Google files for motion-based gestures patent; control your device hands-free


If there is anything Google has learnt with the patent wars is to file for everything as soon as an idea starts to be implemented. And the latest patent filing from the Search Giant is looking very promising. The idea behind it is motion-based gestures, in which one can control a device without directly interacting with it.

It would be much like Xbox Kinect, in which one can perform certain tasks via gestures. The camera will be able to detect gestures such as taps, hovering and swypes. These would all be programmed to carry out a command, allowing you to take control of your device hands-free.

We have seen similar technology in the past, coming from Pantech. The manufacturer implemented a touch-less gesture system into its Pantech Vega LTE, bringing similar features to its customers.

Just imagine being able to answer the phone by hovering your hand over the camera, or making a call straight with the aid of hands-free gestures and voice controls. Sounds like a great concept, and we hope that Google does something with this idea.

Who knows, they might even be thinking of integrating it to Google Assistant. That might be taking it a bit far, but it is not completely an impossibility. The Pantech Vega LTE demonstration is posted below, just so you can see how said technology could work. Also, hit the source link for more details, and let us know what you think. Are you ready to see this technology coming to your nearest Android device?

[Source: Patent Bolt Via: Droid Life]

Edgar Cervantes

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  1. isnt that what a touch screen is for…? I’ll never use this. Just another party trick like thing.

    1. well, why would you want to get you screen all dirty if you dont need to.. im sure it will come in handy when you begin to eat those chicken wings and you receive a text…

  2. Maybe if you were cooking and had your hands dirty you could still navigate through your cooking app. Or if you were watching por… nevermind.


    2. can we upvote this as the most relevant comment?

    3.  I doubt you’ll get much resale value from your phone.

  3. “If there is anything Google has learned with the patent wars is to file for everything as soon as the idea comes to mind.”

    Quick note on patent law, ideas can’t be patented. The only thing you can patent is a “method.” The distinction becomes a bit fuzzy with software, but there it is.

    1. It is the first one to create a working model.

  4. Working on the car with greasy hands and someone calls.

  5. Really good idea for cars and games. And it should solve the hovering problem when you mouseover a link.

  6. Though we already had this from Google.

  7. Forget Siri, this is the thing we need

  8. “Mobile Appications” lol, typos are common everywhere.  They can even be found in Google patent filings, apparently.

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