Samsung updates 5-inch Galaxy Player 70 with dual-core CPU and 5MP camera


After announcing the Galaxy Player 4.2 last week, Samsung is updating another member of their media player family. The 5-inch Samsung Galaxy Player 70 (Galaxy Player 5.0) has been given a ‘Plus’ designation after receiving a dual-core processor and 5MP camera in South Korea. A few region-specific apps have also been added to the fray, including Kakao Talk for messaging with other Galaxy Play 70 Plus and smartphone users alike. It doesn’t sound like the device receives a bump in OS version throughout the process. We won’t get an Ice Cream Sandwich media player just yet. The Samsung Galaxy Player 70 Plus will be available in 16GB and 32GB models selling for 399,000 won and 469,000 won respectively.

[via SammyHub]

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  1. ‘399,000 won and 469,000 won’

    How much is that in real money?

    edit: 348.8527 US dollars – 419.5177 US dollars

    1.  Real money? You mean in Brazilian?

  2. 399 dollars and 469 dollars I believe.

  3. ICS and I’m in.  Tired of waiting for new iTouch revision.  Come to US please?

  4. This looks pretty awesome, wonder what type of screen it has? Hopefully they still kept the sd slot

  5. Still no large capacity memory ….. still no sale.

  6. I want won.

  7. I just got a Galaxy Note or I’d be all over this.  Hopefully they up the resolution too and get a good iPod competitor out there.  

  8. Is This Coming to Tmobile

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