Galaxy Nexus employee training begins at Sprint


With Sprint set to launch its first LTE handset in the coming weeks, it stands to reason that the Galaxy Nexus, which was announced alongside the LG Viper at CES, will follow shortly after. New training documents obtained by Engadget show that employees are already getting learned on the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich handset. The training covers all the basics from Android 4.0 to Google Wallet and is expected to be completed within the next couple of weeks. The timing suggests a late April launch. This lines up with previous leaks showing an April 22nd release date for Sprint’s version of the Galaxy Nexus.

Of note is mention of another LTE handset by the name of LG Fury within the training materials. It’s very possible that the name could be referring to the Viper while being confused with the recently released ZTE Fury. It seems likely that Sprint would release two handsets under the same name.

[via Engadget]

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  1. sprint employees already getting learned… oh lordy

  2. not excited about the phone….hopefully googles next flagship will be something actually to die for

    1.  I think it is a good phone. However, It wasn’t meant to be a insane out of this world phone, but what it was meant for was the debut of a completely revamped OS.  I truly believe the next Google phone will be something of a hardware beast. But that is just my thoughts.

  3. I think people are confused about the nexus line of phones. Yes when they released the first nexus phones they lead the way for android with top of the line specs. This pushed other manufacturers to

  4. To up the specs of their phones to keep pace with android. Google plans with nexus phones is to create the standard for hardware to operate the latest and future versions of Android. Not to make every nexus phone blow all others away. Who can even tell us what the advantages are to having 4 cores in a phone is? Yes its faster we know this but what app on a phone takes advantage of such power? I have the nexus and I love it I’m not looking forward to another phone until the next nexus. I’m not trying to keep up with the latest hardware the software is more important to me.

    1. Faster isn’t a true statement. The S4 processor shows you don’t need 4 cores and can be just as fast.

      1. yes it is now.  The the 4 cores are more “future proof.”  If apps and jellybean start taking advantage of 4 cores, then Tegra’s numbers will jump handsomely.   Right now the extra cores are mostly twiddling their thumbs.

        1. Look up S4 benchmarks compared to Tegra 3.

          1. Ok thank you for not reading a word I said. I said S4 is beating it now, but quad core is more future proof once apps start taking advantage of 4 cores.

            The S4 should win now in a dual core world.

            Side note: I can’t wait ro see the S4 battery life on a 2650 batteey

          2. Not really. The S4 comes single core, dual core and quad core so it will always have an edge over tegra 3 since devices with quad core S4 will launch in the future ( next nexus?)

          3. Well yeah, but the quad core S4 is a complete different chip from the dual core S4. Since my Evo One X won’t be automatically upgrading from dual core to quad core with an OTA update. We can talk about processors that havent come out yet all day long. That wasn’t my point that something better might be on the way.

            I was simply stating that at this moment in time, some people see quad core phones as more future proof, because it competes with the S4 but some believe their potential is still untapped since nothing is really currently optimized for 4 cores.

            In other words, the S4 is better now, but the Tegra 3 has a higher ceiling, allegedly. So its understandable why one might want either of the two.

          4. I read it all. Like I said, look at the benchmarks http://www.anandtech.com/show/5563/qualcomms-snapdragon-s4-krait-vs-nvidias-tegra-3

          5. sigh… I don’t understand why you keep trying to tell me S4 is better than tegra 3 right now. Right now is not at all what i’ve been talking about. “it’s just not easy coming up with current apps that scale well to four ARM cores” that’s from your source. I have seen the benchmarks before, and I’m not even going to comment on the tfp’s resolution and screen size of being a factor, i know the s4 currently generally performs as well or better than the tegra 3 (although we won’t know exactly by how much until we see One X comparisons)… I said once 4 core applications become available, then tegra 3’s power won’t be as restricted. Meaning once the soft ware catches up to the hardware. Then it might be feasible to understand my someone would want a quad core device, especially if they anticipate this quad core optimization to be happening within jelly bean.

    2. My gf has a stock sprint galaxy s2 and I have a vzw gnex with aokp b29 and oc’d francos newest nightly kernel. If you had used both as much as I have, you’d see the exynos in the gs2 is FAR superior. That phone just refuses to hiccup or stutter on live wallpapers or games. Gnex gets real choppy with most live wallpapers and some games. That phone with stock aosp 4.0.4 would be amazing

      1. Your g-nex would die of boredom if it only had to push the 480×800 pixels that the s2 does

        1. not that ive ever owned a gs2, and i know display is a huge factor, but there is no denying the exynos moderately outlifts that omap.  I wish the exynos played nice with LTE, the Gnex would have been even more appealing.  

  5. Cool

  6. I’ve had this phone for four months…haha

    1. capped data

  7. Wow that’s cute Sprint is getting the GNex while the rest of the world waited for the SGS3.

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