Google Chrome for Android Beta Now Available [Video, Android 4.0+ Only]


The moment you’ve all been waiting for is finally here. We’ve been longing for a Google Chrome browser on Android for quite some time, and while the default browser has been outstanding we are excited for all of the potential benefits of having a fully-fledged Chrome browser on our phones.

Bookmark sync is back from the stock Android 4.0 browser but we’ve now got the ability to sync history, improved search suggestions and the ability to bring all of your tabs over to mobile in case you need to leave your desktop computer and take your browsing sessions with you. You can even open an unlimited amount of tabs, something that users are usually limited on.

It’s based directly on the Chromium project that Chrome is built from so you’re getting the same rendering engine (always have, really) and the same base code for your phone and tablets that you have on your desktop.

Unfortunately this one’s only for Android 4.0 or higher devices but if you fit the bill, check out the beta here. Remember to submit any feedback you have to make sure the public release goes as smooth as possible. Take a look at the video from Google above.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Isn’t Flash built into Chrome?  Does this mean we’ll see Flash in Android Phones/Tablets beyond ICS?

    1. In ICS videos are automatically handled with the stock video player, so the only thing flash is really used for are buttons and whatnot, which are rare.

  2. Does this let me watch Hulu without paying extra for the mobile site?

    1. No, Hulu requires Adobe Flash. Adobe has stated they will not be releasing a version of Flash for Chrome for Android.

  3. Anyone else not able to get the tab sync to work?

    1. Took a while, but it eventually synced.

      1. Works fine on mine

  4. I’m so glad to see this but kind of disappointed at the same time.  mainly being the fact that its only Android 4.0, and currently me and my Galaxy S2 (E4GT) will have to wait 

  5. Now my GSII wishes it had ICS.  Hurry up Samsung/T-Mobile.

    1. YA NO DOUBT! 

  6. I don’t see any way to load the desktop version of a website.  Anyone else see how to do it?

  7. US only?

    Not available in NL Market …

  8. why is this not available worldwide?
    Can’t install it in my Galaxy Nexus in Portugal… do I have to make a trip to USA?

  9. Doesn’t autofit text when pinch to zooming and double tapping. Not good. Also, no render in desktop (force).

  10. Yeah. Tab sync isn’t working for me either.

    1. it works on my sgn. 

      edited: just tested again, still working fine.

  11. Typing this on my chrome beta. I love you keyboard predictions :) it’s finally back!

  12. No desktop mode = fail!

  13. what about all of us not on 4.0?

    1. Buy a new phone I suppose..

      1. Or install CM9 :D

    2.  its beta, its not meant for mass consumers.

  14. Can’t be installed in your country….
    What.. the fuck Google…

  15. So.. now there are two browser for Android made by Google. A bit confusing, eh?

  16. Unfortunate chrome has stopped…all I get!

    1. Thanks bud! 

  17. doesn’t load anything but a blank screen with tabs up top. evo 4G 4.0.3

  18. meh…. works and looks great on my galaxy nexus.  but i like the quick controls and full screen look of stock or the ICS+ browser.  nice though…

  19. I want this in my 3.1 tablet
    the bookmarks sync does not work!

    1.  it wasn’t working for me at first too.
      go into the settings. sign out of chrome (on your phone) and then sign back in. that fixed it for me.

  20. It’s a beta people….  calm down.

  21. I’ve been using it for a few minutes now and I think it’s great. I’ve been waiting forever for this and now we have a beta! Very fast and kicks ass on the Microsoft html5 tests. I’m very excited to watch this blossom.

  22. I’ve got it on my Galaxy Nexus and Transformer Prime and IT. IS. AMAZING!!! Its BY FAR the best mobile browser I’ve used! The shared tabs across my phone, tablet and PC are a wonder to behold!

  23. Hmmmm… this makes me antsy.

    Are any of the ICS ports for the EVO stable enough to be used as a daily ROM yet?

  24. We NEED add ons! Please google!

    BTW this shit is fucking fast! Layot on phone doesn’t look much like chrome as stock ICS browser does but this is fast!

  25. This thing is FAST!

  26. This app is sweet. Links right to my Desktop and its super fast. Just made my Galaxy Nexus so much better


      1.  we heard you the first time dude. relax.


  28. Is there any way to send tabs to your phone except vice versa? How exactly should the tab sync work? Like as soon as I open a page on my desktop a new tap with the same page should open on my phone?

  29. *send pages to your desktop from your phone

  30. My Feedback?

    Bullshit. Why no support for 2.3?

  31. is this going to be available only for ics ? what about honeycomb? or froyo gingerbread?

    not all android devices are/would be updated to ics! google come on! 

  32. How can I close the browser so when I open it back up it doesn’t show the last page I was on?

  33. Those in countries outside of the USA maybe market enabler will allow you to perform the download.

  34. As I wrote in my TechStrat report — this is simple huge. Both from a technology standpoint as well as from an investment standpoint.


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