Samsung leaked image portrays upcoming Galaxy Tab and phones with projectors


And for another round of leaks, we have a few devices coming from Samsung. This image comes from BestBoyz, who have gotten a glimpse of a few devices ahead of Monday’s Samsung announcement. We have three devices, which include a tablet (GT-P5100) and two smartphones.

The Galaxy Tab looks much like the 10.1N, which was designed after Sammy lost a patent lawsuit against Apple. It has a bezel that extends to the front of the tablet, and speaker grills on each side. We do not yet know the specs, but it looks like this tablet will have Android 4.0 and a 10.1-inch display. Odds are that it will have a dual-core processor, but Samsung may very well surprise us with some quad-core goodness.

If we move on to the smartphones, we will notice that they are not exactly the best looking, and odds are that the specs are parallel to the aesthetics. But there is one little detail that calls our attention. It seems like one of the smartphones has a projector built-in (unless it is a very bad-looking camera or flashlight). This might be great for those that would like to watch movies or play games on the go.

We are sure more details will come during Samsung’s Mobile World Congress presentation, so stay tuned. But tell us, would you guys want a projector built into your smarpthone?

[Source: BestBoyz Via: SammyHub]

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  1. Phones with projectors? That won’t be going anywhere… Not only would it have horrible battery life, it would be pretty chunky to hold…

    1. Agreed, Samsung has already given projectors on a phone a go already. The Galaxy S Beam was a disaster with only 15k sold and it’s not supported past Eclair . Quite a few people having white spots on their projectors which can only be repaired if sent back to Singapore (Only place it was released)

      1.  Wow how did that not get a released in the US? I never heard of the beam. How can you say that phone went nowhere. Its the GS1 with a  projector. Had my carrier released it I would have had it. Had it been publicized a little more it could have taken off. It might have failed in your eyes but to deem it a fail is to deem the entire GS line a fail. Im sure Samsung counted these numbers with overall Galaxy S sales and not independently.

  2. Would you actually be holding your phone while using the projector watching something? Would you not plug it while using the projector watching something?

  3. It is an innovative idea but it had to be executed better…people don’t want a bulky phone.

  4. I was waiting for Steve Jobs to come up with a projector cum phone/handheld. As a teacher i could simply scroll notes and project them from my handheld rather than having to deal with a computer+projector in the classroom. I even mentioned this to my generations of students.
    In hindsight, I am glad it will be on an android phone (if at all)

    1. Is it just me, or does “projector cum phone/handheld” sound like it wouldn’t mix with students?

  5. These girls could have been HOT, why did no one take a picture of them :P

  6. Completely useless for 99% of smartphone users, and it would be highly impractical for those who might use it. A better solution would be a bluetooth projector that doesn’t kill batteries and has a much better quality than anything you could fit into a phone.

  7. Yes. To watch porn at work. LOL

  8. If the quality was there this would be great come on samsung

  9. I’d rock a phone with a projector but it’d have to meet my other requirements, 
    – Quad-core processor @ 2.0ghz – 3.0ghz
    – 2gb of ram
    – 32gb internal storage with micro SD slot
    – 4.5 – 5.0 inch screen
    – edge-to-edge, 1080p, 3D, SuperAmoled HD display
    – Under 10mm thick
    – HDMI out
    – ICS or JB
    – Dual 10MP cameras for 3D
    – 1080p video recording with 60fps
    – 4G LTE
    – 3500mah battery
    – And a kick stand

    1. …And a plane to mexico with $10,000 in unmarked bills/ euros :-D

    2. and a partridge in a pear tree!

  10. Holographic projector?!?! Then I could have some sketchy dude in a black robe shining above my phone; and I could all be like: “what is thine bidding my master”… Wow did I really just type that? Yup its definitely saturday night! 40 mins to last call too! ooh YEAH

  11. In my career, this would rock! I sail for a living. Spending months at sea, it’s not so nice to watch movies on a 4″ screen. (or a 10″). Being able to project a flic on to the wall in my cabin would be just awesome. Of course the phone would be plugged in to do it. If I can also use a BT keyboard, and mouse, and office apps on the projected screen, i’m in heaven!

  12. Interesting but where the hell is that gs3

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