Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S III not coming next month, after all


As it usually goes, rumors for the Samsung Galaxy S III have been coming and going. The latest was reported yesterday, when ZDNet cited its sources to say that the Galaxy S III would be released in April, after a March announcement. But today, Korean website MT is citing a Samsung Official, assuring us that this is not happening.

The source goes on to mention that the company hasn’t yet decided when this highly anticipated device is coming. But it is surely not coming during the “fourth month of the year.” This pretty much leaves us where we have been all along.

We have no idea what is going on with this device. As always, though, we can expect it to be quite the superphone. So, let’s continue to sit around and wait for Sammy to get things started on the Galaxy S III. Are any of you starting to save your cash to sign up for this bad boy?

[Source MT Via: UnwiredView]

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  1. It’s sad but it seems to be true that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will NOT come in April!

  2. probably true, but at the same time they would say this regardless of if it were true or not, if they were to admit that it even MIGHT be coming in april all sales of GSII would stop immediately, so I’m choosing to ignore both sides of the story, i don’t believe it will release next month, but i also don’t believe a samsung rep when he says its not

  3. I just got the S2 not too long ago, but you can be sure the S3 will be replacing it as soon as it comes to Telus. Might take that opportunity to get my daughter a plan, and hand down my S2. I’m sure she’d love it.

  4. Based on what happened with the Galaxy Tab 2, I suspect Samsung is going to drop the ball AGAIN with this phone.

    Where has the innovation gone? Where is the “iPad 2 is way better than our design so lets redesign it in 3 weeks to beat it”, even ASUS is kicking Samsung’s ass on hardware!

    What the hell is a rebadged Galaxy Tab doing masquerading as a Galaxy Tab 2?! Maybe it’s a joke? Better be!

    1.  OR maybe it’s a low-end tablet? The model number (P5100) suggests so (the original Tab 10.1 is P7500). Samsung hasn’t shown us their high-end stuff yet.

  5. Hopefully they’ll release it before the iphone 5.

    1. They are waiting to release after iPhone 5, coz at least they can see what iPhone5 dont have, so Samsung make it happen to it’s Samsung Galaxy S3

      1. Doubtful. Do you know how much time and money it takes to invest in R&D, testing, design, manufacturing, etc. of a product, let alone a smartphone? If they waited until the iPhone 5 came out so they could decide what they would need to include in the GS3 in order to top the next iPhone, we probably wouldn’t see the GS3 until close to 2013.

  6. Is that a new mock up for the S3? Like it!

  7. I see Samsung releasing the GS3 in August or September. By then, their AMOLED Plus HD screen will be ready and their A15 quad core exynos will be too.

    1. uhh, well… That probably won’t happen.
      A15 quad core exynos? What have you been smoking sir?

  8. Yes indeed !

  9. DUUUUUHHHHHH!!!  the galaxy S II hasn’t been out long enough to be talking about releasing the Galaxy SIII. The whole time i was saying whatever to this rumor

    1. It came late in the US but its been out almost a year overseas and by today’s standards that’s an eternity.

      1. Yeah however development of a successor wouldn’t come so quick.

        1. Yeah, no one could release a new top-end phone on a one one-year cycle, eh, TBN ;-)

          1. Many variations of the same phone of course but really do count the years between the debut of the Galaxy S and the Galaxy SII.

          2.  But we’re not talking S to S2. S2 to S3 is the point.

          3. My point is that it will be another year before the GS Iii will arrive.

  10. Lol gotta love rumors, and ppl who get wet from them.

  11. htc one series are coming with a dedicated imaging chip thus pictures/images seem to look sharp & clear from a number of youtubes seen….htc one x is coming w/ a quad-core and 4,7′ inch screen and of course quality build… hopefully sgs3 will top that….am not picking up one of those htc devices coz htc batteries tend to disappoint based on my experience w/ htc hero & desire hd…sgs overall, despite only avg build quality & average looking hardware is the best android device…my sgs2 battery is great altho only 1650 and performance is surprisingly stable..as stable as iphone4 which i happen to have too…

  12. any news when ics is coming to sgs2…thought this early march ???

  13. Jaw…when it comes to new tech …everyone has plans… designs for months and years. They, plain ahead…like Steve did before he died…

  14. My wife and I are frustrated Droid X owners, dying to get a new phone. Even with that, we’re committed to waiting for the SGS3.

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