the way it has done about seven times since its creation. (kind of like how our calander turns over on 12/31) The Mayans NEVER predicted ANY sort of apocalypse. It is all pure sensational media hype to get ratings and sell movie tickets. Instead of arguing about the date try educating yourselves on why we shouldnt be scaring the hell out of little kids, causing suicides, and causing people to blow their life savings preparing for something Hollywood created.

    1. Dick Clark died this year. If that’s not a sign of no New Year on the horizon, I don’t know what is…

  12. I really don’t believe the stuff about the world ending

  13. This should come with a crank handle and a small pin wheel attachment. Then you can just put it up in a tree and let the wind do the work.

  14. title is ridiculous – definitely not something a “doomsday” prepper would consider…. first off – if its a doomsday scenario – the infrastructure will collapse which will include satellite/cellular services… want to be prepared? figure out a retreat area NOW and talk to your family and friends so everyone’s on the same page… then buy a map and compass cuz gps will be down too

  15. I have a solar powered one that works much better.

  16. if you are in a SHTF scenario you dont want to use all your energi charting ONE batteri

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