Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales Now Blocked in Europe Thanks to Apple


“Australia was such an insignificant victory and, given the circumstances, Apple can’t possibly achieve the same sort of success in other regions,” we thought. That was until today where the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been effectively blocked across Europe (specifically those who are part of the European Union) thanks to a win for Apple in Germany courts.

Samsung does have the chance to appeal the injunction, however the hearing wouldn’t take place for at least another month. The same judge who made today’s decision will be overseeing that appeal, so it looks like Samsung’s got their work cut out for them.

What makes the European loss sting even more for Samsung is that they’ve already made the device available for sale in the UK not too long ago and have launched a comprehensive advertising campaign to accompany. It’s obviously not a good situation when you have customers looking to buy an item they believed to be available and haven’t noticed the recent news.

Imagine a scenario where a patron goes into an electronics store looking for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, only to be told that it is no longer available. What does the store clerk do? Suggest they wait or suggest a different product, and 9 times out of 10 that product will be the iPad 2.

This is a major temporary victory for Apple, and a very huge blow to Samsung. The Korean manufacturer may soon be compelled to comply with Apple’s demands if they continue to receive injunctions in major markets (including the United States). The Netherlands is the only European country that Samsung can sell and advertise their product in. [Apple Insider, Foss Patents, thanks Jose!]

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Thats quite amazing its only hurting the vast amount of consumers that dont want crapple products people dont buy apple products because there isnt an equal or better samsung device in the same store

    1. hahahahaha.hahahahahaha..hhhaaaaa..spoken like a true steven b jobs boytoy..fanboy i mean….you wouldnt know good if it hit you.

  2. Whooo hooo! Go Apple! I think I better go buy a few of these to resell. The international eBay price is about to go up! PROFIT!

    1. lol….might as well look for the silver lining huh…

      Doesnt sound like a bad idea..

  3. For shit like this you either love apple (see prior comment) or you hate, hate them — there is no in between with that company.

    1. I don’t get why any individual would love Apple for this. How does blocking the sale of the Galaxy tab benefit someone who is an iPad user? People that love Apple for this are blind childish fanboys with waaaay to much emotional attachment to a company that is just unhealthy.
      There IS an in between, it’s called sane people with common sense. I own an iPad and an Android phone. I’m happy with both of them but I think Apple needs to grow up and face the competition in the market instead of in court.

      1. The comments at MacRumors are hysterical, with everyone saying things like, “Imagine if you had a great idea that you spent millions developing, and someone came along and cloned it cheaper?”

        Apparently these people think Apple invented the desktop, too. Sorry, keyboard+screen+processor existed before Apple did. How DARE Apple steal the idea for the desktop computer! They should have been barred from ever selling them!! (Ditto for MP3 players, btw.)

        1. Hence apple drones are not the smartest lol.

  4. This is getting lame. Seriously…

  5. Apple did it coz they can. There is nothing wrong with it. It sucks to be Samsung, and it sucks to be us, the consumers.

    1. Yes they can get special treatment from the courts but are they ready for a backlash from angry consumers. Just because you csn doesn’t mean you should.

      1. I feel like going into my local Apple store and Spray Painting iFASCIST right across their f’ing Apple logo

        1. And I almost thought you had an interesting link, until I read it. Not the same thing, comparing a website to an electronic device. If Samsung put an apple logo on their tablet, you might have something, but they didn’t.

        2. Please don’t tell me you can legitimately make yourself believe that what Google does and what Apple does can be compared as “the same”. If that is true, then you really need to “get your head our of your ass”.

    2. You do think something is wrong with it.

      You will go home and rethink your life.

  6. Apple has lost what little respect they had from me and others. I sold my last I device this week and will never purchase another! Learn to compete not be little whiners and cry about losing what was once a fair competition. We need a global apple boycott! show them we like competition, as it helps grow and diversify our market. Not to mention google and android create allot more jobs both globally and locally then apple does…..

  7. I Think Ford Shoulda Started Sueing Every Other Car Company On Allegations They Are A Car/Truck

    1. I don’t think I understand your analogy. Could you pls elaborate?

      1. Ford invented Assembly line manufacturing. If they were as far up their own asses as Apple, Ford would make the only mass produced car available,

        1. Actually, mass production on assembly lines was invented by the Royal Navy, and mass production techniques were invented in England. Ford were just the first mass produced cars.

