Aug 9th, 2011

“Australia was such an insignificant victory and, given the circumstances, Apple can’t possibly achieve the same sort of success in other regions,” we thought. That was until today where the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 has been effectively blocked across Europe (specifically those who are part of the European Union) thanks to a win for Apple in Germany courts.

Samsung does have the chance to appeal the injunction, however the hearing wouldn’t take place for at least another month. The same judge who made today’s decision will be overseeing that appeal, so it looks like Samsung’s got their work cut out for them.

What makes the European loss sting even more for Samsung is that they’ve already made the device available for sale in the UK not too long ago and have launched a comprehensive advertising campaign to accompany. It’s obviously not a good situation when you have customers looking to buy an item they believed to be available and haven’t noticed the recent news.

Imagine a scenario where a patron goes into an electronics store looking for the Galaxy Tab 10.1, only to be told that it is no longer available. What does the store clerk do? Suggest they wait or suggest a different product, and 9 times out of 10 that product will be the iPad 2.

This is a major temporary victory for Apple, and a very huge blow to Samsung. The Korean manufacturer may soon be compelled to comply with Apple’s demands if they continue to receive injunctions in major markets (including the United States). The Netherlands is the only European country that Samsung can sell and advertise their product in. [Apple Insider, Foss Patents, thanks Jose!]

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