Feb 7th, 2012

The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. We’ve been longing for a Google Chrome browser on Android for quite some time, and while the default browser has been outstanding we are excited for all of the potential benefits of having a fully-fledged Chrome browser on our phones.

Bookmark sync is back from the stock Android 4.0 browser but we’ve now got the ability to sync history, improved search suggestions and the ability to bring all of your tabs over to mobile in case you need to leave your desktop computer and take your browsing sessions with you. You can even open an unlimited amount of tabs, something that users are usually limited on.

It’s based directly on the Chromium project that Chrome is built from so you’re getting the same rendering engine (always have, really) and the same base code for your phone and tablets that you have on your desktop.

Unfortunately this one’s only for Android 4.0 or higher devices but if you fit the bill, check out the beta here. Remember to submit any feedback you have to make sure the public release goes as smooth as possible. Take a look at the video from Google above.