Samsung Galaxy S III (GT-I9300) Finally Caught On Video


Okay, we’ve seen the leaked pics, we’ve heard the rumors from insiders, now comes the time we get to actually take a look at a Galaxy S III prototype on video. Keep in mind, Samsung has gone the extra mile when it comes to security on the Galaxy S III, housing it in a sort of generic casing that, while admittedly pretty bland, is not representative of the final product. Let’s hope Samsung still has an ace up their sleeve when it comes down to debuting the device on May 3rd in London.

The video does show off a few specs of the device, namely the quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos processor with Mali 400 GPU, 1GB of RAM, 8MP camera, 720p HD display, and NFC. Pretty much everything I was hoping for in a Galaxy S II sequel. You’ll notice Samsung has done their best to theme up Ice Cream Sandwich but from the little we’ve seen here, doesn’t seem to anything a good launcher replacement can’t fix. Enough jibber-jabberin’, let’s get to the video.

What did you guys think? Does the Samsung Galaxy S III mop the floor with the HTC One X? Or do you think this leaves a lot of room for the device to be bested not only by rival Android devices, but possibly the iPhone 5 later this year?

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  2. Somebody needs to tell Samsung that TouchWiz is [moderated] ugly

    1. Agreed.  While I hate the idea of skinning the native OS in general.  Sense 4.0 looks way better!

      1. If you had used that wonderful word ‘fugly’, I think you’d have escaped the scissors :-)

        BTW, +1 on TouchWiz. 

        1. just as Miguel explained I am blown away that a student can get paid $9273 in four weeks on the computer. did you look at this web page ==>> http://sure2go.blogspot.com/ 

      2. Jeez, I’ve never had much exposure to touch wizz…but that is damnnn ugly. Samsung as a company just don’t seem to ‘get it’ when it comes to ‘style’. I know ‘style’ and ‘beauty’ is in the eye of the beholder…but you know what I mean. Those menus are just gross for 21st century design. Everything is so sterile…no flair at all.

    2. I agree, I know this is just a prototype. However, if this is the way the interface looks I’m out of wanting this device. In fact, I may just end up getting the Galaxy Nexus when Sprint releases it instead. The way the vanilla ICS looks, I don’t want it changed. ICS is beautiful the way it is, stop changing it.

    3. TW is the most horrible looking UI I have ever seen.

    4.  Sorry for the curse word but there’s no other way to put it, it’s [insanely] ugly.

      1. You did just put it another way, though. :P

        1. haha yeah but EMPHASIS MAN

    5. Here is a petition to Samsung to let them know how much people don’t like TouchWiz. Please pass this link around.http://www.change.org/petitions/samsung-mobile-put-an-end-to-touchwiz-on-samsung-android-phones#

    6. Galaxy S III aka a crap version of the Galaxy Nexus.

      1. lol thats inaccurate,  

      2. how is a quad core 1.4  crappier than a dual 1.2? The Nexus is old already!

  3. how does the mali 400 compare to the adreno 225 in the LTEVO?

    1. In de SGS2 about the same…

      But ofcourse mali-400 can run much higher then 300Mhz in the SGS2 (400Mhz runs fine on SGS2, but the chip size shrunk from 40nm to 32nm so much higher speeds are possible then 400Mhz (i think about 600mhz should be possible), and maybe they can even double the cores, because mali-400 is up to 4 cores.

      So mali-400 can be fast/slow and everything in between ;) (it like a AMD 7 serie cards, many configs possible 7500 or 7900 is a big difference)

    2.  Mali 400 is better than Adreno 225

  4. Galaxy S III even in it’s generic state here looks better than the One X.  That ridiculous camera hump on the One X is absolutely hideous!

    1. Not even close, but nice try.

      1. The front of the One X looks decent but there’s no reason for the rear camera to stick out like a sore thumb.  It looks atrocious.  Plus I heard it scratches easily.  

        1. So your whole complaint is about the camera sticking out?

          1.  Imagine you get a really  large pimple on your face. The largest and grossest you can imagine. Suddenly many people think you are ugly. Get it? No?

        2. I think you are probably referring to the AT&T Version and not the EVO LTE. The EVO has a protective covering so its impossible to scratch the camera.

