ITC bans importation of Motorola devices after Microsoft patent ruling


The ITC is passing down judgement in a patent spat between Motorola and Microsoft, and the decision doesn’t fall in the Android smartphone manufacturer’s favor. After an initial ruling in December of last year found Moto guilty of infringing on at least one of seven Microsoft patents, the international body has agreed and ordered a import ban. Motorola is blocked from bringing new shipments of their smartphones, which include the Droid RAZR, into the US. Given the damage this could have on the company’s sales, it is likely the two parties will attempt to reach some sort of licensing deal before all is said and done.

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  1. This patent BS really needs to stop, and the first step is to smack some sense into patent reviewers so they’ll stop issuing patents for things that don’t deserve them.

    1. You say that now until you invent something truly great that you don’t want every other business stealing, or using for free. That’s why we have patents in the first place.

      1. That’s why we HAD patents. If you were a little brighter you’d know what companies are doing with patents these days are wrong. You’d know what patent offices are allowing to be patented is wrong.

        A large percentage of patent cases these days involve companies suing others who were never the original patent authors. They aren’t defending their own patents. They’re defending patents they bought. No innovation needed. They’re also defending patents that were approved even if the “thing” patented really shouldn’t hold up in court these days. Yes, for a person with a 10 IQ, you could say, “the law is the law”. While that’s partially true, laws are interpreted in different ways by different judges and in many cases, laws change because of it. In cases like with Apple and Microsoft, they judge shop. They’ll go to any court system they feel is sympathetic. I hope that helps, Crissy.

        1. I like what you said. I am an android fan. but motorola is no no better than apple or microsoft, they even tried suing other android manufacterers

    2. @ingua2 the only flaw in your theory is that Microsoft is no patent troll, and I highly doubt the patent at hand is a purchased one but rather an original one. However this legal battle is rather ridiculous as Microsoft is only suing Motorola to spite them for not releasing a WP7 handset.

  2. As much as this crap makes me furious, I have a hard time blaming the companies themselves. They’re just taking advantage of the (horribly) broken patent system. I can’t really hold it against them, because they’re in it to make money, as that’s really the only point of a business.

    What needs to happen is software patents need to go away. Copyright it, maybe (don’t know enough about the laws there to say what I think), but patenting a logical process? Really? That’s all software is, a series of “if this happens, then do that” statements (yes, I know it’s more complicated than that, but that is the gist of it). I have a hard time seeing that as an “invention”.

  3. Does anyone besides VZW even carry Motorola? And that really sucks for them as it seems like they release a new phone every few months.

    1. AT&T had the original Atrix, and the Atrix 2.

    2. Sprint has the Phonton….and I haven’t seen any Moto Android device on T-Mobile….They should stop catering to VZW and release some devices on the other carrier…Hopefully Google would change all that once they settle down and complete the deal…

  4. Even though Motorola is a U.S. company, and owned by Google,…
    I won’t touch their products!!! I had a bad experience with the original Droid. Problems with the keyboard buttons coming loose, charging port causing the touch screen to act wacky!!! NO THANK YOU Motorola!!!

    Samsung has been working out fine for me so far.

    1. the og droid is still one of the top selling android handsets and once their first jump into a major smart phone…its funny how quickly people jump the gun on such talk. My droidx has been nothing but quality from day 1 minus their locked bootloader which is nothing for someone with half a brain

      1. Og Droid was amazing but I never used the keyboard. Tried it and was too hard to use for my hands

  5. The once Golden child of Android (Motorola) has been getting the crap kicked out of it lately. I wonder if this is part of the back lash of Google buying Motorola.

    First Sanjay promises unlocked boot loaders then robs Motorola of $$$$ before leaving. Then China holds the Google/Motorola merger hostage. Then despite Motorola having Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) Verizon holds it hostage from the millions of Razar/Maxx/Droid4 owners. Now this.

    Has Bill Gates resurrected Steve Jobs from the grave?

    Could this be the next terror attack on the USA?

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