Verizon holds par with AT&T, doubles down on data with new promotion


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Starting tomorrow Verizon customers will be able to take advantage of new deals on data to trick out their wireless accounts. 4G LTE allowances are being increased across the board for More Everything subscribers, including double the data starting at the $150 pricing tier. The promotion comes hot on the heels of a similar offer from AT&T.

More Everything plans include shareable data for families with multiple LTE devices. At the $110 price level, what was once 12GB of data becomes 15GB. At the next tier, 16GB becomes 30GB. The deal really starts getting good at $150 and above, where data doubles to 40GB (up to 100GB for those shelling out $375/month).

What isn’t clear from Verizon’s initial release is the duration of the promotional data amounts. AT&T’s similar double data deal is good for the length of a subscriber’s contract. We’ll see if similar terms apply to Verizon’s offering.

What is clear is that those hoping to score the increased data allotments have until October 31st to act. After that, data caps reset to their halved amounts.

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  1. At first I was like, “WTF!?” but then I realized that it was a shared plan.

  2. The only question is will this continue to be doubled at the end of the contract. After 24 months will you be allowed to go month to month but the data be halved back to normal?

    1. The price is good until you change your data plan. AT&T never said anything about a contract, maybe someone here said “for the life of the contract” when they meant “for the life of the account.” It seems like AT&T is pushing the no contract plans, so I doubt they’d do a promotion that was only good for people on contract.

  3. Oh how I love my grandfathered Unlimited Data. I’m going to ride this train till it runs out of steam.

    1. they’re going to get you off of that soon… no worries.

      1. Maybe someday, but So far So good.

    2. I left them along time ago and went with T-Mobile. Better coverage so far and faster speeds. I also had unlimited but I couldn’t get a fast connection.

    3. You’ll be glad to hear Verizon has abandoned its plans to throttle people with Unlimited Data (which was supposed to start today).

    4. Sorry for the double post, just wanted to make sure you got it. What does your unlimited plan cost per month? I know the data portion is 30, but how much total per line? How much data are you actually using?

      1. For me the unlimited plan is significantly cheaper. I pay $275 for 4 lines and we use about 60GB a month.

        1. Gotcha. So you are all off contract I assume? So I have 7 lines, all smartphones. We have been using right around 20gb. So we are going to go to the 30gb plan that just came out. That will put us at $235 for all 7 lines off contract for 30gb and unlimited minutes. Plus a 20% discount from work. So about $200. Going to 60gb would be about $300.

  4. Just wondering, how much do you pay for your unlimited data now? I can’t remember what the old plans used to cost. And how much data do you use in a month?

  5. We all have heard ” Monkey See Monkey Do”. This is relationship between AT&T and Verizon. Just verify past announcements between both from timeline and plan offering perspective. For example, recently AT&T double data from 15GB plan leaving 10GB without doubling and than Version came out with similar offering doubling data from 12GB plan
    and leaving 10GB behind.. I hate both of them as they simply copy each other than offer something better than other. Both are Monkeys. Just for comparasion at lower tier between two, AT&T is better as you can get jump from 15GB to 30GB vs Verizon 12GB to 15GB(and not double like 24GB)

    But among 4 big cell carriers; if you are a family with a need for 4 or 5 smartphone lines and have T-mobile coverage at 3 locations(your job/business, Home, Kid’s school) than there is no need to beat around the bush. T-mobile family plan with unlimited talk/text/data with NO data overage charges is still the optimum cost effective plan in USA.

    1. Agree on almost all counts. Except the rare occasion when one(usually Verizon) decided to NOT do what AT&T does. Like when AT&T offered discounts on no contract plans, Verizon didn’t. As soon as AT&T announced it, I thought that Verizon would surely match those terms, but they never did. So I moved my whole family to AT&T. The way I figure it, AT&T follows Verizon, but Verizon will only follow AT&T if it doesn’t cost too much. Beyond that, their further reaching network and larger number of people that only have Verizon as an option will make up any difference.

  6. monkey see monkey do! always been the case between these two company, they probably call each other before they make any changes to make sure they both match, all i know is that we should thank tmobile for all of this.

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