Unlocked Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile now supports Google Wallet?


Google Wallet sounds pretty great, and the search giant expects its service to be a big part of the future of mobile payments, but unfortunately for most it is blocked on most device’s tied to a carrier’s network. At the moment, Sprint’s Galaxy Nexus is the only carrier-branded version to officially support Wallet, though the service and its corresponding app have been found to be compatible with unlocked Nexus devices running on AT&T. Now Engadget is reporting that Google Wallet appears to be working with unlocked GNex handsets running on T-Mobile’s network as well.

Things look to be in working order, though the crew at Engadget has yet to test Wallet on the TMo Nexus in the real world. Any T-Mobile customers out there rocking the Galaxy Nexus might want to give it a shot.

[via Engadget]

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  1. Just downloaded it from Google Play store. It installs fine, but then gives me an error upon opening the app indicating that it’s either not supported in my country, or is not supported by my carrier. I am on T-Mobile and live in the US. I suspect the issue may be that my Galaxy Nexus originated from Hong Kong (I believe).

    1. What version of Android are you using? I have a NTT Docomo Nexus, and Wallet works fine. 

      1. It’s the yakjuzs build, I believe if I flash it over to the yakjus build it will work (plus then I’ll get OS updates direct from Google). I’m going to give it a try in the next few days.

        1. it’s not that hard to flash it. good luck though! you’ll be happy you did it :)

        2. AndyH, my gnexus (t-mo)is from hongkong and im using google wallet 3months ago from now

  2. Just downloaded and activated my account without any issues, got my prepaid Google card and free $10 added. On T-Mobile in the US.

  3. it’s been like this for awhile, however if your device is rooted and you search for it on the play store you won’t find it. You can still do the work around method to get it on your device. If you have a stock non rooted nexus it should appear when you search for google wallet. I tried this for myself first with a rooted rom (stock) and I was unable to find it, but when I switched to a stock rom, it popped in the store

    1. I have non-stock rooted phone, but it showed up in Google play.
      I had the secure element error before and nothing changed with the update however.

  4. I was able to side load the wallet app and use the $10 credit in a Duane Reade store. Worked like a charm… impressed the cashier while I was at it.

  5. Nice my gnex is coming very soon and I will be using it on tmoible

  6. The unlocked variant from Google runs takju which supports Google wallet. Likewise Google support said you could just download wallet from the play store. 

  7. My polish galaxy nexus running yakjuwx (not stock yakju or new takju), was very glad to see it in play store and I’m very glad to see the $10 credit! I agree with commentator this is tied directly to yesterdays news of gnex. I was contemplating buying new I’d my polish one didn’t get wallet soon…

  8. I have the overseas version of the GN with T Mobile and it works with no problem (had the apk file as well). It just showed me that I needed an update and had no issues at all…Google how much I love you

  9. I have the overseas version of the GN with T Mobile and it works with no problem (had the apk file as well). It just showed me that I needed an update and had no issues at all…Google how much I love you

  10. I’ve had Google wallet on my Verizon nexus for awhile. There’s a apk on xda and it works perfectly

  11. I wish this worked with the Amaze 4G on TMobile. We had our ICS rom leaked a few days ago, but still not supported. I really want to try out the NFC chip.

  12. I wonder they will ever fix secure element error. :(

    1.  I got my Sprint Galaxy nexus and ran into that error. After Google and Money network telling me there’s nothing they cane do,  Sprint provided me with a replacement/new Galaxy Nexus

      1. Well, I got unlocked version from UK, so replacement was never an option. :(

  13. I downloaded google wallet yesterday not knowing that it was new to us, T-Mobile users. I should have reported it to you phandroid first. Bummer

  14. i hope the One X gets supported soon. i expected it would work out of the box.

  15. old news, I have my galaxy on tmobile, and I’m using google wallet for 3 months ago from now.

  16. April Fool’s Day?

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