Acer Iconia Tab A510 No Longer Shipping Due To Defective Hardware


A faulty component in the Acer Iconia Tab A510 is causing delays with both the WiFi-only and 3G versions (A511) of the affordable Tegra 3 quad-core tablet. Acer made the news available via their German Facebook page today, and although they wouldn’t say exactly what was wrong with the tablets, reading over some user reviews on Amazon reveals that whatever component may be, it’s apparently causing freezing issues in the device. The Amazon listing has also been updated to reflect the A510 as “under review,” and is no longer shipping.

The tablet was made available back in April, and while you can still find a few being sold from 3rd party retailers, that probably wouldn’t be the best route until we get official word from Acer that everything has been worked out. Might wanna let your friends and family know to hold off on a purchase as well. Anyone notice any funny business with their Acer Iconia Tab A510?

[Acer Facebook | NetbookNews]


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  1. Contacted Amazon and they said they placed the A510 on review due to a customer getting a power supply with a European plug.

    1. Well, that would certainly be an easy fix. Lol

  2. All they had to do was make good hardware. Can’t they even succeed in their so-called strength areas?

  3. dammit and i thought i had finally settled on a tablet to buy. fuck. the wait continues.

      1. i love mine. seriously

      2. I just grabbed the Prime, I was reluctant at first because of the wifi issues people were reporting. I had originally picked up the tf300 but the display was defective and returned it and decided to get a prime and test it out and see how bad the wifi really was. It’s definitely not nearly as good as the wifi in the tf300 but it’s not bad. It’s on par probably with my Epic Touch, which is to say it’s actually pretty good. The difference between the tf300 and the Prime, in terms of quality, is big and the battery life difference is noticeable to justify the difference in price so I’m keeping the Prime =)

        *edit* for example, I am in a lead lined room right now with a wifi router that is about 60 feet away and it’s working perfectly fine. wifi analyzer is reporting -75 to -70 dBm. The signal also has to pass through two lead lined walls because the control room I’m sitting in is opposite of where the router is.

  4. Can we get to the bottom of this. I have a new one coming from new egg because I was having touch screen issues.

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