ASUS Transformer Prime gets yet another update – third this month


The ASUS Transformer Prime has been running into a few issues with random reboots. A new update has just hit these devices, claiming to fix the issue. There might be other improvements, but we are not exactly certain of them just yet.

Users are claiming that the update is making the device sluggish for a few minutes, after booting it. So don’t freak out if you feel like your tablet is having some hiccups when it is turned on. To get the update, simply go tot he settings and hit “About Tablet.” Look for software updates and you should be getting your fix right away.

Have any of you tried this update yet? Have you noticed any other improvements?

[Via: Android Central]

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  1. Is the sluggishness seen only after the first reboot or is this a new “feature”?

    1. My prime is not sluggish at all. Someone give me some set of tasks to do on it and I’ll video it and show it :)

  2. Some browser operations seem slower.

    Edit: after a little use I still feel some browser operations are a little slower and at first I thought the screen tearing bug was fixed but I just saw it again. Seems like the screen tearing when opening notifications may be fixed but it’s still occurring when choosing an app to perform a task, ie. which browser to use or whether to use browser or market to perform a function.

    1. Screen tearing? I just picked up my transformer prime 2 days ago, updated to this build .15, no issues to speak of, but I might have a different batch than yours.

      1. It’s a very minor issue that doesn’t really affect anything but has been present since release. It usually appears when another layer is opened on top of the desktop and only lasts a split second.
        As for tasks that seemed faster before the update, long pressing to open a window in a new tab is the operation I’ve noticed taking longer.
        I haven’t had any random reboots but that happened so rarely I have no idea if it’s fixed or just hasn’t happened yet. It only seemed to happen when an app crashed or something.

  3. Other than the update taking a little longer than usual, I can’t notice any sluggishness. So far it’s just as zippy as usual.

  4. I was thinking about getting this Tablet. But i’m kinda waiting to see what Apple offers in March. What are your thoughts of a first time buyer thinking about this product?

    1. If you want raw power and one that doesnt restrict you go with this and if you want it to just work are dont care too much about what you can and cant do, go with apple. Both are great in their own ways.

      1. Actually the GPU on both the iPad and iPhone pretty much out perform any Android product currently available, including Tegra-3. Also, the quad core Tegra-3 CPU performance is only marginally better than the dual core Apple A5.  So the raw power comment isn’t really accurate.

        1. And you’re basing that on what?

          1. Just Google it, the iPad 2 and iPhone 4s GPU outperforms everything else available right now. They use a PowerVR SGX 543MP2. Outperforms almost every phone and tablet out right now.I don’t make stuff up, I love tech too much and I stick to facts. You guys are acting like I insulted your mother.

          2.  Who really cares since they are limited by the software. You can have a Ferrari but if your only geared to run 55 it is not faster then a Miata! No one writes code for the supposed faster processor in the Apple product.

          3. @facebook-100000170833640:disqus  WOW, you don’t know much about tech do you.

            iPAD has the most developer support of any tablet. In no way is the iPad limited because of software, how can it be when developers write programs for iPad first over any other tablet. Also the iPAD is known for it’s GPU and gaming. All the good games are written for iPAD.

            Everyone knows, including Andy Rubin who has said many times, even most recently, that getting developers to write programs to cross over to Android Tablets is one of their biggest obstacles.  I guess except you didn’t know.


            Do you guys not like technology? I LOVE TECHNOLOGY, ever since I was a little kid. I love every bit of it and I don’t let my preference for one platform over another jade my views.

            You said, “you can have a Ferrari but if your only geared to run 55 it is not faster then a Miata”… you were using this to explain iPAD but honestly that is the exact explanation Andy Rubin would probably use to explain the current state of their Android division.

            For heavens sakes the entire point of ICS was to allow programs written for Android phones to work easier on Android tablets. They are desperately trying to get Android tablets to “double down.”

            Go read that  double down article, it’s all over every blog.

        2. Uhm yeah what Scott said. I’d love to see the factual evidence of this, because I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist.

          GPU, on the ipad, is marginally better on ONE benchmark test. However, CPU on the Prime outperforms every other tablet CPU out there currently.

          define marginally…

          Also lets just forget about the SD slot, and the 1080p screen and video capture ability, oh and the 8mp back came that is quite impressive, and the 1.2mp front cam that beats the iPad’s cam hands down (Facetime whaa?).

          You get a lot more bang for your buck, as always with non-apple products.

            We can have a link war, about benchmarks…  won’t really change much other than the Prime does perform as good as iPad 2 in real life. I know because I’ve had both.

          2.  In my country the Asus Transformer Prime costs 691 US dollars (Singapore). You don’t necessarily get better value for what you pay for after the heavy mark up.

        3. VS bought an iPad and is only posting here to try and validate his (in)decision in his own mind. “iPad is better. Right guys? Right?” It’s painfully obvious that he feels inferior whenever something better comes out.

    2.  If its between this and a ipad (3), apple has already hooked you in and you have most likely already made your choice… unfortunately  =-/
      Even though this will most likely have double the ram, processor speed, Camera quality and much more then the next Ipad.

    3. I’m not really into Apple products. I’ve convinced many people over the years to get an IBM compatible over a MAC, and built many PCs for friends and family. Convinced many people to get an Android phone over iOS iPhone. However, I must admit, I too am looking forward to seeing what iPad3 and iPhone 5 will look like. (Don’t chop my head off Android fans).

