Sprint rep confirms LTE data will remain unlimited


Though there has been no specific announcement detailing the launch of Sprint’s 4G LTE network, its first compatible device was announced for pre-order earlier today. The LG Viper 4G LTE looks to take full advantage of the network technology taking over in place of Sprint’s previous WiMAX coverage, but will the associated data plans be subject to an overhaul? Apparently not, according to Sprint rep Nichole Cappitelli. Speaking to TechHog, Cappitelli confirmed that LTE data plans would still include an unlimited option, though further details were not provided.

We’ll wait for a final announcement from Sprint to back up what we are hearing, but it makes sense for Sprint to keep bandwidth restrictions in line with what was offered with their WiMAX services. Unlimited data is one of Sprint’s few competitive advantages now that other major carriers have shifted to tiered pricing schemes, and losing that advantage is something the the Now Network surely doesn’t want to happen.

[via TechHog | Thanks, Alison]

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  1. Option……?

  2. They’ll have a change of heart soon, trust me.

  3. Isn’t that exactly what Verizon “said” when they first launched LTE, but we see how that turned out. Even if they were going tiered they wouldn’t tell anyone till it was time to announce it.

  4. This is really the only thing keeping me on Sprint

  5. Using a 4G network should be cheaper than using 3G when you think about it. You download faster so you’re using bandwith for a smaller amount of time.

    1. Ya but history has shown that when people are given more (in a very broad sense) they use more.  If you get more space, you’ll use more.  If you get more bandwidth, you’ll use more.

  6. Now if they would just rebate that 10$ a month they took for their 4g network that they never actually had.  Just another corporate rip off and they actually wonder why I would never go back to them ?

    1. That’s you. Millions of other people (including myself) love Sprint and what they offer. Not to mention, many of us are excited for what’s to come in the near future. Take your nonsense elsewhere, kthxbai.

      1. You’re easy to please then.

        1. Why shouldn’t I be? I have no issues with Sprint. They have served me well over the last six years and change. 

        2. It’s easy to be pleased when you live somewhere decent. I get pretty damn good signal everywhere except my office. Oh, and the AT&T and Verizon phones around me aren’t doing much better here, so I take it for what it’s worth. And I get GREAT phone reception… it’s just the data that sucks, while the AT&T people get dropped calls all the time. (Verizon seems ok on voice, just not data)

    2. Clear was the one that forced Sprint to charge the $10 fee.

    3.  It is not for 4g it is for smart phone data. Even the BB phone had that 10 dollar fee. I

    4. Please die. I’m so sick of you little bitches whining about the $10. Maybe you should move somewhere decent instead of whatever craptastic little podunk village your’e in now. Geeze… The horse has been dead for 2 years, and has already been dragged off to the knackers. Quit beating it already.  That money was likely used to either keep Sprint afloat or to invest in LTE tech. But hey! Keep bitching about $10 a month while the other carriers flat out rape their customers.

  7. She said still unlimited, but she didn’t say that it wouldn’t cost more.

    1.  EXACTLY!  I won’t be the same, don’t be a fool and think otherwise.

  8. The way I see it, Sprint HAS to keep unlimited to stay relevant. They already have the smallest footprint of the big 3 in service overall (not just talking LTE). Surely they will be slow to roll out the LTE (as they always have been). Verizon has left everyone else in the dust, and ATT keeps moving forward too. Unless Sprint pulls some major speed out of their asses, in terms of getting LTE in dozens of cities as soon as yesterday, they aren’t going to be a tempting option without unlimited.

  9. No way in hell that’s going to last. No way. Especially if they ever get a nationwide footprint, w2hich I wouldn’t hold my breath on. 
    Since they took it upon themselves to call the crappy WiMax system “4G”, I wonder if they’re going to have a change of heart and call their LTE “5G”

    1. Last time I checked, the ITU is the one that put WiMAX in as a 4G standard. Whether or not you feel like it is or isn’t is irrelevant. Stop talking out of your ass.

      1. I was being facetious. There is this human trait called “a sense of humor” you should look into it.
         Sprint won’t be able to maintain truly unlimited data, especially if they’re even half-serious about building a nationwide LTE network.
         Sprint took it upon themselves to call WiMax 4G before the ITU called WiMax 4G.There are other factors involving the extent of the ITU’s authority on these matters, but that’s neither here nor there.
         It’s always funny when people with anger issues try to flame you, and make themselves look stupid in the process. Like a grammar-nazi who starts his post with a lower-case “i”.
        I understand, a lot of Sprint customers have anger issues after awhile :)

  10. well all i know is that if they do data caps im leaving and…and millions of other people will to…since their 4g and 3g coverage are complete crap even in new york

  11. I have been a Sprint fan for a long time but anything that remotely comes close to the other carriers I would have to say I’m gone.  Sprints coverage is horrible and thats a understatement.  It has actually become worse since the iPhone was introduced to the network.  They talk about improvements they are making but in my area I haven’t seen enough and WiMAX was a debacle at best.  Lets not forget that they flip flopped on the “premium data” charge then said it was for all smartphones.  They have stepped up customer service as of late and the phone lineup after 2 years is finally coming back around. All that being said none of that matters unless coverage is available and here in Florida it just isn’t where I need it.  The spectrum they hold for 3G just doesn’t have penetration and it looks like initially neither will the LTE. The only thing that keeps me with Sprint is price and any change in that will see a change in carriers.

