Samsung Admits to S Voice App Blocking and Explains Why


A few days ago, the forums were abuzz about Samsung’s leaked S Voice app pulled from a Galaxy S3 ROM. The app, which was essentially a retooled version of Vlingo, was installable on the Galaxy Nexus, allowing users to take it for a test drive. Samsung quickly got word and pulled the plug on the application (although a quick build.prop edit got things working again). Today, the told The Verge exactly why they acted so quickly, apparently it had everything to do with their reputation and the fact that S Voice was still in its testing phases, not yet ready for prime-time. Samsung said,

“An initial test version of S Voice which was found online has been blocked as Samsung Electronics does not want consumers to judge the quality of the voice feature based on a test version. When the product is launched, users of GALAXY S III will be able to fully experience S Voice.”

You may have noticed Samsung’s emphasis on the fact that Galaxy S III users will be able to enjoy the application. Doesn’t look like they like the idea of the app running anywhere else but that’s never stopped the Android modding community before.

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  1. You can just go to the market and download the Vlingo Labs Beta which is pretty much the same thing.

    1. If you’ve actually used the Vlingo Labs Beta, you’d know how many features it’s lacking.

    2. Don’t think it’s legal to hack the apk to use it other phones.

      Discussion here:

      1. It is NOT illegal and it is NOT being discussed there seeing as the moderator thought exactly the way I do and locked it. If this was illegal so would a lot of things that allow the dev community to thrive. If you are the OP in that thread then you are attacking the dev community.

        1. Well, this new Disqus format makes it impossible for me to start my own comment so I have to do replies. It also cuts off the last couple words on each line on the right side. It sucks! Anyway, this makes no sense because the phone is already available in Dubai in retail stores according to another article. So is THAT a beta version as well and they just released the phone anyway??? Their answer rekes of falshood.

  2. I hate vlingo.

  3. I see Samsung was fast to squash any use of S Voice quickly :/ If only it would update it’s phones just as fast >:(

    1. Ummm they do. Actually surprisingly enough, better than any other oem manufacturer now.
      Whilst we look at other companies announcing their future ics updates for their devies, Galaxy line habe all received theirs. Galaxy S II got theirs months ago.

      1. Ummm no. The Sensation was updated long before Samsung’s iPhone knockoff.

      2. That may be true for the international versions, but not here in the States. I should blame the carriers though, not Samsung.

  4. I have vlingo on my phone right now. They are virtually the same. A few folks are complaining about the legality but when you are going through the permissions for s voice it asks to approve vlingo’s app….which is a free the market. I don’t think of this as hackers stealing software since the same thing is available for free. To the articles point it is in beta and not ready for prime time.

    Funniest part about the software piracy complaints, most hate bloatware and are trying or wanting to remove it. Then people slap a leaked version of bloatware on their phone to test out and they are called pirates! Just funny to me!

    1. Also, for curious minds the only thing this does better than Google voice is allow you to schedule appointments on your Google calendar.With that said it is bloatware. If Google advertised voice commands better they would have a siri competitor.

  5. I been using skyvi. Not something I use everyday but it works when im bored

  6. I’ve tried them all over the past year plus, and I’ve always gone back to Vlingo. It’s the best out there right now for Android.

  7. Yes they blocked it, but that’s what Root Explorer + Text Editor + the Android Mod community are made for. Thank you to everyone on XDA that found that solution. Now I am just curious if there is a way to better improve what prompts launch what apps.

  8. I still prefer Google Voice Actions…

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