      I’m at a point where I want a dependable and secure product that will be backed by the manufacturer for at least 2 years. I know buying an Apple product will get me exactly that. iOS upgrades without the hassle, and without having to depend on some stranger I don’t even know on XDA.

      The thing that worries me about Android and depending on the XDA community for updates is privacy and security. Do I really know who that guy sitting at home making that ROM is? How do I know that ROM isn’t collecting and sending back vital private info like messages, key strokes, bank account passwords, pictures, contacts, etc.

      If CarrierIQ can get away with it without anyone noticing for such a long time, then some developer on XDA sitting at home in his/her room could do the same thing and get away with it too before someone notices.

      I mean think about it, you put a ROM on your phone some stranger made, then you use your phone for so many private and personal things.

      If only Android manufacturers would give us damn updates we wouldn’t have to depend on XDA. Google NEEDS TO ENFORCE their 18month upgrade alliance or whatever that was.

      Back to iOS. One thing I don’t like about the OS is how dated it feels. I LOVE LOVE WIDGETS, and having to give them up would suck.
      Then again, iPAD has many more apps available for it over Android tablets. Developers still make apps for iPAD first.

      1. Want manufacturer updates faster than Apple does them? Get a Nexus device, plain and simple. No need to rely on XDA, RootzWiki etc.

        However, there are some of us that actually enjoy tinkering with our devices and I for one love RootzWiki for that… I don’t knock XDA but I do knock that trolls on it.

        Again worried about stuff, get a Nexus device, you’ll always have the latest Android OS on it.

        1. You have issues, nobody is insulting you, I’m talking technology, so lay off the name calling.

          1. You said: ”
            I’m at a point where I want a dependable and secure product that will be backed by the manufacturer for at least 2 years. I know buying an Apple product will get me exactly that. iOS upgrades without the hassle, and without having to depend on some stranger I don’t even know on XDA.”

            Your assumption is that Apple is the only manufacturer out there who will provide you a product backed for 2 years.

            I suggest you google Nexus One since you don’t seem to have a grasp on “Technology”

          2. VS is just pointing out another alternative to what Google offers through its line of Nexus devices… Being a Android site as I know, there are also good sides to Apple. Him acknowledging Apple’s good points does not mean he does not have a grasp on ‘Technology’.

          3. he politely discussed his opinions and everybody goes nuts and insults him or starts questioning his “grasp on Technology”.
            you could have just answered like you would in reallife, but you decided to be a dick instead.

          4. I didn’t go nuts. Not sure where I went nuts. He had a 7 paragraph comment about how Android isn’t good because you have to rely on the community instead of the manufacturer.

            That is a fallacy and as such I pointed it out.

            No worries I’m done trying to provide an alternative to his one-sided rant about Apple providing better “technology” when the fact of the matter is there are plenty of great Android handsets.

            Did we all forget about antennagate? ah well, peace Fanboys. 

          5. And Tham, no VS never mentioned Nexus, I did because he said he’d rather pick Apple because they update and support their products for longer. Look up the Nexus project, the history, what it’s about. He wasn’t comparing to two, Google Nexus – Apple iPhone.

            I’m out.

      2. Let us not forget the great technology disaster (I feel like I have to reference the word technology otherwise you’ll claim I’m not talking about technology).

        The disaster of Apple tracking “ALL” of your GPS points and storing them in a non-secure file easily obtained.

        Long before CIQ was brought into the picture. But lets just forget about Apple’s technology blunders why don’t we.

      3.  Adding onto your point, I do prefer the feel and look of Android ICS over iOS. However, tablet specific apps are not developed enough in Android at the moment. Apps being one of the main things you use your tablet for, I find it still more important than anything else. Of course, that may change in the future… I’ve also heard there are issues of touchscreen sensitivity, GPS and poor wifi reception signals with the Transformer Prime. Haters gonna hate on Apple just because its Apple. Lol.

        1. FYI Tham I actually own a Transformer Prime. I haven’t had this Wifi / GPS Issue at all with the device. I’m aware that others have, but I have not.

          1. Good for you :-), maybe some people got units that were lemons

  5. Since the last update my gmail notification does not show in notification bar. Browsing seems to be more sluggish

  6. Im getting constant task manager FC

  7. I have not noticed any difference so far.  Never had the reboot problem, so this seems very transparent.  Was starting to wonder what was going on with these updates..

  8. The problem here is that this VS person made the comments in to yet another ‘Android vs Apple’ match.
    Before then it had been about yesterday’s update, as it should be.
    So please take the fanboi war somewhere else.

    Back on topic; I have noticed no difference after yesterday’s patch, no slowdown or anything, then again I didn’t have random reboots before either.

  9. I just like having a great tablet at a better price.

    Thinner, lighter, more/expandable memory and cheaper. Most bang for your buck.

    I don’t think ICS has been optimized for Tegra 3 has it? Maybe it doesn’t matter, I am no expert.

    I honestly don’t need constant updates to add things/content.

    I got tired of the Microsoft Windows and Office upgrades, over the monthly Firefox upgrades.

    Just make it work, and I am good.

    That’s what most people want. I know my wife hates when I update her stuff and it changes.

  10. 3 updates this month…yet the Galaxy Nexus has received none since launch, and while not only SORELY needing an update to fix radios and various crashes, it should be first in line for ANY update…twas the whole point of me getting a Nexus in the first place.  Le sigh…guess I’ll be rooting and putting 4.0.4 on this weekend.

    1. First in Line? Unfortunately a system update for a Tablet has zero to do with updates for a phone. The Nexus is not Asus responsibility.

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