Oct 1st, 2014

Verizon Moto X 2014 DSC07000

Starting tomorrow Verizon customers will be able to take advantage of new deals on data to trick out their wireless accounts. 4G LTE allowances are being increased across the board for More Everything subscribers, including double the data starting at the $150 pricing tier. The promotion comes hot on the heels of a similar offer from AT&T.

More Everything plans include shareable data for families with multiple LTE devices. At the $110 price level, what was once 12GB of data becomes 15GB. At the next tier, 16GB becomes 30GB. The deal really starts getting good at $150 and above, where data doubles to 40GB (up to 100GB for those shelling out $375/month).

What isn’t clear from Verizon’s initial release is the duration of the promotional data amounts. AT&T’s similar double data deal is good for the length of a subscriber’s contract. We’ll see if similar terms apply to Verizon’s offering.

What is clear is that those hoping to score the increased data allotments have until October 31st to act. After that, data caps reset to their halved amounts.

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