  12. They’ll get rid of unlimited after a few months like the rest of the carriers. But its OK, I switched to Verizon just to have decent service. Sprint won’t even pull half a mb in my area…

  13. To all you
    sprint lovers whose 3G speeds are equivalent to what  Edge speeds are on AT&T enjoy unlimited
    while you can because there is no way that they will continue to offer LTE
    unlimited.  I know this for a fact because
    of spectrum…Sprint is initially deploying their LTE network on a nationwide
    narrow 5×5 channel band in the PCS band 1900mhz  which means at such narrow channels sprints LTE
    will perform more like Metro PCS’s LTE who is deploying LTE on an even narrower
    2.5×2.5 channel Band.  ATT and Verizon by
    comparison are deplying their LTE networks on wide 10×10 ( 10mhz up and 10mhz
    down ) on the 700 mhz band.  The lower
    the frequency the better the building penetration and the signal has a longer
    range.  Verizon has a nationwide 10×10
    block of 700 mhz and ATT has 10×10 in most markets and 5X5 in some.  IN the markets where att only has 5×5 they
    can supplement their LTE with AWS spectrum they have ( hence them wanting to
    buy Tmobile).  Sprint needs to move fast
    and move former Nextel subscribers off of 800 mhz iden spectrum they own which
    would be prime for their LTE since they have nationwide holdings. Trouble is
    Sprint does not have the capital to refarm the 800 mhz spectrum because they
    are financially spread too thin.  They
    took a 15 billion gable on the iPhone with apple they have debt with clearwire
    that must be paid and they are already spending billions to improve their
    shitty 3g with this Network Vision.  I
    would stay clear from sprint until at least 2015…until then your speeds will be
    slow.  Tmobile will have LTE up and
    running and faster quicker than sprint because they have the cash from the ATT
    payment and they have the HSPA + fallback which is very fast in some
    cases.  Sprint also has a lot of spectrum
    through clear wire but the spectrum is in the higher 2.5+ range which is why
    wimax performed so bad and clearwire is deplying a TDLTE network rather than
    the FD LTE that ATT VERIZON and the rest of the world are using.

    1.  You are stupid. You know sprint has the money for LTE already. If you know ANYTHING about business. They put money away for project and that is part of the budget report for the upcoming yet. And they already put money away. 

  14. This is hilarious. Reading the comments, everyone on the other Big 3 are butthurt about not having untiered 4G LTE. Dan Hesse has done nothing but flame all other competitors for going tiered, and not having true unlimited. I don’t see Sprint going tiered when unlimited is their main attention drawer. Don’t cry about it, and if Sprint after maybe a year says they want to go tiered, its cool. I’ll still have unlimited, and I once again doubt I’ll be throttled. (Mostly because I won’t abuse the right)

    1. 99.9999% of Verizon data users are grandfathered into unlimited, non throttled 4G.

        1. Ummm yes.

          1. Sorry, I didn’t realize that only 0.0001% of Verizon’s customers joined since August 2011.

          2. Notice that I said. DATA CUSTOMERS. There are still a lot of dumbphone users out there. Verizon has 108 million subs right now. They have added about 3.5 million subs since 3Q 2011. Then, not all of those were smartphones.

          3. Reply to below:

            Sorry, I didn’t realize that only 0.0001% of Verizon’s DATA customers joined since August 2011.

          4. So only 10 thousand or so Verizon customers aren’t grandfathered? I mean c’mon… stupid is as stupid does, but you’re makin’ old Forest look like a pure genius!

          5. @Robb Nunya… so we’re in agreement then. Not sure why you replied to me.

  15. What’s up with the haters?

  16. I’ll bet you ten thousand dollars that charge for LTE, 6 months after they finally get it going.

    1. I’ll take that bet.

      1. I’ll bet a dollar neither of you actually have $10K to spare for a bet. 

  17. I don’t care about Sprint really. If the speeds are average, then I’m going to Tmo. They have unlimited, although they slow your speeds. And Tmo’s 2G speed is as fast as Sprint’s 3G, so I’d still be satisfied.

    I use 3.5GB average monthly anyways. So if Sprint don’t bring anything good to Houston, then I’m gone. I want a Hybrid Phone anyways.

    1. Sprint already announced that Houston will be one of their LTE launch cities. I’d say that’s pretty good.

  18. Article: Sprint LTE data will be unlimited.

    Some people.

  19. I wish all of the announcements sprint has been making was two months ago. I would have switched to them but insted i went to verizon for my nexus. I could have held off if i at least had comming in april. I hope sprint keeps with the unlimited data untill febuary 2014.

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