TAG Heuer’s Racer Gives The Filthy Rich Another Luxury Android Smartphone


The battle for (unjustified) high-end luxury Android devices continues, this time with the latest from TAG Heuer dubbed the Racer. Taking design cues from Formula 1 cars, the device looks like a little closer to a weapon from Square’s Deus Ex than a luxury sports car although, apparently, it’s the materials that make it stand out. Carbon fiber and titanium can be found throughout and unlike Mobiado’s offering, the Racer is said to feature a “high speed processor” along with the “latest” Android software and Tag Heuer’s own customizable 3D interface.

Sounds intriguing but I wouldn’t grab your credit card just yet. This is more tailored to the Paris Hilton’s and CEO’s of the world than the average consumer, thanks to its hefty $3,680 price-tag. The device is set to launch this July in a variety of models, across various jewelers. I’m I the only one who finds a smartphone design like this dead sexy?


Chris Chavez
I've been obsessed with consumer technology for about as long as I can remember, be it video games, photography, or mobile devices. If you can plug it in, I have to own it. Preparing for the day when Android finally becomes self-aware and I get to welcome our new robot overlords.

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  1. I think smartphones like this won’t fair well until the product matures.  Right now each new version is so much more powerful than the previous version, why pay through the nose for an inferior product.  Soon when the variation from generation to generation is only slight, phones like these will proliferate.

    1. This is peanuts to millionaire/billionaires in Europe.. 

      1.  Agreed. A lot of them probably spend more on lunch some days.
        The ad was good, shame the phone is so fugly.

  2. Don’t like the design at all. I am more of a simple design person, probably why I love my GSII.

  3. awsome looking phone

  4. Cool phone. After I sell my kidney for one, I’ll have a built-in holster for it.

  5. Nice. For this price it better have the capabilities of multi tool from deus ex. Would be nice to hack security systems :P

  6. No, this is a nice device but its meant to be used as a status symbol. They under priced it. Maybe they should add a zero to the price and some stones on it and call the Racer Max.

  7. Looks nice but who wants to bet the damn thing is only running a 600 to 800 MHZ CPU and android 2.2.

  8. Gosh! This phone is awesome! I will buy buy it if I have that kind of spare money! 

  9. very ugly. Looks just like any of the Casio gzone phones or the new Caterpillar phone. Disgusting imho

  10. Tag Heuer is an entry-level wannabe brand!

    no multimillionaire or billionaire worth their salt would buy this monstrosity!

  11. That phone is hideous… sweet promo vid though.

  12. I’m confused. What is dead sexy? Is this some sort of a necrophilia? And just how can you find any inanimate object sexy? Do you have erotic fantasies about these devices? 

    And I thought I was weird. 

  13. Ehh… Nothing without a led flash is worth over $50 to me… I’m guessing it’ll have Gingerbread? I never even heard of TAG Heuer… I’ve heard of Tag Body Spray tho :-)

  14. THIS is how you advertise a product, Sony/Samsung/Asus/etc. Crappy phone but stellar ad. Stop showing of some pimpled douchebags taking videos of their pimpled girlfriends, or cracking stupid jokes at Facebook, or making idiots of themselves riding skateboards and mountain bikes .

  15. Tag makes some great watches.  I appreciate that they can venture out and try new things but a phone?  I have been to some functions for work and for charity and have never seen a wealthy person wield a device such as this. They didn’t get rich by making stupid investments in this here today and gone tomorrow technology.  I mean, they might have a flip phone, Iphone or an EVO but not a phone like this.  I don’t even think this phone would be in the hands of the Orange County Housewives. (I have seen a couple of episodes, my wife made me do it. lol)

  16. If only it came with one of their line of watches…..

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