Samsung Galaxy S III To Launch In April? [Rumor]


Another day, another Android rumor. This time, ZDNet Korea is reporting that the Samsung Galaxy S III, after being unveiled sometime this month, will be launching in April — as in, of this year — in an attempt to gain a foothold against the iPhone 5’s release. These sources come from Samsung’s marketing and advertising agency, Cheil Worldwide, who is planning for a marketing blitz in the UK to coincide with this year’s summer Olympics, in London, England. We’ll have to wait to see how this pans out but it seems like rather short notice to us.

The UK will be one of the first markets to receive the GSIII, so it all makes sense in some sort of weird way. Earlier reports said Samsung was planning for a simultaneous global release of the phone but not sure how accurate that could be given the vigorous testing phase US carriers like to put devices through on their networks. What do you guys think? Too soon? Or will you start saving up your pennies now?


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  1. this and MAYBE the one x are the only non nexus devices i would touch with a 10 ft pole

    1. Yep, same as me. But i really like where the quallcomm chips are headed.

      1. hey if you don’t like it don’t worry they release a phone a month at this point…. Samsung, “we don’t always make decent phones but when we do we make thirty more and put the same name on it.”
        stay galaxy3 s epic touch skyrocket 4g 2 hd my friends.

        1. Lmaoo

          1. Laughing my ass off off????

          2. it was laughed off, he put it back on and it subsequently was laughed off again? Everything seems to be in order here. lolol

        2. Epic Touch isn’t a refresh though. It’s a carrier variant, so your point is moot. If you said GS Ace, GS+, etc etc.. that would make a lot more sense.

          1. “we make thirty more and put the same name on it.”
            only implies samsung phone with galaxy name somewhere in it.

          2. That’s their branding. It sells, and extremely well. Why do you think HTC is following suit? (with this One mumbo jumbo)

        3. Stop trying so hard it’s embarrassing.

        4. That is carrier branding you idiot.

          1. meh it was a simple joke pointing out the high number of models by way of sarcasm but I am enjoying all the butthurt please continue displaying your ignorance and inability to process thought.

          2. It just wasn’t funny, dude. 

    2. Whats wrong with the One S?

      1. My only issue with the S is that it needs the same pogo pins and NFC that the X will have. My issue with the X is that it’s too f’n big.

  2. Already started saving.  whenever it drops in the U.S.  I’ll be ready.  I’m getting tired of my GS 1

    1. hold the horses – let me get my s2 first….

    2. Same here, my GS1 is getting a bit long in the tooth, even with ICS, will really need an upgrade soon

  3. hope not! my galaxy note was just delivered today!

  4. And I’m guessing it will make its way to US carriers around September, or October. Importing unlocked devices FTW!

  5. I have a special little part of my bank account just for this :)

  6. Its my understanding the new strategy is to release it simultaneously to all carriers this go around like the iphone.

    1. My hope is they treat it like that as well. No carrier branding, no bloatware. 

      1. That would be great but it ain’t gonna happen… carriers have too much power and Samsung, despite being the market leader, doesn’t have the clout to dictate terms to the carriers like Apple did. I hate Apple but I really am amazed at some of the stuff they are able to do. Imagine a company that had Apple’s weight and Google’s innovation and “Don’t be evil” mentality (although not quite as altruistic as they once were). That would be utopia…

  7. God i have been burned by 3 crappy Samsung devices with bad software support and weak radios, but if this thing actually looks like the picture, Bezel less and all, I might have to break my no more Samsung pledge. D@$& you Samsung.

    1. you just got samsunged

      1.  I got samsunged too.  4 crappy phones.  If I get samsunged again, I am pressing charges.

    2. I feel the same way……my deal breaker would be a huge battery like the Maxx though…..that’s my biggest feature in my next phone (and NFC)

  8. It’s never too early for great tech! I’ve got an upgrade in May…I skipped the SGSII for this phone.

  9. Phone won’t come out until June or so. Reflect back on the nexus launch or even bionic. Any hyped device for us carriers is delayed. Not buying into this shit and getting my hopes up.

  10. It won’t launch here in April.  Just like the other Galaxy phones.  I bet it won’t be in the US until the 4th Quarter

    1. As long as they have a pentaband I’ll import it.

  11. I want Samsung to release the GS3 in the US within a month after its European release.

  12. It probably will not be available in the states until after the London Olypmics are over..I wouldnt mind waiting and definitely worth watching Samsung trying to stick it to the men at Apple..

