Analytics firm names Galaxy Note TV spot most effective ad of Q1


Though Samsung did their best to hype up a series of ads poking fun at the cult of Mac — a group of commercials that culminated in an extravagant Super Bowl spot — advertising analytics firm Ace Metrix has named another TV spot hocking the Galaxy Note as the most effective with US audiences for the first quarter of 2012. The ad, which highlights the Note’s unique form factor blurring the line between phone and tablet, received a score of 686 using Ace Metrix’s proprietary scoring system. The gauge of viewer reaction has a max score of 950.

Following behind Samsung’s Galaxy Note ad were spots for Doritos and M&M’s. Both tied for 2nd place with a score of 671. Ace Metrix CEO Peter Daboll said Q1 is “the most important quarter for advertising” due to several big television events including the Super Bowl, Oscars, and other awards shows. Daboll called Samsung’s ad “particularly brilliant” and noted that big competitor Apple didn’t rank nearly as high. Samsung’s marketing effectiveness could pay off in the long run and perhaps earn them the Apple-like following they seek.

[via BGR]

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  1. Tabphone or Phablet, it’s the future.

    1. No, the PadFone is this future.  This monstrosity is too big to be a phone and too small to be a tablet.

    2. A brave new world of manly man hands where the thumb has also been re-engineered to be an extra inch longer. :-)

  2. 5″ screens are perfect i think, but only when they can get rid of the edges. i’ll carry a 5″ screen and up when its completely edgless and transparent like the PHONE in the right side of this picture

  3. I don’t doubt it.  This is one of, if not the, best ads for an android phone(phablet) that I’ve ever seen.  I know that the note is completely ridiculous but every time I see this ad, I kind of want to get one.

  4. If by “most effective” they meant “stupid” then I agree.

    1. They meant the ad, not the device.  The ad was along the lines of Apple’s ipad commercials.  It works.   Lay off the hate and participate.

  5. I call it a Tablone…

    1. sound like euro-trash chocolate.

      1. go to Belgium, eat chocolate then go back to America and tell me European chocolate is trash

        1. There’s good chocolate all over the world.  A guy I work with is from England and currently lives in the US.  He’s a big chocolate fan and says that the chocolate he eats from England is the best of the best.  He also said that US chocolate sucked and that he could pick his chocolate out of any chocolate.  So, I challenged him.  I went to a few specialty stores and bought chocolate from all around the world including the US.  Broke it all up in different cups so he couldn’t identify it by its mold.  Had him taste them and rank them.  Of the 6 chocolates he liked Godiva the best closely followed by Ghiradelli (spelling?) which is an American Chocolate.  His chocolate came in 5th out of 6.  Interesting how things change when you take a cultural bias out of the equation.  We all found it very interesting.  

          1. still sticking with Belgium being the best, though that is an interesting experiment.
            When you say ‘his chocolate’ do you mean Cadbury’s?

  6. Anyone else notice Apple’s new iPad commercial takes a jab out of this commercial when the iPad user paints with their fingertips like Samsung does with the stylus in this commercial?

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