Feb 21st, 2012

The official Twitter app for Android was updated today bringing with it a few new functions and UI enhancements but not all Android devices will see the new improvements. All Android devices now receive a confirmation alert when you select “Find Friends,” to better find which friends in your contacts are on Twitter.

If you’re lucky enough to be using the Twitter app on a tablet or high-resolution Android device (like the Samsung Galaxy Note), you’ll be treated to the all new (yet old) swipe/long press function for replying, retweeting and favoriting your friends’ tweets without ever leaving your timeline. Why this new option isn’t available for lower/standard-resolution devices is anyone’s guess.

Devices running Android 4.0 get a better optimized version which is good because if you’re using something like the Galaxy Note running Gingerbread, the app is laggy as all heck (strangely buttery smooth on the GSII). Kindle Fire tablet owners now have access to the app with Nook Color users getting the app in their Nook Store on Thursday.

You can find the new and improved Twitter app for Android for free right now in the Android Market. Oh, and feel free to follow me for laughs and an all around good time (@Gamercore).

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