          1. Very True… But Having 15* Different Color Blacks On The Phone Doesn’t Help.. In Fact It’s Probably The Ugliest Damn Phone Ever…

            *Yes I Relize It’s Not Actually 15.

    2. Na disagree. I think the One X is superior in the looks department but you do lose removable battery and SD card slot. Hmm didnt think the decision would be this hard, I was set on the SGS3. Now tempted to go with the One X. 

      1. Those aren’t nearly the final looks of the device. That is a mock up device so that the actual one can’t be leaked early.

        1. Get real. It is going to look just like this, simply without the “rubber band” they are using to casually camouflage the device. Samsung’s case designers do not have a creative bone in their body. every device they release from phones to tablets of late look almost EXACTLY the same in form factor. The same will hold true for this device. Their best looking phone (maybe best looking phone overall) is the GNex and only because Google had them design it the way it is. I am strictly talking about the external hardware of their devices.

      2. Well I guess the AT&T version. Sprints version does have a bigger battery and SD card slot though.

    3. I like the little “silver volcano” camera… Thought it looked cool. 

      Also resembles a “silver barnacle” lol 

  5. Those are some nice specs but an unfinished device is really showing it’s seams in this video. To much delay and it wasn’t registering some touch inputs.
    It will be a monster when it’s done.

  6. I think this phone will look great in person and on an HD video. This leak does not serve any justice to the design or anything in the video.  We’ll probably also see the phone in different colors. 

  7. Would have been better if I could have understood what was being said.

  8. Vietnam?  Okay.

    1. Samsung has a factory in vietnam.
      my galaxy note is made in vietnam, some galaxy s and s2 is made in vietnam. if s3 is made in vietnam then this could be legit.

      Thing is, is this actually s3? Would be disappointed if it was.

      Would be glad if this is just s2 plus.

      Was hoping s3 would really raise the bar a bit more.

  9. Any way of know if the battery is removable Y/N? Memory removable Y/N? NFC Y/N?

    1. Every Samsung phone has had a removable battery so I assume this one will too. It also does have NFC. Don’t know about memory though.

  10. I see the same old boring Chelsea FC in SGS3….plus funny language in the video…

    1. chelsea is rock !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      they will be up in final of champs !!!
      no one can’t stop them

  11. So its a warmed over GS2…

    The One X pisses all over this.

    1. And the “piss” blows back all over the One X as it lacks a removable battery or an SD extension.

      1. Sure, we all need removable batteries because we all order a couple of spares when we buy a new phone right ???

        SD extension is nice I agree, but 16Gb is enough for most people. 

        Might as well buy a nexus than wait for this. 

        1. You’re kidding, right?

          The Nexus is garbage unless you *need* AOSP.  There are already *plenty* of better phones out there.  Screen, radio, performance…just to name a few areas where other phones outshine the Nexus by miles.

          Handed my G’Nex to my son and bought a Spectrum…my phone actually works as a phone now.

          …I do miss the hell out of AOKP though.  :(

          1. U traded a nexus for a spectrum…laughable…

          2. It is a device. It did not work for it’s intended purpose. It got replaced.

            I suppose from your response that you would have kept it? Now *that’s* laughable. Someone so indoctrinated into the “club” that they’re willing to not only accept products that simply don’t work, but actually think that doing so somehow makes them superior.

            …how cute.

        2.  This phone is better than the Nexus, but I agree with you… I’d choose the One X (Especially the EVO 4G LTE) over the S3

    2. So, how exactly does the One X piss all over this?

  12. Mali 400? So same as the S2. Fail.

  13. The HTC one X physical design is way better, but I guess this Samsung is not the final design, lets hope the physical dimension of the Galaxy are slightly smaller than the HTC as it is a Massive phone.

    Just go Stock Android with a few extra Samsung Widgets then I am sold.

  14. You know that processor will outperform everything for a good while. And there’s still many unknown specs. GS3 looks like a winner so far.

    1.  No it won’t.

      But doubt s3 has the Mali-400, Samsung is not that stupid.

  15. Not much reason too upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus (thankfully), but if I was buying now I’d be torn between this and the HTC One. Battery life could swing it in Samsung’s favor.

