Android’s Winning the Smartphone War, Get this Commemorative T-Shirt from Chris Bishop


Artist Chris Bishop has designed another new T-Shirt for the Andy series. It’s called Android: Winning and it depicts the Android army up against the iOS army in battle. That’s about accurate when it comes to the same war in the smartphone game, we’d say. Android is seen smashing an iOS-branded helicopter.

This is actually an update to the Andy Versus T-Shirt. The new one adds tanks and choppers for Android, a visualization showing how many more Android devices are being sold each day. It’s also notably missing Steve Jobs, but we’re not surprised. All  sizes can be had for $17 before shipping and handling and international users will be able to get one of their own. Grab yours here.

Quentyn Kennemer
The "Google Phone" sounded too awesome to pass up, so I bought a G1. The rest is history. And yes, I know my name isn't Wilson.

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  1. Which war are those pundits watching exactly?

    1.  The one in which fanboys condemn the other side for patent trolling, non-competitive trade practices and champion their side’s use of variety, choice, and competition…. while at the same time glorify their side’s court patent “wins” and masturbate to silly blog posts about how their side is “winning” in sales and activations.

      Lost in translation is the fact that these are not sports teams or political parties, they are corporations in which most of us do not own stock. Psychologists would be quick to observe that those of us who feel alone and powerless cling to a need to feel part of a fanbase, rooting for a common goal.

      However, if the common goal is achieved and one major platform “wins” the market, smartphones as we know them will become crap. As what these idiots fail to recognize is that the competition between android, apple, RIM, wp7, and others is the reason our devices are so great. Only through competition do us as consumers truly win so lets hope android never wins this war or we will soon see the rate of innovation we love so dearly fall flat and it will stagnate to RIM-like proportions.

      Long live competition. PS the shirt is ugly, looks like he’s swinging a green dildo at the chopper.

      1. I’m not ashamed to admit I feel a little bro-love right now. That, for better or worse, has to be the most lucid and poignant statement I’ve read on a forum yet. Hat’s off. As for who’s winning the “war”, it all depends on two things…1. The time of day 2. The side of the fence from which one is spectating.

        1. Ya Phandroid loves to target the most base audience. 
          This is why other tech blogs laugh at blogs like Phandroid. 

          1. ….and yet, here we are.

          2. H this site is good for news when they aren’t running crap articles like this.
            IN FACT what does this even have to do with Android news?

          3. Sorry guys, I didn’t mean to start any sort of stupid argument, there’s enough of those in most of these forums. At least this one is tolerable and mostly civil. Good on ya! Might have to switch from Droid-life.

          4. And what about your comments makes you think you’re taken seriously?

          5. I don’t know and neither do you.
            Start a poll if you think I am that important.

      2. And i will not begin to touch what Freud or any other Psychologists may think about your seeing phallic symbols in cartoon pictures.

        1. I have no idea what you mean…But I think good ‘ol Sigmund might see your denial of my observation and “Note” that perhaps your girlfriend’s recent “Breakout” might be linked to a lack of CPU performance. It seems that your single core device is far from “Incredible” and incapable of producing enough “Sensation” in her large “Galaxy”. Its really not your fault that you cannot “Fascinate” or “Captivate” her any more. Luckily my “Skyrocket” can fly way up into her “Stratosphere” better than your small “Sidekick”. Looks like you’ll be playing “Mytouch” again this evening, solo style. PS Her “Nexus” is pretty nice, but she really could use a “Razr”. It looks like a “Wildfire” down there!

        2. Speaking of Freud, why would you use “touch” and “phallic” in the same sentence. :)

  2. Love the Exploded Andy and the Steampunk one.

  3. thanks im gonna buy one

  4. It’s funny that reality dictates the opposite. :)

  5. Here goes phandroid pandering to the absolute base gutter living android Phanboys. 
    Oh wait its business as usual.  

    1. So says the person named “Android Maniac”!!

      1. So says the person named “BJ Primer”

  6. Srh12, or it could just be a cool tshirt that expresses your appreciation for a branded o/s.

    1.  You’re right. It could be that

  7. WOW the robot really does look like its swinging a giant green dildo. 

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