  13. these devices never come out on time, so I guess Sprint won’t come out with any phone until June-ish?

    1. GNex will have to be out before they release the new EVO. I think they know that much.

  14. I read that Samsung stated that they would be releasing the SIII worldwide at the same time or within days of one another.  Of course that will probably still leave out the U.S. since carriers run the show here. 

  15. …if it isnt 28nm tech its a flop

    1.  Shut up.

      1.  Seriously.

  16. My GNex isn’t even a week old but I want this phone now!

  17. If the phone dimensions are very large then this is not the must have phone for me, there maybe 1 phone that can compete with this though & that might be the Motorola Atrix 3 with a possibly smaller dimensions that this which will be a bonus.

  18. To soon! I’m still enjoying my Epic Touch, and Sprint will probably release the GNexus in April so I very highly doubt that a GS3 will come sooner than fall!

  19. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

  20. Please have a 4.7in variant… 

  21. They need to do everything in their power to release it before the iPhone5 so people won’t be able to chant the stupid “copied Apple” mantra everywhere.

    1.  But Apple invented everything.  Even inventing.

      1. you’re going to be sued for copyright infringement by Apple for using their name

    2. Meh, they’ll say that regardless of when it’s released. Apple fanboys and reality aren’t on speaking terms.

  22. I hope the U.S version will be quad core. With the One X trading out it’s quad core Tegra 3 because it couldn’t support LTE, and Huawei now stepping in the same direction with it’s D line, I’m hoping this ‘either quad core or LTE’ dilemma doesn’t extend to the GS3 Exynos processor. Crossing my fingers for quad core LTE capability.

  23. I hope the U.S version will be quad core. With the One X trading out it’s quad core Tegra 3 because it couldn’t support LTE, and Huawei now stepping in the same direction with it’s D line, I’m hoping this ‘either quad core or LTE’ dilemma doesn’t extend to the GS3 Exynos processor. Crossing my fingers for quad core LTE capability.

    1. Samsung uses VIA Telecom for its LTE radios. So I have hope that they will be able to utilize their Exynos with Verizon’s LTE.

      ATT LTE phones currently seemed to be stuck with Qualcomm for now.

  24. U.S. wont see this thing til summer at the earliest. I was gonna stick it out til the next GNEX but after seeing the note I don’t think its possible.

  25. “Testing Phase”…. Is that the new code word for “slathering on the bloatware”?

    1. lol..I think so!

  26. Quad Core with sammy gpu and zero bezel 1080p screen  4G LTE GARUNTEED

    water proof and world phone capable im hoping.  Only so many crazy new things can be added to these phones.

  27. They really need to do simultaneous release everywhere and not allow name changes.  GS3.  The end.  

  28. You’re missing out on some of THE best Android devices that have been released, but hey whatever keeps you happy

  29. I think I should just wait till my upgrade in July before I check phandroid again. If I could do that, which I highly doubt., the phone I would be reading about would be amazinggggggg

  30. thats a sexy lookin phone, no point buyin the GN with this right around the corner

  31. Ok i dont remember if it was a rumor or said by samsung concerning the world wide release, but if it is a worldwide release in April I wonder if that gives enough time to stick the Exynos Quad in it.

  32. I think I’ll just wait for Motorola to make the next Nexus with a full QWERTY. Oh? Did I give Google a little hint there? =.P

    This phone is coming out to fast. I wanted to try the Galaxy Note, but there isn’t an equivalent on Sprint. I hope the GS3 is as large as the Galaxy Note and has that stylus for writing. A tabla-phone would be nice to have. Need the tablet for notes and the phone for phoning.
    I lyk that. “Tabla-phone”. How bout that?

  33. Google would never put a qwerty keyboard on a Nexus. And motorola will not make the next nexus. That’s either going to be Samsung or HTC

  34. I hope this rumor is true my N1 is getting dated. But I don’t really believe in rumors when it comes to Google or Apple stuff, there is just too much hype and everyone wants to know something so far they were as good as never true. I like the Photoshop in the pic though hope it looks similar.

  35. I’ll wait till their official press conference it’s too early. 

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