Mar 28th, 2012

Evernote has pushed a pretty major update to their Android app that will take voice notes to the next level. Using Google’s speech recognition suite users now have the option to transcribe voice input into text notes. At the very least it provides an easy way to search audio notes (the original recording remains pinned to the text note). Because it relies on Google’s service an internet connection is required to take advantage of the new functionality. Some users will be disappointed to learn that speech-to-text is only available on Android 4.0 devices and a few select other handsets.

Also receiving an update is Evernote’s separate widget app. The widget is now customizable with color, custom button, and note display options. A new “tiny widget” has also been introduced, occupying a single 1×1 tile and linked to a single Evernote function of the user’s choosing. What fans of Evernote will really like, though, is the new Quick Snapshot button, which launches the phone’s camera, snaps a photo, and saves it to Evernote.

You can grab the updated Evernote app with speech-to-text and the new widget from the Google Play Store now. Links are below.

Google Play Link: Evernote, Evernote Widget

[via Evernote]