Samsung denies Galaxy S III release date rumors, says watch Twitter for an official announcement


If insider reports that rumors of an April launch for the Galaxy S III are false aren’t quite convincing enough, the denial is now coming straight from the horse’s mouth. Samsung took to Twitter to clarify that the Galaxy S III’s release date is not yet set in stone, calling into question whether or not we will see the phone next month. The manufacturer’s statement doesn’t entirely rule out April as the month we will see the new flagship phone, but it is a reminder to not mark it down on your calendar just yet. As always, Samsung is promising the device will be announced during the first half of the year and close to the handset’s launch rather than months in advance. When that time comes Sammy is saying keep an eye on Twitter for the official details.

[via The Verge]

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  1. Did anybody really believe the “exclusive’ and “reliable” sources that BGR had???  A monkey throwing darts at a calendar has a better chance than BGR has at getting it right!!!

    1. Exactly why i stopped looking at BGR…They take engadget’s news and make it fake for themselves

      1. what a pooper.. good thing i dont have that site on my fav

      2. All these sites take other peoples news. Only a few sites like Engadget, Cnet and The Verge have real journalists/reporters. Not to throw down Phandroid, but sites like Phandroid and Androidandme basically just take articles from other sites and just re-post them on theirs. Look above, this article came from “The Verge.”

  2. Sammy is really pissing me off right now. The damn thing should have been anounced at MWC and it should have been awesome. I bet the reason for the wait is they have nothing they can add.

    This is feeling more and more like a Galaxy S II(S) everyday they wait. Don’t be an Apple, Samsung.

    1. Or they won’t release it any time soon, so no need to show it now and get everyone hyped and then make em wait 2-3 months.
      It will also hurt their sales of the GS2 and maybe Gnote if what they announce is SOOOO awesome that everyone will postpone their next smartphone purchase.

      1. People already ARE postponing their next purchase… the longer they wait the more people might look elsewhere (e.g. HTC One X)

    2. I disagree.  They have made this phone into a big deal.  I think they should be like Apple on this one… and call their own event so that the attention stays squarely on them, and not on whatever press conference is next and what shiney new gadgets they walk by on their way to that stage…

    3. Samsung has taken a lot of flak last year because of the delay between the announcement in february and the actual product release in may/june. They’ve already stated that they want to make an announcement closer to the release date. It will avoid last year’s debacle where everyone and their mother had some insider information about the GS2 being released in february/march/april/may.

  3. The later it comes out the better chance of the quad exynos processor.

    1. Agreed! It should come later!! (especially cause my contract ends in october ^_^)

  4. Having seen what HTC did with Sense 4.0 last week, I hope TouchWiz is also as ‘light touch’

    1. That’s what was promised by Samsung. Let’s hope they deliver.

  5. It’s probably a lot harder forcing Touchwiz on top of ICS than they thought. 

  6. I don’t think this phone even exists

  7. but I want an Umpa Lumpa now!!!

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