Twitter Acquires TweetDeck for $40 Million


Twitter is currently in the process of buying up one of the biggest third-party Twitter applications, a move made to prevent UberMedia’s proposed acquisition of the company. UberMedia had it out to purchase TweetDeck for something around $30 million, but Twitter swooped in with a counter offer of cash and stock valued in the neighborhood of $40 to $50 million. Twitter feared the amount of leverage UberMedia would gain with control of their own Twitter client, especially one as popular as TweetDeck.

How the acquisition will affect the future of TweetDeck is unknown. We’d expect the app to continue side-by-side with the official Twitter app for the foreseeable future.

[via TechCrunch]

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  1. Hopefully Tweetdeck will stay as is. It is a fantastic client, and works well in Linux Mint.

  2. i hope they add more feature to it, but dont take out facebook haha

  3. They may change the name or fuse it with the official twitter app. Twitter bought twitte last year i tthink. They had the most popular ios and mac app. Twitter had the app took down bought the company and rereleased a week later twiiter for ios. A few months came twitter makes titter for mac to launch with the mac app store.

    Still i use twidryod on my phone.

  4. Tweetdeck is the best social media app out there. I hope Twitter doesn’t mess it up.

  5. Twitter will close Tweetdeck. This is a sad day.

    1. aint it the truth Ruth.

  6. If I were Twitter I would just rebrand Tweetdeck as the official Twitter app/client.

  7. There are nice features of both that I’d love to see combined…

  8. Love the PC version, but detest the android version. Plume is still my favorite.

  9. Wow I wouldn’t sell this to them. I mean for stock valued at 40million? Twitter doesn’t even make “real” money yet. What good is that crappy stock?

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