  16. Yeah keeping the same GPU would be a serious oversight if they increased the resolution. If it’s the Mali-400 MP, they can’t increase the core count over the S2 because Mali-400 MP only scales from 1 to 4 cores according to the ARM tech page and the S2 already uses the 4 core variant. So to cope with the new resolution they would have had to massively boost the clock speed if the S3 is going to hope to match the framerates on the S2! How will they market this to S2 users?

  17. More or less what I figured, Exynos 4412 only has an overclocked Mali T400, 1gig of RAM, 16gig memory + uSD card, 8mp Camera, 4.65 screen, software buttons, sAMOLED HD+ at 720p and a removable battery where the user can decide for himself whether or not he wants more Ohms or less thickness which debunks every retard’s speculation about the device. I’m not certain why everyone is claiming this is a “fail” and the One X is a clear winner, SGS3 has the better screen and processor, removable memory and battery, on screen buttons, LTE and probably a comparable camera and build quality.

    1. This does not have the Exynos 4412. 4412 has Mali T604 GPU

      1. exynos 5xxx has the T604.

    2. Ehh, you clearly have not seen SLCD2 in action.

      1. and nobody has seen samsungs new screen in action on a phone yet…….

        1. That is true, but you are assuming that it’s going to be on the SGS3.

  18. I’m happy with these specs, 4.6in screen good size, not
    tooo big, BOTH internal & external expandable memory. Internal for apps, external for music & pictures, battery has so, so capacity, sure would be nice to know if the battery is removable though.
    Oh, and NFC, glad to know that’s onboard!
    And by the way, just because it’s always been the case thus far with Samsung that their batteries have ben removable it will remain the same isn’t necessarily true, the same could be said about HTC, up until the One Series.

  19. This phone beats the One X for two simple reasons….removable battery and SD expansion slot.  Nothing worse than having a phone lock up on you and not being able to pull the battery (imagine fully charged and having to wait until the battery dies to reboot the phone)  

    1. Ever heard of hard reset?

      1. When your phone locks entirely, like freezes the entire system, no physical buttons work. A hard reset is impossible because the phone doesn’t respond to the power button. The ONLY way to save yourself is to wait for it to get it’s s**t together or by doing a battery pull.

        1. That depends on the phone you have. Some phones (like EVO 3D) are equipped with buttons to reset the phone (EVO 3D: hold the power and volume buttons for 5-8 seconds). This makes a hard reset. If Samsung will not include this, well, it’s their fault.

          1. Every phone has a hard reset whether it be a small button that needs a paper clip to push or a combination. That guy is just ignorant.

          2. The Thunderbolt did not have a hard reset. When that phone locked up, that was it. 

          3. Kevin H. The thunderbolt had a removable back cover. And apparently holding the buttons down works as well.

        2. if you hold the power button long enough on any electronic device it will turn off no matter the state its in. i have android proof with my tab 10.1 which has no removable battery, and ive done all types of crazy sh*# to it and needed to battery pull. have had to hold power button 10 or even 15 secs before.

        3. @Isiah, you are completely wrong, stop spreading lies

        4. Just to set the definition right, a battery pull is the equivalent of a “soft reset”. A “hard reset” wipes everything and sets the phone back to factory defaults.

          Here is the way to do this on the RAZR:


          In the 2.5 months that I have had the RAZR MAXX, I have had to do 1 “soft reset”. The phone was completely frozen – could not do anything – screen on… just would not take any input. The soft reset worked exactly as it should. You bet I was scared when it happened, but I have no such fear now! So, no one should be scared that they are unable to do a battery pull..

          Just for comparison, I used a Droid X for a year before that. Had to do a battery pull approx. once every 2 weeks. BTW, I am an app whore – have between 180 to 200 apps loaded on my phones at any given time (yes, the Droid X was struggling with that – RAZR is smooth… no issues)

        5. Wrong, hard reset is possible. All notebook computers and phones with built in non-removable batteries have either a pin-hole or some type of button combo press that emulates a battery removal.

          You don’t have to wait until the battery runs low. lol

        6. You’re blabbing on about something you don’t know about. I have a Transform with 256MB of RAM and it freezes a lot. You hold the damn power button till it turns off. I never need to take out the battery. It’s a universal fix for something frozen, no matter the device.

