Mar 3rd, 2012

The Android operating system currently controls the smartphone market, but the Search Giant has just broken another special record. According to StatCounter, the Android browser has just become the most used mobile browser, beating Opera at 22.67% (against 21.7%).

It is interesting to see how many users are utilizing third-party browsers. Such can offer great features and functionality, but we would assume that the general consumer doesn’t put much attention to that. As expected, Android and Opera are followed by the iPhone, Nokia, and Blackberry browsers. The iPhone, rests at 21.06%, while the rest of the browser are down by at least half of the percentage.

There are still many users to convert to Android, and with over 850 thousand activations a day, this number is bound to grow quickly. Especially with Chrome being introduced to Android, which happens to be the most popular browser for PCs, after Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

[Source: StatCounter Via: Tom’s Guide]

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