Accessory maker Kolay gives us another look at the Samsung Galaxy S III?


Amazon.co.uk has a few different accessories in stock and on sale for the Galaxy S III, and the product images may be giving us a glimpse at the highly anticipated handset. Options Listed for the Samsung GT-I9500 include a handful of cases and your standard screen protector from a company called Kolay. Run-of-the-mill stuff until you notice the renders of what could be the GS3 with a nearly edge-to-edge display and row of FIVE software shortcut keys in place of Ice Cream Sandwich’s typical four. Otherwise we see a front-facing camera, volume rocker and power/standby key, and a camera centered on the top rear of the handset. The renders of the device also give off the impression that it will be quite thin.

So what do you guys think? Is this the real deal or merely a placeholder image that Kolay is using to get a few early sales. Only about a week left until we know the answer one way or the other.

[via Amazon 1, 2, 3 | Thanks, Alistair!]

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  1. This one is old, I have seen it several months ago.

  2. Really?!

    This is the fake render that has been around since last year.

    1. Look at the months on the dial.

      Jan -> April -> June -> October.

      Somebody doesn’t know how to count.

    2. Totally Fake… Cmon Phandroid can you please filter these articles?  It doesn’t even look close to that silhouette we saw on Samsungs webpage.

      ps – in other news, Germanys Amazon lists GS3 as their best selling phone   This is before it’s even out lol, neato.

  3. Yes this is ancient, and is absolutely not the SGSIII.

  4. That’s a placeholder.

  5. Just a render. Wake me up when its released.

  6. Same render that was used for the SGS II a number of times… 

  7. Not sure how real it is, but I like it!  No home button, probably just a power button on the upper right side.  Clean, simple, and thin.  720p and quad core.  I hope it doesn’t take forever to come to T-Mobile.

  8. Old horrible Photoshop is old. 

    Seriously, this kind of “news” shouldn’t be posted. Lots of third party companies have accessories for unreleased devices. They’re hoping to make a buck off of people who don’t know any better.

    1. That’s not true, frequently the phone data is available before the official product shots appear. Using the data you can make accessories before actually seeing the phone.

  9. It looks good even if that is the real one.

  10. Some dumbass company probably started manufacturing screen protectors and cases based off the fake.  Not the first time it would have happened…

  11. Fake or placeholder, but wouldn’t be upset with that small bezel design.

    1. They’d need some seriously impressive touch detection to avoid unintentional side presses with a bezel that small.

      1. Every time people talk about having a small or no bezel I bring this up.  A non-existent bezel isn’t really practical.

  12. I am guessing that the overall shape is right judging by Samsung’s teaser, and they would need to provide that sort of info in order to have a good supply of 3rd party accessories.
    BUT…. the rest of it is just speculation. 5 icons across is a rumour, and the blue navigation buttons on the bottom are way off the mark (a phone icon? a search icon? unlikely)

  13. am i the only one that is actually hoping it looks like that ?

    1. yeah me too

      it looks like sammy’s sexy flat tv

      1.  now lets just see this release like within a month
        not like in October

    2. Well after judging the outline under the blue cloth and this render I can strongly confirm that its a fake.

      1.  that much clear i mean this was the OG render that popped up a while back ago

    3. I’m with you there.  It looks badass. 

  14. Is it just me or are there up to 9 screens?

  15. Am I the only one that notices the S Memo App???

    1. i really think s memo is not possible for s3
      sammy treat galaxy note as creative product in handset line
      so there will be a no chance to lose the advantage of the gal note


  16. Probably fake, at least I hope so. Just not enough bezel for me. I don’t want a device where the screen goes almost completely to the edge. Not one that’s touch sensitive anyways. My fat fingers will be launching crap and taking actions unintentionally all the time.

    1.  Go on a diet fat boy, bezel-less devices are sexy.

  17. No cut-out hole for speakers. I’d say it’s fake. 

  18. Phandroid, I can’t believe you would even report on this. That is the worst render I’ve ever seen. The display is halfway off the device. Come on guys…

  19.  This is the render im hoping comes to life. This is one nice fake phone, but if this is true then this thing is going to sell like hotcakes…….or maybe? the iPhone is heading this direction mostly all screen. remember apple has claimed that samsung phones are exact copies

  20. Phandrid, I dont think people care that much about the Galaxy S III… I think a lot of these posts about it are filler and there’s nothing better to report on. I don’t like having to skim through 10 articles to find 1 thing interesting. Bundle these GSII rumors into 1 post per day or something.

    1.  or you can just not click on the article.

  21. Ummm that is an obvious pic of the first fake render from months ago.

  22. Tooo big!!! More like the Galaxy Note, crazzzy big!!!

    1. it probably will be big, but how could you tell from this, there’s nothing to compare to

  23. Unrelated, Where can I get that clock/weather widget?

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