    2. The HTC One X comes with 32GB of internal storage. What do you need an SD Expansion slot for!!? 

      1. Because that’s nowhere near enough space if you want to load your device full of music and 720P videos.

        For example, my Note has 16GBs of internal storage, I popped in a 64GB SD and now I have close to 80GBs. (Which is still not enough space for everything I need.)

        1. erm, are u continuously watching all these 720p videos. If not, theyre not completely necessary. I still havent gotten through an 8 gig card on my sensation.

          1.  But you never know what your mood will be like tomorrow, so you don’t know which one you will want to see. It’s the same reason why some people like to carry entire music collection on their device. At 4Gb each it doesn’t take many.

      2.  No it doesn’t. The AT&T version comes with 16GB internal storage.

      3.  Why would anyone need more than 640Kb of RAM !!?

    3.  That’s not how it works.  No one has to wait till the battery dies to reboot.


    4. All phones with non removable batteries have a hardware button combo reset. I have to do it on my HP touch pad when it locks up. On there u hold power+home. Works every time no matter what

  20. Damn, the phone is fugly, but the specs and features are really cool

  21. Not even close. :)

  22. I gotta say, since Razr Maxx I don’t care about any phone with sub 3000mah battery. I’ll wait for droid fighter, plus this won’t come to Verizon till October or so.

  23. Is that what I think it is in that first picture?  An LED LIGHT!?

    Well I don’t know if I’m hyped over this phone now because:

    1. I wanted capacitive buttons and not on-screen buttons.
    2. The skin doesn’t look like the Note’s redesigned TouchWiz skin shown on their FB page. I’m really looking forward to a completely redesigned TW Skin.
    3. For the reasons above, I will just replace my GS2’s TW launcher with NOVA Launcher and be perfectly happy.
    4. A 4.6″ screen with on screen buttons means that my GS2’s screen is technically bigger most of the time.
    5. Same screen as the Nexus? PenTile Matrix??

    I think retaining capacitive buttons and having a vastly improved TW will be the only reason I would buy this phone. Not for data speeds, processor speeds, Graphics, none of that.

    1. Regarding 1 – in what way are capacitive better than on-screen? They function exactly the same and on-screen offer a number of benefits (rotation, autohiding, dynamic changing, customization through rooting etc). I love them on the GNex.

      1. I used a GNex for a couple days and got a feel for the differences.

        Probably the main thing I don’t like about them is the fact that they are almost always there ON the screen.  My capacitive buttons are never in sight and in fact I have the illumination turned off on the buttons and so they are always hidden.  

        A dedicated search and menu button is always there(I know this is a ~2.3 thing).

        Refer to number 4 for another reason.

        On the other hand though, I would like to see the icons customized though.  Maybe to have the Gingerbread buttons again.  

        1. With Amoled they really don’t feel like they’re ‘on’ the screen because the black background is nearly indistinguishable from the bezel, if anything they seem less intrusive than capacitive buttons to me.

          It’s true that they eat some screen space, but I’d argue that a full 4.6″ screen like on the One X is too big for touch input. They hide when you view a video, which when that extra 0.3″ really matters.

          With rooting you get all sorts of options like turning off them off or adding search/menu button. I agree that this should be possible without rooting though (I bricked my Gnex doing this & had to flash it).

      2. AOKP’s customizations on the on-screen nav buttons is mind-blowing.

        Their next attempt…pages…is going to make the “dock” obsolete.

        Probably the biggest thing I miss about my G’Nex.

        1. Wow that is pretty cool.  Shame that we have to hack our phones just to get this kind of common sense customization.

    2. Give on screen buttons a try. I miss them now every time I use the gf’s sgs2. Roms like AOKP make them fully adjustable in terms of size, color, transparency, order, you can even add more icons like search and/or a permanent menu button, and change the images to anything u want. I’m sure roms with these features will come to the sgs3

      1. I had the Nexus for a couple days.  But after these comments, I looked into the nav bar customizations and I could definitely live with on-screen with those kind of changes.

  24. This is a fail.

    With Samsung recycling the Mali 400 from last year’s Galaxy S II, Samsung has just assured Nvidia’s victory with Tegra 3.

    The Mali 400 simply can’t hold up with the PowerVR mp2 to receive ports.

