Apr 24th, 2012


A new Samsung GT-I9300 prototype has leaked onto the internets, posing once again for the camera. And while at first glace it seems as if there’s nothing new here, those with a keen eye will notice the inclusion of a new, what appears to be, a customized virtual menu button for Samsung’s TouchWiz’d UI on top of Android 4.0 (below).

It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to actually add functionality with the skins the place on top of stock Android, and it looks like Samsung is addressing an issue that has bugged many when making the transition over to Android 4.0. You can see from these images, taken by a Chinese forum site called Mobile01, the prototype Galaxy S III still features the same, boring casing Samsung has used to disguise their next flagship whenever it leaves for testing.

I remember someone once saying that the inclusion of virtual buttons in ICS gives Google control of placement but it looks like it’s provided an easier method for OEM’s to shuffle around those buttons and mess with their users “just because.” You guys happy to see a bigger, drop-down like menu button? Here’s to hoping TouchWiz will allow for further customizing of the rest (crossing fingers).

[The Verge]

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