ROM: Virtuous S4X – First Android 4.0, Sense 4.0 ROM


If you are an HTC user with a passion for custom ROMs, this might be one of the most exciting news in a while. We have just seen the HTC One series and HTC Sense 4 being announced at Mobile World Congress. It will be a while before these phones hit the streets. But if you do not feel like waiting, the virtuousROM team has recently released Virtuous S4X, with Android 4.0.3 and Sense 4.0.

The ROM is based on an HTC Endeavor (HTC One X) leaked RUU (0.96.401.2), and is available for the HTC Sensation and GSM HTC EVO 3D. There are many bugs, but it seems like the ROM can perform most essential tasks. The guys from MobileSyrup have put together a video, in which the ROM is shown in all its Sense 4.0 glory.

It runs rather smoothly, so it might be a good ROM to try out. Of course, there is the usual disclaimer: Rooting and installing custom ROMs may void your warranty and/or affect the functionality of your device. Do your research and follow all steps carefully as the responsibility would fall solely on your hands if something goes wrong.

With that out of the way, adventurous users can head over to XDA Developers and take a look at the ROM. All the details are listed there, so flash away! Are any of you trying out this custom ROM?

[Source: XDA Developers Via: MobileSyrup]

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  1. Funny cuz i just threw HyperNonsense on my sensation this morning. might give this a whirl. had Insertcoin for so long i got bored.

  2. Just wanted to say that they stole a lot of it from TripNRaver’s Sense 4.0 Sensation ROM, he should get the credit.

  3. Yay. Another bugged kitchen rom for the sensation.

  4. I am using Virtuous Inquisition v30 and I must tell you it is very stable and is De-sensed. As close to stock ICS as you can get using a Sense framework. Very stable and seems faster than my GNex running stock ICS 4.0.2.

  5. wow leave it to HTC, and Motorola to ruin any iteration of android. Wish Google would make more guidelines or terms of use for OEMS that would stop them from ramming there shit software down users throughts.

    1. I suggest you look at leaks for the RAZR and HTC Ville and try again. Moto.. if what leaked holds up…. is moving towards and looking more like stock. HTC with Sense UI is looking more like Sense UI.

      I like the custom UI’s tho….but folks that love stock Android my be surprised at what Moto does with ICS on their Blur phones.

    2. here is a tip: Don’t like HTC? Don’t buy them or root! Otherwise shut up and deal with it. Google is “open” if you want a more “closed” experience then Apple is the choice for you.

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