    At the very least, the Geforce ULP benchmarks within 10fps of the iPhone 4S (underclocked A5), but the Mali 400 is just too weak to handle the latest and greatest games.

    Not only that, the Geforce ULP has support for Dynamic Lighting and Physx enhanced processing not seen on the the PowerVR mp2 (something that current benchmarks do not account for).

    So for me, it’s between importing the international One X or waiting for the LG G4X. The G2X had a very rough start, but it’s an awesome phone these days. It finally caught up to Android 2.3.4, but like every other manufacture at this point in time, Ice Cream is still to be seen.

    I’m leaning for the G4X for the new Nova display.

    1. You must be one of the lucky few that got the G2X 2.3.4 update before LG pulled it. I’ve been searching around for the OTA and it’s been wiped out.

    2. I plan on never ever getting an LG anything, their quality with every thing they make is 2nd rate.
      I’m waiting out for this SG3, my HTC desire has hit the 2 year mark and is time for an upgrade.
      The HTC one x looks nice, but as said earlier that camera hump is ugly and all a lot of HTC phones seem to have it even the desire has it, but I’m still skeptical about HTCs promise to focus on a few hero phones and not pump out 50 rubbish phones mlike they did last year, they release 3 just last week..

      1. LG make some of the best HDTVs around. Right up there with Samsung, Sharp, Panasonic, etc.

    3. Fail is not reading properly.



      That’s from a Mali400 GPU clocked at 440 MHz. Even if Samsung does not do any further optimization, it’s still 40-50% better GPU than T3. It’s even more powerful than SGX543MP2. Also not to forget about pathetic single channel memory in T3 and it’s bandwidth limitations. Not to mention 32nm process.


      It’s generally a good idea to read.

  25. People concerned about the Mali-400 GPU not being able to drive the screen at that resolution are talking absolute nonsense.

    The Galaxy Note has a higher resolution than the S3 and uses the Mali-400 with no problems at all.  In fact, performance seems to be even better than the S2 on account of the faster processor.

    The specs meet my expectations, now I’m excited to see if Samsung can live up to the hype surrounding the design!

  26. WTF Samsung, did you HAVE to rearrange the navigation buttons?!  What the hell is it with OEM’s endlessly moving these buttons around?  I was hoping that with ICS and the soft buttons that would be put to a stop, but I see Samsung just Samsunged us by swapping the recent apps and back button.  WHY?  There is no need for this…come on OEM’s, standardize already!  It is so frustrating when switching between devices that these buttons are swapped around.

    1. Oh noes I will have to use my eyes to see which button to press?! Seriously, is that all you have to moan about? I bet you can move them around anyway.

      1. Lee Casey, Carlos makes a good point. It is annoying having the buttons moved around all the time. Just imagine if every computer manufacturer rearranged the keys on the keyboard to however they wanted, and everytime you hopped on a different computer the keyboard was different. Now stfu and get back to trolling.

      2. While I love standardisation and that is what android and unified phone OS’ is all about. Button standardisation really doesn’t bother me that much. I mean even if I did use four to five devices, it wouldn’t take me long to get a feel for each one and instinctively press the right buttons on each one.

        1. It’s not that they moved the buttons around… it’s the reason they moved the buttons around which is obnoxious.  And they did it just to be different.  In the same way as why they are putting their crappy TouchWiz interface over ICS… to be different.  I think a lot of us are thinking to ourselves, “Samsung, quit being different and just be better by releasing stock ICS with killer hardware!”

    2. You’re dumb… that’s all I have to say. Isn’t it more likely that it is a back button because he is in a settings menu rather than on his home screen.

      1. Nope, which, thereby, makes you “dumb.”  Look at all the screenshots floating around.  That is very clearly the standard button arrangement that Samsung has decided upon, as evidenced by the home screens.

        1. It’s pretty much the same layout as GS2, they just removed the search button and changed the menu to be recent apps. GS2. The GS2 is Menu, Home, Back, Search

    3. I have to agree with you.  As a right handed person, I much prefer the back arrow on the left side of the phone.  Pity Samsung had to muck about with it.

    4. @Carlos, I agree

    5.  lmfao…

      Dude, the devs will make the nav-bar moddable in no time flat.  chill.