      2. Actually, not sure if the OP intended this but his analogy is quite appropriate. While Ford did not invent the auto, they are well known due to being the first to mass produce them. So despite other companies actually having firsts on just about anything other than the manufacturing process, if Ford were to do as the OP states, it would be a lot like what Apple is doing.

  8. Time to start firebombing apple. (Figuratively speaking, of course)

  9. I posted the article on my G+ page as well :/

    As well as sent the article to DL. A&M, and Android Central. Community already had the story up, but that was after I sent it in to you guys.

  10. The Tab is banned in the EU, not whole Europe.

  11. Oh common… Well, at least it’s not banned in my country (The Netherlands).

    Whoever that judge is, may he burn in hell.

    1. Looks like you just found yourself a business. Black market reselling of Gtabs to others in Europe.

      1. Hell yeah, do it.

  12. Cannot wait until they (Apple) piss off a major hacking group. It will make Sony’s troubles look like child play.

    1. it can’t come any sooner. i’m just glad apple doesn’t own an automobile company. They’ll be suing everyone for using wheels.

      iPhone aka iDiot “you’re never holding it right”

    2. Those hackers at Anonymous are sharpening their knives for sure. Apple is really getting too big for their breaches. I understand business, but at some point some company should tell Apple & the courts, to stick it.

      Guaranteed when iSteve draws his last breath, Apple will be a changed company.

      1. Don’t count on it. Apple will only change when they no longer can hide behind billions of $ profits. When that dries up, then they will change their business practices.

        They live by “might makes right.”

  13. Thank God I ordered mine last week! Should be here in the next 2 days!

  14. Seems like apple has a beef only with Samsung considering the multitude of Tablet devices that look pretty much identical to the Galaxy Tab 10.1. i.e. Samsung is blocked even though all the others look pretty much identical, have the same processors and even the same software loaded. Or maybe apple sees Samsung as their biggest threat. The patent system is so screwed up with electronic devices right now anyone can basically sue anyone else and claim infringement. They need to let a Jury decide patent infringement cases, most of the “patents” are absolutely ridiculous and are so completely vague they could mean anything.

    After all Apple didn’t really invent the tablet and touch screen smart phone in the first place so why should they be able to sue someone else for making one.

    1. no other tablets dont look identical…the us patent system is bad but its nothing compared to europes…in europe apple basically has a patent for thinness

      1. WTF HOW DO U GET A PATENT FOR THINNESS . does that mean no other competitor product can be smaller that an apple product

    2. I believe it’s because some Samsung devices bear a slcertsin resemblance to to the iPhone. Apple cried about that before but it’s also because Samsung produces some parts for the iPhone and Apple feels they’re justified in saying Samsung copied them.

  15. Is this why they’re rioting in London?

    1. It would be a better reason that some thug getting killed.

  16. Those of you waiting for the GS2 in the U.S. might wanna start going to Plan B…

    And I havent yet….but for a roaring good laugh….visit Apple Insider source link.

    Its guaranteed to be a fun read..

    1. No. Sammy will surely fight back and Google won’t let it happen either.

      1. I really hope so.

        In the future Samsung….just go with something totally different with hardware design and redo Touchwiz. Now, I dont think its worth all the trouble if this gets bigger.

  17. yay for netherlands…..I wonder why the netherlands are not on the banned list though

    1. They signed a different agreement when they joined the EU.

  18. I already disliked Apple. This just sealed it. I usually try to push people that ask me for advise to try both Android and Apple to see what they like best. Looks like now I will just tell them to go with Android.

  19. Now I want a Galaxy Tab just to support Samsung. The thought of owning a device Apple does not want me to have makes it even better.

  20. And with this move, Apple has successfully filed an injunction blocking all sales of Apple products to my household. Hopefully samsung can do the same to apple with their telephony patents.

  21. I just expect Samsung stops to sell screens, memories and processors to Apple right away.
    Apple is already looking for new suppliers, but they will need a big company like Samsung to cover the demand of new products.
    Wouldn´t be strange Samsung already has a new Tab design just to release.

