Video: Augmented reality at its finest, soon to take a bigger leap


While augmented reality has been part of the mobile industry for quite some time, it hasn’t taken off. While we were busy drooling over the hottest new gadgets, companies like Aurasma and Total Immersion were showcasing the future of augmented reality. And we must say, it looks amazing.

TechCrunch’s Jay Donovan managed to stop by both companies’ booths, and has some video for your viewing pleasure. The first comes from Aurasma, and it displays augmented reality-powered advertising at its greatest. After pointing your camera at a poster, the picture becomes a playing video on the device’s screen.

We are rather impressed by how seamless and fluid the demo looks. Imagine walking around the mall, and seeing demos or demonstrations of products without even walking into a store. Or handing out textbooks with video available for students.

The second video is about Total Immersion’s technology. This demo seems more like a fun one, rather than one that displays the functionality of such features. What makes this augmented reality app more surprising is how smooth it runs on an Android tablet’s OMAP processor.

The app puts accessories on your face, making it seem like you are wearing a helmet, hat or sunglasses. This is nothing new, but it is impressive how smooth it was. The accessories followed and turned with your head perfectly, as the user moves.

As mentioned, the possibilities of such technology are endless. And we are reaching the point at which it is efficient enough to start using it in our daily lives. As it becomes a much more productive form of communication, we will surely start seeing some posters and billboards with augmented reality videos.

[Via: TechCrunch 1, 2]

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  1. Nintendo has done some cool stuff packed in their Nintendo 3DS. Some play cards where a dragon comes busting out of whatever you have the card laying on. It morphs the ‘terrain’ the card is laying on al in real time. Very cool! My counter top became a volcano with lava flowing out of it! Lighting is the only draw back to this stuff. The cameras have to have good lighting to pull off the magic.

  2. this is so freaking cool 
    i bet apple gonna steal this idea and makes everyone believe that they invented itwatch 

    1. idk. While it sounds like Apple would, these guys aren’t really content providers, they just designed the software to do it. Apple isn’t really much of a content provider either, even Siri is powered by WolframAlpha and not their own data. 

      Google on the other hand has the power and means to make this come to life. Imagine, as an advertiser, if you could put billboards, signs, or posters up then upload a video to Google Adsense that would replace them for anyone using this. Eventually with in-car HUDs, glasses, phones, etc.. this type of thing is going to be extremely powerful. 

      Imho, this company needs to stay it’s own and just partner with Apple/Google/Microsoft/BMW/etc. (with no exclusivity agreements) to provide the content and what not. This type of technology has near endless potential… 

      Just a (probably very) futuristic example:

      Let’s say we combined both of them and managed to get them onto some Android powered shades. With “cloud computing” (or depending on how powerful a computer we can fit in the glasses) you could literally be looking at a full blown computer that isn’t there. A keyboard, and Monitor could be displayed as if it was in front of you… you could even interact with it like a normal computer, but in reality there’s nothing there. It would be able to detect your hand movements to know what you’re typing and to see where you touched on the screen. How’s that for a portable computer?

  3. I’d wait for augmented reality until Google releases their goggles.

  4. can anyone tell me if this actually worjs  its not very believable and if it does work i doubt its flexible

    1. It does work,

      we are using it commercially… 

      We are at the Gadget show live working with a hard ware company and we are also making headway in entertainment and corporate sales of content and app production.

      There is some real rubbish AR around at the moment though the problem is that a number of companies are doing it but not very well which could ruin the whole development of AR because the consumer becomes jaded by inferior content.

  5. Unfortunately she was also ‘augmented’

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