Next generation Tweetdeck app in the works


Twitter’s latest innovations are not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you are an avid tweeter. But it seems like the popular social network is bringing some goodness for those that prefer the older interface. After acquiring Tweetdeck last year, the company has recently decided to release a new version of the Twitter client for Android and iOS.

We have no official details just yet. Tweetdeck has started looking for new team members, though. The job listing was posted recently, stating the following:

The TweetDeck team, working from London, is looking for new team members to work on our cutting edge Android app. We’re building the next generation of a suite of clients that millions of people love and use everyday. You’ll work on our small team, own the projects that you work on, and have a great time shipping products which change the way people communicate.

This will come as good news if you are not a fan of the official Twitter app. After its most recent changes, the Direct Message section has been hidden. The social network is now focusing on new adopters’ growth by focusing on the “Discover” section. Tweetdeck could be considered an official app, as well – It is now under Twitter’s ownership.

If you are not liking the hidden Direct Message section and random popular tweets, just sit tight. This Tweetdeck update should get started soon. The company seems to have already filled positions for the iOS team, and the Android team will should be ready soon.

But just out of curiosity – What do you guys think of the new Twitter setup? Do you prefer the older style, or are you liking the Discover section and new interface? Do you prefer the Twitter app, or Tweetdeck?

[Source: Twitter Via: TechCrunch]

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  1. Hard to go back to anything else once I found Twicca.

    ..yes, even Tweetdeck.

    1.  Does Twicca all you to not only post to Facebook, but read your feeds and comments on statutes and whatnot?

    2. Twicca’s OK, but lack of a ‘Conversation’ view is a serious deal-killer. There are too many occasions where it’s useful to track a thread, whether simply to refresh your memory or to track responses generated by somebody else’s tweets.

      On the desktop I use YoruFukurou.

      On my Droid X I use the modded version of TweetDeck…’TweakDeck’.


      1. Twicca does allow for a conversation view; all you have to do is tap a tweet and then tap “Show Conversation.”

  2. I have no problems with the new Twitter interface.
    The only drawback I noticed on my Android official Twitter app is that the Sync option is no longer working, niether with existing contacts nor “SyncAll”
    I hope TweetDeck has the sync working.
    I never tried it though ..HTC Sensation XE, Egypt

  3. I’ve been using TweetDark since the acquisition.  It seems to be more reliable and stable for me.

  4. love it on my phone but does not work well on a android tablet it is just an enlarged phone version i hope they make a tablet version like the chrome addon

  5. I used to use Tweetdeck, but since I found out about Tweakdeck it has been my app of choice for me!

  6.  I currently use Boid for Twitter, but if this is any good I’ll try using it.

  7. One word. “PLUME”

  8. Tweetdeck is great!!! Been using it since the days of my OGDroid1.. Very upset that when I want to tweet to a friend, or contact, I no longer have the option to choose the contact.
    Please fix this, and it will be the best app yet again!!!

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