      1. But not everybody roots (even though they should) =p

        1. Even if they don’t, they should know they have the option and that knowing they have the option and choosing not to means they don’t really have a leg to stand on when they want to whine about it.

          A person can dream, can’t he?

          1. But not everyone knows how. I am a huge fan of Android, and know how to move stuff around on the phone and install apps by putting an SDK on my phone and then installing it that way. But rooting is a totally different beast. There are plenty of tutorials, but just the whole entire “Don’t try this if you don’t want to brick your phone” has kept me from trying to root my Droid X. I LOVE the look of the Encounter ICS X ROM, but I’m too chicken to root my phone.

          2. Sorry…that was “Even if the don’t (root)”, not “Even if they don’t (know)”….my post wasn’t 100% clear.

            I’m aware most people…aren’t aware of rooting. Those that are, however, and choose not to really have no right to complain about a lack of functionality they could have if they’d chosen to.

    6. Well they’re just putting them like how they are on other Galaxy phones.
      If you’re following the Galaxy S line it shouldn’t be too much of a problem

      -> International SGSS1 and 2

    7. Samsung phones always had the home key in the middle and back key on the right, that’s how they position them. Makes no sense for them to change it now, if they feel that is the optimal positions for them.
      I think you’ll just get used to it, but if you don’t then you’ll be able root it and put them where you want, sooner or later.

  27. so this is basically a Galaxy S II HD with a better processor and a better screen? 

  28. Wasn’the s3 supposed to be bezel-less
    And a redisign for the ages???

    1. Did you even read any of the article?… Obviously not. 

      1. Yea I did read it if you look at the pictures the “case ” only covers the edges if you look at it with its back off

        1. No they mean the whole external phone housing, not an after market phone case. Only the internals and screen will be the same in the final product

        2.  You read it?

          “Samsung has gone the extra mile when it comes to security on the Galaxy S
          III, housing it in a sort of generic casing that, while admittedly
          pretty bland, is not representative of the final product.”

          Did you miss that part??

  29. Uhhh i’m excited about the galaxy s 3 more than any other phone.. but the design better top it off. idc too much about graphics… i just need a fast phone that will not lag. gps works, decent battery (removable battery)  i think this will be a goood upgrade… but it doesn’t seem to different from the previous  galaxy s. it doesn’t work here on android… Galaxy S 2s lol, think i might get the one x

  30. man this looks ugly… if this is the final model. i’d rather go with htc one-x

  31. Removable battery is important because batteries need to be replaced about a year after use.

    1. if you have insurance you can get them to replace it.

      1.  I’d sooner not go without my phone for however long it takes for a sealed in battery to be replaced.

        1. Have you ever used your insurance before? I had my screen replaced in 15 minutes while i waited. And if they dont have the parts and you dont wait to wait they’ll simply give you a new one.

  32. A very very nice phone, but still very…..underwhelming.  I’m sure it’s crazy fast and the screen will be beautiful.  But as far as the design of the actual phone goes, the Gnex beats it.  Touchwiz ruins it and that Samsung logo on the front ruins it.

    1. It’s in a generic case to disguise the actual design.

      1. Ahh, I see.  That’s a good thing if it’s true.

  33. If these specs turn out to be true, then it is a dissapointment….quad core or not.  I’ll have to wait to see what the Razr HD specs are.

  34. Isn’t this the same  “mid-tier device” mentioned here before? Its exactly the same phone leaked as the “Galaxy SIII” and later as the Galaxy M. The specs are the same :|


    1. Not sure who to believe, the article mentions dual-core while the video above proves it’s a quad-core device.. would they put a quad-core cpu in a mid-tier device? If so then we’re going to start to see some powerful but affordable devices!

      1. Quad core isn’t better. A dual core A15 would mop the floor with a quad core A9 processor, even at the same clock rate.

  35. Argh, stop with the TouchWiz crap already. It’s fugly, and that camera app. Jeebuz christ, you guys make the Galaxy Nexus, so you must at least have _seen_ what stock ICS looks like, right? Look at it again, then look at TouchWiz and ask yourselves; “what the fuck are we doing?”

    1. simple solution is to not buy a touchwiz device, i for one actually like Touchwiz, or at least the version that resides on the Epic Touch, and so do many others.  The camera app is also very nice on the sgs2 so not sure why all the rage, it’s certainly miles better than the stock gingerbread camera or the camera app on my evo 4g.  

