Another Samsung Galaxy S3 prototype surfaces, shows custom Android 4.0 menu button


And here is another look at a device purported to be the Samsung Galaxy S3 donning a “dummy box” to hide the handset’s final design. A video surfaced last week showing a similarly disguised device, but the one pictured here differs in more than one way. For starters, a singular physical button can be found positioned below the phone’s screen. Likely standing in for a ‘home’ key, its efforts are duplicated in the row of Android 4.0 software navigation keys. Not only is the redundant ‘home’ option there, but Samsung appears to have added an additional key for menu functions while shuffling the arrangement of the ‘back’ and ‘multitask’ keys. This arrangement was not seen in previous leaks.

The presence of additional software keys echoes renders spotted alongside Galaxy S3 accessories for sale at Amazon.com, though the overall look of the nav buttons differs and the final handset design is at odds with the device we see pictured above. It looks like we’ll be hanging on util the last possible second before we get a clear look at the GS3’s design.

[via The Verge]

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  1. LOL… I love how Chris posted this story hours ago… and another Phandroid blogger posts it again.

  2. wish my gnex had an alternate way of waking up without pressing the power or volume rocker.

  3. Thanks for reposing something that was already on here last night weiner

    1. I think its going to be this phone the colors are even similar to those on the invitation.

  4. Phandroid where the articles are so bad not even the writers read them.

    1. Phandroid, where the articles are “so bad,” apparently, only @facebook-520248802:disqus reads them.. O_o

      1. You should rather check this —  


        Galaxy S3 name confirmed in Kies. Have 2 versions i9300 and i9300T. Need to select France as the country in Kies for that.


        1. Awesome! Thanks for the tip! :D

      2. Touche. Actually was “hired” to write for phandroid two years ago O_o ask Rob. And it was meant to be a joke. I like Phandroid.

        1. Well, dang it. Kinda ruins my semi-witty comeback =/

    2. Go count pills Kaden, you pharmacy student you. Shouldn’t you be in the library studying?

      1. Was in lecture. Heading to the library now though.

  5. This is old news.  Senor Chavez posted this before you did.  Looks like somebody has “me too” syndrome.


  6. Give the guy a break douchebags!  there’s bound to be some overlap in news coverage.  I’m sure Kevin spends his time finding stories to blog about, not reading Phandroid….

  7. Wow! A magic trick… please, could you duplicate it again and send me one? ^^

  8. If u already read it then don’t read it again its that simple.

  9. Umm.. so same post written by two different people of the same blog? Mismanagement at its best!

  10. Not only are you guys being overly critical about an article you didn’t have to read in the first place, but if you had read it you would know this article also talks more about the hardware button on the phone. Either way is it really that big of a deal that you have to be complete ass holes about it? No, I don’t think so. There are better ways to get the point across in this type of situation.

    1. These people are sitting around reading articles about smart phones. Clearly their time is incredibly valuable. I am surprised you don’t see that.

  11. wow, you try being a blogger. its not all sh*ts and giggles, it takes time to make sure what your are saying is correct, and who gives two cares if this is a repeat, maybe some people didn’t wanna scroll down the page because they’re in a rush. Gosh, I’m only 17 and I have more maturity than most of you guys who comment on this posts.

  12. Lets just pretend we dint read it the first time and comment on thw phone itself , lol the screen on the proto looks crooked lol

  13. If it’s in a ‘dummy box’ couldn’t that large silver button be fake? Hard to imagine they would put a fixed home key since they have one on the screen .

    1. thats exactly what i was thinking after looking at this picture above, thoroughly. It seems its in a dummy box with 2 seperate halfs to it. Even looking at the phone from top to bottom shows no clear seperation of a screen with the area around the home button. reminds me of those otterbox cases with the top half having a plastic screen protector and all of it as one peice, but only thinner of course. all these leaks have shown without a doubt that the phone is not a sleek looking piece of hardware. so there has to be something thinner within that horrid case.

      1. I was thinking the same thing

  14. if they want to get more people interested, they are going to have to talk about the sound quality. if they aren’t talking about that, then it’s probably bad like the II is. some people think they should get Cowon quality sound with a $700 phone that claims FLAC support. 

  15. all this time i thought they all worked at the same office together? LOL

    i guess not ..

  16. Whoa this looks like HTC HD2 or EVO!

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