Apr 3rd, 2012

With Sprint set to launch its first LTE handset in the coming weeks, it stands to reason that the Galaxy Nexus, which was announced alongside the LG Viper at CES, will follow shortly after. New training documents obtained by Engadget show that employees are already getting learned on the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich handset. The training covers all the basics from Android 4.0 to Google Wallet and is expected to be completed within the next couple of weeks. The timing suggests a late April launch. This lines up with previous leaks showing an April 22nd release date for Sprint’s version of the Galaxy Nexus.

Of note is mention of another LTE handset by the name of LG Fury within the training materials. It’s very possible that the name could be referring to the Viper while being confused with the recently released ZTE Fury. It seems likely that Sprint would release two handsets under the same name.

[via Engadget]

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