      1.  ^this.

        AOSP-prima-donna’s need to realize not everyone thinks AOSP looks even remotely good.

        Hell, the first thing most phones get are themes…even on AOSP devices…so obviously, even the AOSP folks aren’t too fond of AOSP.

        I like Touchwiz.  Post 3.0, it actually looks and works really good.  I gotta believe it’s the 3.0 version that turned everyone off…that thing sucked donkey balls.

      2.  On Sprint, even though it is Bloatware, if you want to stick to stock and not root the device, you can also use the “SprintID” pack to get rid of Touchwiz. The best way to do it is go into SprintID, select the “myID” setting. It will give it a more stock gingerbread feel. Article came from Phandroid last year:


  36. I’m disappointed with the looks of the device. A bit boring really.
    I hope the generic box we see here is just a temporary container for the insides… whats the point of zuperduper ceramic case when it looks like same old same old plastic.

  37. Touchwiz looks like even worse crap on ICS.

  38. For the people crying over the rearranged buttons… ROOT! You can rearrange them with aokp a custom from that WILL come to the s3

  39. Cut the Crap, guys. We’ll Know for Sure in 1.5 weeks….

  40. Well he does say that the display could be changed in the final product as well but i doubt it. :/ was kinda hoping for super amoled+

  41. Hate the rearranged soft keys and how spaced out they r

  42. am i the only one that finds it retarded that manufacturers are using quad core processors in phones now just to be as equal as some of the competition…i own a galaxy nexus so don’t think i’m trolling. Seriously though i think dual core is the sweet spot. 

    1. Yes, because its not like software is configured to take much advantage of it anyway.

  43. This can’t be GALAXY SIII, it’s more like GALAXY SII HD or something like that …

  44. I’m really hoping it doesn’t come out with 4.0.3 cuz 4.0.4 is much much better

  45. Huge removable battery=win.  Hoping they don’t encrypt boot loader (like One X).  On One X with S-on, its a real pain to update radios.  SGS 3 is my next phone if it launches in US quickly.

    1. Yep, atleast according to benchmarks anyway. But I think we all knew that but everyone simply ignored it. Im sure they will overclock the GPU though, the same way the 225 is overclocked in the EVO 4G LTE.

  46. Given that the One X’s internals are more than enough to run android and any games that I’d want to play on a screen that size, I’d take it over what we see here. I love Samsung but if that’s what the GSIII is going to look like, the One X is a far better looking product. I was kind of hoping Samsung would push the physical design aspect of the phone this time rather than focusing solely on monster specs.

  47. I doubt this is the SIII in my opinion. Samsung wouldnt just metaphorically run ahead of the pack and step on iPhone with the SII only to stop and take a break (like the rabbit and the hare). Id say that this is another model Galaxy or something else. We wont know for sure until May 3rd though, so I wont worry about it until then.

  48. It looks too thick to be THE SG III

  49. I am disappointed…  The design doesn’t appeal to me any more than the S2 and basically all they changed was the screen and making a quad-core processor.. Now, what other company did the same thing to their phone (Apple)…

    Son, I am disappoint.

  50. This is almost certainly not actually the GS3, and is instead the mid range Galaxy M device. And even at that, it still beats the One X in several important areas: removable battery, SD card slot, etc.

    EDIT: Just remembered that there is an entire fake “Samsung” corporation in China, which makes counterfeit products, and most of their employees don’t even know they’re not actually part of the real Samsung. And Vietnam, where this video is from, gets a lot of stuff from China. So an alternative hypothesis to this being the Galaxy M is that it might be a counterfeit device.

    1. It’s the GS3, the GS2+ just upgraded the screen to 720p pentile and processor to Exynos 4212 with LTE so the only difference is screen size, software buttons and non-pentile, Exynos 4412 and superior build materials and reduced thickness. Compared to the One X, I think the selling points are going to be LTE enabled processor, superior screen quality, removable battery, uSD and the negatives are going to be touch wiz and a worse camera. I think it’s probably better than the international One X, but the American EVO be superior spec wise. Perhaps Samsung has done somthing innovative with the form factor we’re not aware of and that will be the main selling point (bezel, thickness, weight etc.)

