Lawsuit-skirting Galaxy Tab 10.1N Is Same Device in a Different Package


How did Samsung manage to turn around and get a modified version of their Galaxy Tab 10.1 back on shelves just weeks after a verdict was passed down from a German court banning the device on grounds of infringement on Apple’s iPad design? It was simple really, they increased the size of the metal bezel surrounding the slate’s screen, repositioned the speakers, and sent the new-look Galaxy Tab out to retailers. Given that Apple won the suit based on the similarities in outward appearance, Samsung was able to make the necessary adjustments to distinguish the two products without having to completely overhaul the internal design of the now-named Galaxy Tab 10.1N. If you want a closer look, check out the video below.

[ via Engadget]

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  1. #Winning

  2. I’m actually surprised that the branding and FFC placement weren’t considered sufficient before. I mean, both of those aspects give the impression of a device intended for use in landscape mode.

  3. Why did they shoot this in a cave?

  4. Its funny how apple sues Samsung over similarities between products, yet, they buy parts from samsung to make apple products

  5. isn’t the “package” what apple was crying about? so if its the same product in a new package then they can just shut the fuck up, whiney pricks. apple are a bunch of competition scared babies, GET THE FUCK OVER IT APPLE YOUR IPAD IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION NOW!!!!!

    1. jobs was an arrogant prick and a whiney one like u say. fuck apple and all those who like to overpay for their products

      1. he was a bloody good speaker though

  6. LOL.  This was the biggest F-U imaginable.  I envision the Samsung president driving through Cupertino with his middle finger out the window.

  7. Perfect example of rich people having too much time on their hands

  8. What does the “N” stand for?  Nana nana boo boo?


    See this, get out of your Android-filled cave and cry. Samsung embarked on a strategy of shamelessly copying Apple. This is a fact.

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