Beats Audio now unofficially available for all Android devices


One of HTC’s latest boasting material is the fact that its devices exclusively come with Beats Audio integration. But users are simply out of the loop if they are not HTC device owners. XDA Developers member RockoDev has just solved this issue, porting the Beats Audio software to all non-HTC devices.

Granted, the software probably won’t work as well as it does with HTC devices. But it will surely bring some sound improvements to your tunes. Users are reporting great audio quality, with better bass and much clearer sound.

HTC brought some improvements to Beats Audio with its newest UI overlay, HTC Sense 4.0. The software now allows third-party apps to take advantage of Beats Audio’s improved sound quality. And the API is available for all developers that want to jump in.

Users will need to have root access in order to flash the Beats Audio software, so the usual disclaimer applies. Doing this may void your warrant and/or harm your device. Do this at your own risk, as no one but you is held liable in case anything goes wrong.

If you are still feeling like improving your music experience, head over to the XDA Developers site for more details. Also, check out the developer’s video, which walks you through the process of flashing the software.

[Source: XDA Developers Via: Android Central]

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    Beats is the anti-feature.

  2. Thank you, btw I don’t see the link to the stand you have on that device.

    1. You could always ask QBKing. He isn’t related to Phandroid (as far as I know) but he may have a review of the case on his channel.

  3. Be sure you nandroid, It sounded like crap on my sgs2, any app with an eq is better worth your time.

  4. What is the basis for this article’s characterization of Beats Audio sound tweaks as “improvements”?  What can software do except corrupt the digital representation of the source material?  Hyped bass is not an improvement unless the listener likes hyped bass.

    1. sorry, but eq software can’t “corrupt” music files.   It doesn’t rewrite or screw with music files.   What’s corrupt is your thinking.  Also, there is no such thing as “hyped bass”.   

      1.  He didn’t say it corrupted the music files. The software must change the music and in doing so, it is very likely to lose detail (i.e. corrupt) and change the balance (i.e. hyped bass).

        EQ is in general nonsense. Really good Hi-Fi equipment doesn’t have a graphical equaliser, because the only thing EQ does is distort the sound. If you’re using poorer hardware (and all phones do) then this distortion may counter some of the hardware distortion but the ideal is to just put out the source audio untouched.

  5. Placebo… If you go to the thread, there are people with proof that it does nothing. You just want it to sound better so you think it does. People running into big problems too, just not worth it. Before people actually got it working, everyone was saying how much better their music sounded, when in reality, nothing changed on their phone.

    1. not placebo, hook your headphone jack up to an audio source with EQ display bars and compare the difference, more bass at the very low end

  6. Meh, despite what I’ve read about placebo effects, I can’t help but notice more bass on my ET4G with decent isolation earbuds. This is evident only with really deep bass, pounding beat, etc. If it wasn’t for isolation buds, I doubt I could tell. I’m not a fan of Beats mostly because it’s really just a marketing gimmick that merely changes your EQ settings.

    1. people still say “meh”?

      1. Meh…

          1.  Don’t be a hater!

          2. Even without posting my picture, people still call me emo… T_T

            You’re just jealous of my hair. =P

  7. Beats audio is just about the software? Really? I always thought it was hardware based in addition to software, a better sound processing chip or something like that.

    1. You’d think that, but of course Monster/HTC would fuck up there along the way.

  8. Mehh I believe android phones in general aren’t too music sound quality savvy. I don’t want to bash on android or anything but the two best types of music phones are either an iPhone or a Sony Ericsson. Simply put, for me a phone is a phone and a music player is a music player. That’s why in addition to an android phone (Droid RAZR) I use an iPod touch. My two main reasons are sound quality and battery life. I have seen people with iPhones using iPod touches probably because of battery life. There are some people who can’t afford another device and some who just use their phone. Being SOMEWHAT of an audiophile I have an iPod touch but no, I don’t wear them beats. My setup is with a pair of Westone 3s with comply foam ear tips. IPod touch+Westone 3s+Comply Foam Ear Tips=Thumping Bass that would put a pair of Beats by Dre to shame.

    1. Beats seem like a gimmick. Although my thunderbolt with dsp effects and Bose in-ear earphones blows away my iPod touch. Even with the Bose too.

  9. I have the sensation with 3.0 do I have to wait till i get sense 4.0 to have this. I dont want to root my phone to get this app… I dont see it currently on my phone now. Or do I have to get it from the sense hub or whatever

  10. This absolutely does not work. Even on phones that come with it, it only works in the HTC music player. You can flash the files, but you are wasting your time.

  11. why would i want beats on my phone?

  12. LG Thrill with my Klipsch S4A’s is all I need!

  13. Beats is definitely for real. I can’t get PowerAmp or ProPlayer equalizer settings to sound as good as Beats on my Rezound playing on my Bose stereo in my car. It also has music sounding better than my iPod Touch (and I bought the equalizer app too since the stock equalizer is garbage).

    The iBeats headphones to me don’t sound as clear as my Sennheiser in-ear headphones, but I use the music more in my car than on headphones anyways…

  14. works on OG droid

  15. I have installed this on my N1 and have seen no problems. Will  be performing a wave comparison to test if it is actually doing anything, good or bad.

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