Amazon prepping a 10-inch Kindle Fire?


A 10-inch Kindle Fire has been rumored for a long, long time. It was even believed that the first generation Amazon tablet would come in both the 7-inch and 10-inch flavors, until Amazon scrapped the larger version to focus on one device, and on keeping the price down.

It worked brilliantly for the company, with the Fire believed to hold over 50% of the Android tablet marketshare. However, Digitimes has reported that there might be a 10-inch version coming after all, and might as early as the 3rd quarter of the year. Amazon, it says, wants to go head-to-head with the other larger Android tablets and the Apple iPad, and as with the original Fire, is looking to undercut the competition by pricing the device at about $300.

How many of you would be interested in a 10-inch Fire? Personally, I could never opt for an Android device outside Google’s ecosystem, but with an attractive price and good hardware, I could be tempted.

[via Wired]

Raveesh Bhalla

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  1. * This is not a repeat from all the other 10-inch Kindle Fire rumors! ;)

  2. Not for me but amazon knows what they’re doing. Price this thing reasonably and they have a winner on their hands. Hopefully the pricing on this will make other android tablets come down in price.

  3. A 10″ tablet at $300 would sell like ice cream on a hot summer day in Florida .

  4. I think it would be great, though I still see no reason for a tablet. I just sold my G tablet (I know it sucked, but I’ve played with others too) and not looking to replace it.

    1. You may not have a use for a tablet but that doesnt mean that other dont as well. I use my tablet for video watching and just general browsing the web and for reading as well. Helps that I dont have to carry around several devices at one time.

    2. works well for recipes in the kitchen, lounging outside doing general media consumption with a beer in hand, great for vacationing as a lappie can add bulk to carry ons, training videos and so on. Granted, I’m using an ipad2 for all of this, but the point is, a tablet can be a functional media consumption device around the house. I’d never force fuck it into a work environment though as people are trying too hard to do.

    3. Agree with Andrew and ingua2. Most of my friends who upset with tablet was trying to replace their laptop with tablet for work machine. I realize my tablet and laptop was designed for different purpose, and I enjoy both device.

  5. There at least two things it would need to have before I would by it, root it, and stick the Google Market on it. 1) Bluetooth support for headphones. 2) landscape speakers for Amazon Prime Movie/TV watching

  6. It better be alot better than the fire. It would need to be a real android tablet with an sd card slot.

  7. The Kindle Fire with ICS is fantastic for $199.

    I’d be down for a bigger version with somewhat beefier specs.

  8. When’s the uk gonna get a kindle fire released ,prob never see the 10″

  9. I’m not leave in US, so there’s no chance for me to get this amazone thing.

  10. It would definitely need a camera and microSD card slot, and it should really have 9-10 hours battery life.

    My Fire is very fun and handy for reading free best sellers and streaming free movies on Prime, but the smallish screen and somewhat choppy, sluggish performance gets tiresome after a while. The iPad is so smooth and refined by comparison. You have to assume AMZN will take all this into consideration in any updates.

  11. A 10”? I might consider it, but I’m pretty satisfied with my current Kindle Fire. I got mine here at Amazon

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