  22. Someone or something need to blowup Crapple HQ w/ Jobs inside it! And also the moron judge that agreed to it…wonder how much crapple is paying him? BTW..Love My Tab 10.1!!!

    1. That’s a little extreme there lil buddy.

      1. And what Apple is doing isn’t?

        1. Sure, suing a rival company is just as extreme as talking about blowing up Apple HQ with Steve Jobs inside.


          1. It’s extreme in a different way… Idiot… No, how about we go a little more “extreme” and use the phrase “pretentious idiot”. Does that work better for you?

            Look, I can use words too!

          2. Nice edit.

            How am I pretentious now? I’ll add you to the Idiot list because you’re actually defending someone who’s talking about blowing up Apple HQ. Anything else?

  23. friggin sore loser… apple is a bitch competitor

    1. Loser? In what world? They’re crushing.

      Blame the game, though. Not the player. Put the pressure on for IP reform.

      1. they are losing share though why do you Hunk hey are doing this now and not when android first started? Android tablet went from 1% to like 40% and that when apple started using since they no longer had almost 100% tablet market share.

        1. And you will end up like rim who sat on what they had and now look where they are. I’m just saying apple had a stranglehold on it a year ago and now look they are starting to diminish the grip they had as android continues to rise. You would never admit that though you are too brainwashed.

          1. So they shipped the most? Maybe you are just stupid and can’t see android market share overall is going up I said apple was losing share which they are i as shown by all the info. Yes they are still the number one manufacturer and shipper that doesn’t mean they are going under I never said that damn dude learn to read dumbass.

          2. You still don’t understand I’m done explaining. Why are you on an android site anyway???

        2. You’re right. Their motivation is certainly to scare off competition. Android is a force to be reckoned with, and it’s coming on strongly into their tablet market. But Apple is still unquestionably winning the tablet wars.

          The lawsuits and other maneuvering is stuff Apple has to do to look out for their shareholders. They are in the wrong. Samsung is making a great product and should be allowed to sell it. But that’s the way the legal system works. Or should I say, doesn’t work. It always favors the guy who’s already established over newcomers to the field.

          And why are you calling me a hunk? I mean, thanks. I like to think I’m kinda hunky. But I’m not sure where that came from…

          1. Meant think. Stupid auto correct

        3. um yeah..since they charge arm and and leg..yeah of course their share is more…you understand are really dumb.

      2. crushing?not really kills em in phones sales..only thing is dumbass..and highly overrated.hence why i returned mine,

  24. It makes me wonder if samsung isn’t offering the best android products the reason why apple is scared

  25. It just takes one bad Apple to . . .

  26. Samsung should just redesign their Galaxy Tab as quickly as they did when they copied the iPad 2. We know they can do it and probably in less than a month! LMAO. The only problem will be, can they create their own original design? If not, who will they target now that they can’t steal Apple’s trade dress? Will it be motorola, HTC, LG? We should turn this into a game called, “Who will Samsung copy next?” The winner gets a device from the winning manufacturer. LOL

    1. The galaxy tab doesn’t look like an ipad dumbass. Also samsung had the touchscreen phone before the iphone go check the web you drone.

  27. I won’t ever buy an iPad or iPhone. I don’t care what Apple does. They are NOT the only option. I will not buy anything from a totalitarian company. F you, Steve Jobs.

  28. McDonald should sue every burger company since they started this hamburger business back in 40’s

  29. Proud owner of the original Galaxy iPad killer

  30. steve jobs apperently gives good head, he must have chapped lips from all the under desk duties he’s pulling to get these lawsuits. fuck apple, fuck steve jobs. if they win all thse lawsuits i can see the smartphone market bomb. I for one am about american companies, however apple is going against everything that this country stands for.

  31. Apple is afraid and they have a right to be. It’s the reason they are gobbling up these ridiculous patents and suing. But that won’t stop the freight train. They’re losing their grip on the smartphone market and there are signs the tablet market is next.

  32. Samsung has allready made a statement that they will sell the devices that are in their warehouses in europe:

  33. Anon should go after apple for being just as cooperate a company can get.

  34. as of today, PC World is still selling the Tab 10.1 in the UK and I was in France a yesterday, the 10.1 is still available in Carrefour and Auchan (French supermarkets)

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