Keek for Android Updated With New Features and Enhancements


It wasn’t too long ago I told you guys about a fun video sharing service called Keek that focused on short, 30 second status update videos for sharing across multiple social networking site. Initially when I tried it out a few months ago, aside from being the oldest user on Keek, it was a tad buggy and some features found on their site, weren’t available in their app. But with today’s update, it seems they’ve changed much of those gripes along with adding much needed bug fixes and device compatibility. Here’s what’s new from Keek since I last visited it:

  • Watch Keeks from other users
  • Post text comments and “Keekbacks”
  • Follow and subscribe to other users
  • View profiles, following and subscribers
  • Search for Keeks and people
  • Share Keeks on Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr
  • Edit your Keeks and captions
  • Coming soon: My stream, Keekmail, private Keeks and more coming soon!

The developers also mentioned that a couple of new features are in the works like My Stream, Keekmail and private Keeks for you kinky little users out there. Again, the point of Keek is just to watch and post short video clips to let the people in your life know what you’re up to and what you’re thinking.. or you can just show everyone how cute Mr. Whiskers is being today. Here’s a quick video I shot today trying it out and the Google Play link can be found below.

[Google Play Link]

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  1. Your hair could kill! lol :)

  2. Not available for the Gnex! Pass!!

  3. What are you talking about. It works just fine on my Gnex.

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