  51. Try reading the article before you bitch and moan.  It’s a generic housing to protect the real design of the phone from leaked photos and videos..

  52. I think apple may have somethig.

  53. If you look closely, you can see it being charged with a Blackberry cable :'(.

    Also, it still appears to be inside a fake case.  I can’t imagine those hideous corners being the final form factor.

  54. What I’m wondering is, what are those pieces of tape at the bottom covering up?  Is it just old capacitive buttons that won’t be on the final product, or is it some secret new buttons – like dedicated NFC?  Any guesses?

    1. would guess that they covered some serial number to protect the leaker. 

      1. Oh yeah I bet you’re right.  Good call.  Some kind of dedicated NFC button would be nice though…

  55. Looks like I might be pre-ordering an EVO

  56. would wait for the final design. 

  57. Quad Core Exynos Here I Come!

  58. Hahaha suckers! Now the real SGS3 is gonna look REALLY good on May 3.

  59. It matters whats on the inside. Machine and humans! Watch the avergers.

  60. soooooo, 
    nexus sized screen
    nexus quality screen
    1 Gb ram same as everything else
    quad core processor that the OS isnt even optimized for.
    likely nexus quality radios
    Latest TW slathered all over 4.0.3SGS2 cam
    meh…nexus was a good choice.

  61. [edit: i just read the part about it being housed in a fake shell so it might as well be]

  62. Love the full body backplate like HTC phones, hope that is in the final design even if the casing is likely just some generic thing.

  63. Is that green spot an LED notification light? or just a reflection in the first pic? I’m digging the specs just fine…excited to see the housing on May 3rd. This will be my next phone regardless of the final casing. I’m not going back to HTC. Of course I’m assuming this will be available in June…

    1. Unless you live outside the US, you assume wrong. Try September/October.

      1. That wasn’t the question, but yes I do…I’m guessing Patrick is one of those “glass is half empty” types. :)

  64. Unibody HTC is better. SAMOLED+ on the other hand is hands down a KING. 

    so we need the body of a HTC, Screen of a Samsung,

    and the software of a Motorola!


    1. The software of a Motorola? Ha ha ha, good one! :-D

  65. Even if they do have a quad core processor the old GPU takes some of the wind out of the GS3’s sails. It’s more of an incremental improvement over the GS2.

  66. OMAP 5

  67. If these specs are real, there’s no way I’m going to buy the SGS3. Hopefully this was just a test model or something. Most of these specs were already in the SGS2…

  68. Chris, does this mean you will not be eating your shorts?

  69. There is this constant change of opinion with android phone enthusiasts, when the htc hero was out and the evo 4g there was a majority of people whom love the look, then when samsung show up with Touch Wiz, we loved the new kid on the block. Now we are slowly migrating back to the new Sense. So in the end, as android users we will never be satisfied. The one thing I do know is moto blur still sucks!  

  70. I don’t see the point in this phone. It’s HUGE, it runs UGLY touchwiz, and offers very little over the Galaxy Nexus (little faster, better camera?)

    It should have been a smaller, 4.0″, qHD non-pentile SAMOLED.

  71. Typical Samsung plastic piece of garbage Lol, you Samsung people are as bad as Apple owner’s. Oh don’t call me a hater. I have three Galaxy tabs and a Nexus S. But my first choice is HTC and I’m also with Verizon.

  72. Ok… to me this defniitely looks like the Samsung Galaxy SII HD… which will have a higher screen resolution and a 1,4 GHz double core, and the rest also looks and sounds TOO much like the Galaxy SII HD… so i’d say better wait for the REAL presentation. Cant imagine that HTC comes with a higher screen resolution than a NEW samsung galaxy (not just a make up like the HD) that is still to be released folks ;) so… let’s sit and wait… don’t panic – 03/05 is coming soon enough! i worry more about the time they might let pass by from presentation to sales ;)
    I’m guess it might be something blueish… maybe even brushed metal… 4 cores and maybe 1,4 GHz… but surely not lower screen resolution than the One X folks… no no no no ;) i guess they gave the HD to that guy to play with… and he thought he got the REAL one, not just something updated *hehehe*

  73. Can someone please translate that video?

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