Samsung Galaxy S III rooted, sort of


The Samsung Galaxy S III has been rooted ahead of launch…sort of. A developer going by the alias of Chainfire has successfully achieved root with the device’s release candidate firmware but never even had GS3 in hand. Instead he took advantage of a leaked software build and did the rooting virtually. The good news is that if Samsung doesn’t make any adjustments to the phone’s kernel rooting will be an easy process once users have the new Galaxy in hand. The whole process required only reloading the kernel with an altered adb binary and then manually installing SuperUser.

Chainfire isn’t making the build he is working with available to the public, and there is still time for Samsung to change things up. For now, it seems like the Korean smartphone maker has decided to forego adding extra hurdles for developers when it comes to rooting the Galaxy S III.

[via AndroidPolice]

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  1. Which is why Samsung is better because they are easier to root than HTC and motorola

  2. Hmmmm I saw no article about the evo 4g lte when its firmware was rooted couple days ago……hmmmmmmm

  3. I’ve never owned a Samsung but the fact that it appears they are still keeping bootloaders completely open makes me lean very heavily toward buying a Samsung as my next phone. It’s so funny how HTC and Moto claim carrier restrictions as the reason they lock down phones yet Samsung’s phones are still unlocked on those same carriers.

    1. Samsung probably carries WAY more clout with the network vendors than either HTC or Motorola.

    2. Actually it IS the carriers….HTC one x released everywhere yet only the AT&T version is locked………

      1. On Samsung phones you dont need to do none of that s-off shit or that half-ass unlock through the htcdev website that voids your warranty. Samsung is the easiest to do anything especially when the tar files are leak, your phone can be rooted easily even after updates.

  4. Seems dumb to release this info before launch… I know it’s not likely, but why give them the chance to prevent this exploit in the final firmware?

    1. First of all, most if not all Samsung phones are rooted before launch. That’s how easy it is to unlock a sammy. These guys don’t just give us the best hardware and software, they are also the most dev friendly.

      1. Agreed, Odin is insanely easy to use for root.

  5. @iwave You think Samsung has more clout with Verizon than Motorola?!? Come on!

  6. Sort of? Two words you don’t like to hear……It’s a boy!…..Sort of…….I love you!…..Sort of….

  7. A developer going by the alias of Chainfire”…you guys really aren’t into the rooting scene, are you? Chainfire is a very well known developer, with many fantastic apps on the market. He’s the one that allowed us to play Tegra-zone games on non=tegra devices, among other things.

  8. Rooted before launch? That is cool.

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